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The little guy from this step-by-step, fixed up a bit:
Walkthrough by Ricefish
My friend pointed out the stick was crossing the wrong shoulder! What an odd mistake to make. I managed to change up a few details with the help of white watercolour. Used to think that stuff was useless, but I was so wrong!
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Reminds me of the Taveller's Tales Mascot.
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so soft! lovely work
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White watercolour can act like white ink to cover up mistakes?

And... any particular reason why this scan is so tiny?
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This is totally stunning! :D Love the colours SO MUCH :iconrainbowheartplz:
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Your so welcome ^^
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So beautiful :)
From the delicateness of his starting run, like the one of a Soul leaving the body behind, and the rainbow light leading the ways of his mind, I can really suppose this little traveller is following his road through DreamWorlds...and his confident eye shows he knows how ;)
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I really love your colour sense.
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I always love seeing your beautiful artwork in my inbox!
I've always admired your gorgeous traditional skills - The colors blend so beautifully together, and I just love how magically it all looks.
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Ahh, thank you so much! <3
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Gorgeous colors!
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You're welcome!
nice drawing reminds me of the little traveller logo on some openings for videogames [from gamer]
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Thank you! I was fond of the the Traveller's Tales logo, too :')
your welcome and I thought so that It was the travellers tales logo
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That's beautiful! c: Really good-looking colors. I love the warm & cold tones in this, and the little colorwaves makes me think of the aurora borealis. Bouncy Meow The character is also cute(aaaaaaa fluffy ears & tail<3)Dancing :la: .
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This is beautiful!
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