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Wild Hairs

By rice-claire
I thought of this in a plane trip...

I think Rapunzel and Merida have pretty wild hairs so far of all the Disney Princesses. Though I think Merida might beat Rapunzel's; her hair is pretty untamable XD
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Cute. Thanks for sharing; Jesus Christ Bless! :)
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They say if you iron Merida's hair, it would reach from her heels
rice-claire's avatar
I wouldn't doubt it lol
peter-pans-kneecap's avatar
Merida's hair is an accurate description of mine XD
gordhanx's avatar
This is hilarious! Just the expressions alone are great. But still, you did a great job with the poses, details, lighting and setting.
Mini-Wolfsbane's avatar
That's adorable!!

I was so happy that they'd finally made a Disney princess with crazy curly hair! I'm not a redhead, (I do have tints of blonde and red in my brown hair though, it's weird), but I do have insanely curly hair that frizzes. How you drew Merida's hair is basically how I look when I wake up in the morning. 0_o
So kudos for being realistic, even in a chibi style.
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FlynnRyder's avatar
HAHAHA This is really cute!
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Is it just me, of does Merida look a lot like toph in that special episode "Tales of Ba Sing Se"? Am i the only one who sees that?
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They really do have high maintenance hair! Fun pic! :D
awesomefangirlz's avatar
haha thats cute :3
Lilhex's avatar
So cute! That's adorable :heart: :D
ShinkisRule's avatar
I am in love with your style. Like... Oh my goodness.
SugarBit's avatar
Beautiful drawing of both girls with beautiful hair!
heartstuck's avatar
Poor Merida. I bet she really wants hair like Rapunzel.
amydastar's avatar
I can totally relate to Merida. Curly hair is hard to work with. BTW, you did a fantastic job. More please!! :D
SwanLullaby's avatar
Poor Merida... Curly hair is hard to brush!
xXShadowsDancingXx's avatar
Haha, that's just like me and my sister! She has blonde, straight hair and I have auburn curls. Cute picture! :D
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