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Zoey Hater 666?
More Zoey Fan 000 Or Sky Fan 199
Oh My God
This User Sucks!
He Make Zoey From TDI
One My Favorite TDROFI Beside Dakota Sam
Think God This User Got Banned On Deviantart And Never Never Never Come Back
Do You Likes This User
All Zoey Hater
They Wish Follow Them
Do You Hates This User
Me And Penny From WarioWare Mario And Luigi Sky And Dave And Doraemon And His Friends And Mike And Zoey And Zoey Fans
They Wish Kill Him
And Screw Zoey Hater 666!
And Screw PASFTD
Sky And Dave Is So Many Time Ways Better Than Stupid User
Note! But If You Hate Both IRYO
:iconzoeyhater666: If You Watching This Go *beep* Yourself!!
10. Sam And Dakota
*no sam x dakota photo here*
9. Mario
*no mario photo here*
8. Luigi
*no luigi photo here*
7. Penny From Wario Ware Smooth Move And D.I.Y

6. Wario
Heeere's Wario by Bonus-kun

5. Doraemon 
Doraemon by mini0714

4. Mona From Wario Ware
Fries With That? by cocotapioka

3. Nobita
*no nobita photo here*
2. Tom And Jerry
Tom and Jerry by paperfetish

1. SKY AND DAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!