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Quake 2

The beginning of Quake 2.
Unfinished yet, but done at 99%...
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Good Artwork!
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Thank you Duke Nukem!
nonamer25's avatar
oh boy here comes zenimax... good bye DoomRL now this
GoshaXab's avatar
Oh my god, this is SOOOOO nostalgic!
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I still play it sometimes. And you?
Hey you forgot the secret silencer hidden under the stairs! great job btw =D
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You are right. Someone told me before, and I said that I will fix it, but I never find the right moment to do it... I am laaazyyy...
jd84's avatar
This looks great! is it playable?
Ricardo73's avatar
Unfortunately is not, but thanks for the comments.
maltchik723's avatar
excellent !!! ^^
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Автор круто нарисовано! я даже quake 2 запустил!
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I read your comment
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, Хорошие люди, спасибо. Хочу, чтобы прочитать его. = 、良い人、ありがとうございました。それを読むために喜んで。
krisztianhallai's avatar
Brings back the good ol' memories. 
gronions's avatar
you need to like make a 2d version of quake
Ricardo73's avatar
Good idea, but too much work probably. Moreover, I do not own the rights...
crylar's avatar
Lovely ^^
You captured the color setting perfect
svendraws's avatar
Don't forget the Adrenaline power-up under the stairs ;)
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