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Day 12- Private Pansy

By Ric-M
10 minutes before midnight. Still made it. Couldn't draw at work and had to wait to go home, so I switched gears and decided to do another of the “pony” pony requests. Haha, "Fluttershy as Private Pansy, being a pansy."
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And every intruder died of a heart attack. 
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I wish there were more humanized versions of this.
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Trivia: Didi you kknow that Fluttershy is a lefty?
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Gotta love Fluttershy in that helmet :)
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Omg.. that's adorable as hell. HNNG!!!
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"Stop right there, criminal scum! I mean, if that's ok with you..."
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Have at the, Pansy!
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She will always be this cute, wont she?
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i wish i could draw my OC ponies like that :(
(Its awesome great job i knew your art was worth following :D)
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I love Private Pansy SO MUCH!!!! X3
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*walks past Pansy*
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*She assertively impales you as your back is turned.*
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:rofl: That's Fluttershy for ya. :iconfluttershyisshyplz:
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You really nailed her personality there. :)
Oh.... um.... sorry I didn't know I was intruding, I'll j-just go away then.
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No I don't mind.
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He looked down at the timid mare. Was she serious? If he needed to, he could just barrel right through her and take what he needed to bring down that usurper. He did need to. But why couldn't he? She wasn't powerful... wasn't threatening... wasn't even holding her weapon properly. But he couldn't bring himself to get past her. 'No,' he thought. 'I don't have a choice. I can't be stopped by a pretty face now.' He shoved her aside and started to work on the door. Standard cloud-lock, nothing he couldn't force. He readied himself to break down the obstacle, but couldn't go through with it. It was that mare... something in her eyes. He couldn't even move for sheer terror. What was she...
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If DeviantART allowed comments to be favorited, this would be one of them.
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Private Pansy is awesome. Great drawing.
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"I WILL DESTROY YOU!!!!" (fluttershy stares him down)

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