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Undertow - A Moon Nuzlocke page 18

By Riboo
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Chapter 1: Surface

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Riboo's Musings

I was getting a bit tired of being at the training school and I didn't want to take too many extra pages dealing with the fallout from the battle and the transition period into Kai and Lillie leaving. Given Kai and Lillie were going to have this conversation anyway? It would have been redundant having what amounted to a similarly negative response from the principal and Ilima, who's included here regardless in flashback fashion. Lillie's reaction in the end was more important to have than the principal's, the latter of which Kai already had some friction with.

Hope you guys have a good weekend! 

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riverplathHobbyist Digital Artist

i just adore kai's relationship w/ lillie and how he tries to be nicer for her sake. it's a nice sibling-esque feel

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He tries xD though doesnt always succeed, his the way of a skull
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Top tier Ratata indeed. Also, I noticed that he's going with Dog/Cat/Mouse theme. It is kind of sweet. Makes me wonder if the cat pokemon will warm up to other teamates, or will they tease/bully each other.

PS: Sorry for checking new pages of your comic so late. I wanted to wait a bit and then read a few of them at once.

By the way, did you read more of my Raichu story? Or did you give up on the prologue? Just curious.

Riboo's avatar

Lol water doggo

NP about lateness, we all got things to do, people to see, etc etc.

I read the prologue and left a comment, though I'm not really interested in crossovers and I don't spend too much time reading in general since I have limited free time now that I'm back at work, I probably won't be continuing it, good luck with your writing though!

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By the way, yeah, Popplio may be a water pokemon more akin to sealion, but he's also a very, very good puppy at the same time, at least on first stage of evolution. So until he evolves into Brionne and then Primarina, he's the dog of the group.

Riboo's avatar

Lol i love it, and yeah i def looked up some sealion vids and such to get an idea of how he could move, though the anime has an interesting way of making them move around too

CommanderEX's avatar

Well, Popplio excell in the water, but his movements are a bit slower on land since he have fins and all, and in the anime he was struggling to keep up with other pokemon (at least not able to match their full speed.)

Well, except this little guy -

Shake it!
Viking Voyage.

If you check "sleepysealion" galery you'll find lots of arts about traveling Popplio that is quite adapted to traveling the land. I mean, he's been literaly everywhere at this point.

CommanderEX's avatar

Well, the story is already done. I just like sharing it with those who realy like Raichu since Raichu rarely get a spotlight. Though I also undertand that not everyone likes to read fanfics or don't have enough time in general. Doesn't hurt to share it regardless.

Riboo's avatar

NP NP, I do hope more people get the opportunity to read it, no harm in sharing and all and I appreciate that you did ^ ^

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Dirty trick, but quite effective. Also, I guess Rhumba's reaction after winning was all I needed. And I must admit I didn't thought Rhumba could win that one, not with the Steel type, but definitely showed them what they're capable.

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keke > w> little rat baby got punch- or chops in this case

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trekatuHobbyist Artist

i am loving every bit of this series.

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;3 aw thank, hope you continue to enjoy it!

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ratrascalHobbyist Digital Artist

kai: fuck everybody else, this is my style

lillie: that was a little over the to--

kai: understandable im so sorry have a nice day

i love how she just brings out the weak point in his tough attitude, its so cute


every panel with her is perfection

Riboo's avatar


Lol, she takin' names with her little tiny mitts and ain't no one gonna be sparred by the end of it >:D

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Sunstar-Of-The-NorthHobbyist Traditional Artist

What I really like about this comic is it's from the perspective of someone who is basically a part of a gang. He isn't a good guy but you can see that he's still human and does have some of his humanity. Plus I haven't really seen this type of character in any of the nuzlock comics I've come across. Keep up the great work!

Riboo's avatar

- w- aw ye, Kai is like some good ass layered dip in here > W> thanks a bunch, 's been pretty fun doing it from this perspective

Sunstar-Of-The-North's avatar
Sunstar-Of-The-NorthHobbyist Traditional Artist

Indeed he is! And it is pretty fun! I look forward to seeing more!

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harle2002Hobbyist General Artist

gotta love the anti-hero

Sunstar-Of-The-North's avatar
Sunstar-Of-The-NorthHobbyist Traditional Artist

For sure!

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JoshtheOverlanderHobbyist General Artist
Riboo's avatar

SHE'S NUMBER 1<33333

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Such a proud rat, haha!

Riboo's avatar

Proudest baby<3

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