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Winter Proposal || JiMel

Okay so, this took a little while to do - The background does not belong to me. I was trying to make a background, but it was coming out all crappy, so I ended up giving up and doing it this way instead. It didn't come out as perfect as I had pictured it in my head, but oh well. I hope you guys still like it =)
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YESSSSSSSS! SAY YES MELODY, YES! Love Oh my gosh... you're such a talented artist. I love how you draw older-looking Melody and I love the detail on their clothes. :) 
LionGoldStar's avatar
would you perhaps take a request?
Ribon95's avatar
I'm sorry, I'm not accepting requests at the moment!
Astirea's avatar
Oh my gosh! this is so amazing, I just adore the background and jim looks so sweet :aww: Melody looks so suprised! :D
Vampirelover5678's avatar
Wow this is really cool Melody looks like she is about to cry tears of joy. Wait that is Melody right?
Ribon95's avatar
JiMel - Jim and Melody; So yes, that is Melody. And thanks =)
Vampirelover5678's avatar
Yay I was right! You're welcome
Girl2With7one8eye's avatar
This is all kinds of perfect. <3333
anamarga's avatar
OMG!!! *--* So cuute and beautiful!
LordElthibar's avatar
Dang this is so sweet! Melody might as well say yes.
Jimplayer's avatar
OMG That's so cute...sorry I missed your birthday
Rositabluemoon's avatar
:shocked: :shocked: :La: in Love with :Dummy: Oooooooohhh mmmmyyy gosh ! This is the most romatic thing ever! Now this is what I'm 
Going to wright when after I do my first then I'll do this one
Clefairy :love: :happyjump happy dance :hyperbounce: 
glamorou13's avatar
OMG! I love this picture! Melody better say yes!!! Freakin love this couple!
Ribon95's avatar
Thank you! ~ Same, they're perfect =)
lubie-kisiel's avatar
Oh my, this looks wonderful. Shading is really nice. And Mel's clothes are great c:
Ribon95's avatar
Thanks for your comment bby :)
DaisyGirl3000's avatar
Proposal in China? Awww. haha. This looks great. :)
Ribon95's avatar
lol, I didn't know where it was. Thanks :)
Hilzuni's avatar
Aw this is soo cute!! Melody looks so beautiful :love:
Ribon95's avatar
Thanks love! =)
Hilzuni's avatar
You''re Welcome ^-^ I just love your JiMel drawinigs :love:
tlm13's avatar
OHMYGOSH! WOW. This is all kinds of perfect!
Ribon95's avatar
Aw thanks darling!!
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