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How I Draw Hair

Somebody on Tumblr asked me how i sketch hair, and it's been more than a week since then and I don't know how to answer xD because i have seriously no idea HOW i draw hair oO

So here goes a bunch of hairstyles (well yeah, you can recognize my characters) i've drawn... i really don't know what else to say D: if you have any question, feel free to ask any questions and i'll try to help (:

Hair coloring tutorials [link] [link]
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Ellie-Doodles's avatar
I used your tutorial for practice Raph : Human AU by Ellie-Doodles
Jonerico's avatar
Thats my style, bro.
FNAFplayer231's avatar
this is super helpful, thanksLove 
RascalJoy's avatar
Super helpful!!  Thanks so much for this!! :D
Lunar6's avatar
Huge thanks for this. That upper-right corner and the second one down on the males are pretty much on the dot refs for my character
TwentyfootAngels's avatar
This is exactly what I've been looking for!!!
Floraenllamas's avatar
This helped me a lot, thank you!!
Akekari's avatar
Thank you^^. It has helped me:3
SpokenCat's avatar
This was on iFunny a long time ago
latoyaxx2's avatar
I found it on pinterest.
7-WasabiPerson-7's avatar
My GOODNESS is this helpful!! Thank you so much for this! Your artwork is lovely!
Soapycatt's avatar
its too cuuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee omg thx <3
Lady-Zephyrine's avatar
I decided to try this out, and I can draw hair MUCH better.

Thank you very much kind sir/lady
Good guide, thanks, that improved my "hair skill" :D
Diabolik91's avatar
very useful, thank you.
88bullets's avatar
I found the ponytail very interesting and good for visualization for future projects. ( ºᗨº )
ScienceHerWay's avatar
This is very helpful. Thanks for posting this :D!
Madame-Mozart's avatar
Oooh, very helpful! Thanks for making!! :D (Big Grin) 
iwishforyou's avatar
You have no idea how much trouble i have drawing hair lol
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Thank you very much for posting all your amazing Tutorials RibkaDory!
all the best to you
AveryHayes's avatar
INCREDIBLY helpful tutorial, thank you for making it!
nonofyourbeeswax's avatar
Um I know this question sounds dumb. But hear me out.. How do you draw digitally? Or electronically? Any app or something?
solaceontown's avatar
most artists use a drawing tablet, and use a painting program like paint tool sai or photoshop. 
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