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Casual Spider-Gwen

Made this for particular project last week (that's why the style of the face is a bit different from my usual style, but i still like it), but it got cancelled so i thought i can upload it now (: 

Inspired by this art and original Spider-Gwen suit (: i really want that hoodie, i need to sew it *U*
Gwen Stacy Doodles by Jon-Lock
On Tumblr -…

Gwen Stacy and Spider-Woman belong to Marvel

drawn in PaintTool SAI: edited in PS5

textures used Sirius-sdz

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Not bad. Not bad at all

Can I use this as my profile pic on SM sites? I will not blur or remove the watermarks
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An amazing drawing of Spider-Gwen! Awesome going here! Kinda wish how I drew her once is just as good as yours....
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Spider-Gwen: Homecoming.
Did u make this your self?
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hey I had an idea what if someone made a comic about "spider-gwen" same plot as the ultimate spider-man:web warriors tv show. but it will be call ultimate spider-gwen:web warriors.
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Beautifully done!
Really Nice! You did a great job.
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That desgign of hood rocks!
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Haha rockin' the all-stars. Love it.
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She makes bein' casual cool! ;)
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She's beautiful! ^^
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Huh, Looks like I wasn't the only one to think of this.
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Spider-Gwen has a fan in me ^_^
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I'm really loving all these Spider-Gwen art you're making! they're awesome! 
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Great picture. I can see her solo series outselling the other female spider series (Spider-Woman & Silk)
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It reminds me somehow to Desmond Miles from Assassins Creed.
Does she do parkour too?
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I really like her, everything of her Heart 
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So nice and simple without a lot of clutter, and the colors are amazing! 
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Ahhh I want the suit in hoodie form too now!! This came out so nice by the way, I love your Spider-Gwen drawings so much <3
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Owww she looks cute and the colors are great.
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