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Lion for Emelie

By Ribera
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Emelie made my zodiac sign (Scorpio) so i decided to make hers.

A Lion! Rouar!!! My first time drawing a lion. I think
it turned out pretty good. I love to shade with ink. :)
This image looks alot better in reality though.

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one muscular lion you have there 0.O
very good, keep it up!
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its a wonderful picture but dont only male liohns have manes
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They do.

What's your point?
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i thought you said leo was a girl...... i am kinda comfused
Ribera's avatar
You should read the discription again.
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"A Lion! Rouar!!! My first time drawing a lion. "

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O_O wow! very nice lion. he looks powerful :)
ArtKitt-Creations's avatar
Damn very nice!
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This is so hot. I envy you of your talent.
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I've never seen a lion so ripped in my life :thumbsup:
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Lovely anatomical sketch, looks possesed though, It needs EYES! :fuzzydemon:
This lion is a meat head lol
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Very cool!!!
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Wow!! The details are amazing! I'm luvin' The Leo. Great job!
Its REALLY good but it looks a little boney. ^.^
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emelie? my sister's middle name is emelieanne so thats cool. and i heart this lion's pose. it really speaks a lot about the lion's personality.
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While the face is somewhat comic-like, your play with the muscles is fantastic :star: nice work :clap:
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^.^ this rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :#1:
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the lack of actual eyes makes it look more like a spirit....was this intentional?

great stuff all around.
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So detailed I could lick it.
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Dayum! Looks great.
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