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I've been thinking a lot about my own skill as an artist and there are a lot of areas I would like to improve. Two of those are lighting and composition. Many of my drawings come out feeling a bit flat so i will experiment with a lot more dynamic and colored lighting. This makes the drawing feel a lot more 3D.
Also when i draw something i don't plan it good enough so at times I end up having a lot of empty space to fill. This is the hardest part to improve. Composition can really make or break a drawing.

I drew this so I could try and improve on those two areas.
Why Chopper? What a silly question. Cause he's awesome!

Edit: Toned down the light on his hat and antler.

Chopper © Eiichiro Oda
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It's so cute!!!!!!
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Thank you! :3
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Did you use Poser?
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No, it's all Photoshop.
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Amazing work on the depth, I never would have thought it wasn't 3d!
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Thank you! ^^
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Aww, heheh, Chopper is awesome indeed, and I think you drew him so very well! I love your style with colors and shading, and I think that this is an excellent view of him!


Keep up the great work, and thank you for the splendid share!
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Awesome; I thought it was a render from the thumbnail. My only critique would be that his antler looks a little too rounded towards his hat. Looking at various figures and models, it seems that it should come out more "straighter"? It's still very cool though. Are you trying to avoid copyright infringement? Where's the Coke logo on that can?
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Thanks for the critique! ^^

Copyright infringement? This whole drawing is a copyright infringement if you look at it that way.
But no, It's not a coke can. x3
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omg so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!<3
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You did fantastic X'D I love Chopper :3
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Heck, I have no idea who this is, but this is amazingly well done!
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Never heard of the Litt;e guy but Adorable!
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Chopper!! I love Chopper!! :love:
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Well, the shading is much nicer now. It shows a lot of improvement. The composition is fine as well, I think. Still, practice makes perfect, but your art is very, very nice at the moment. I hope to see it become even more awesome than it already is vwv
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sneaking around in the workforce 2 see this picture YEAH! Breaking the rules! :headbang:
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I honestly didn't know this was a drawing. This depth feel so real, it's so amaaazing.

What's he drinking?
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I don't know, really. Soda i guess, concidering how much he likes sweet stuff.
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It definitely has a lot of depth, feels like it could be a concept for a figurine. And Chopper totally is awesome.
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