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Tue Jul 3, 2018, 5:12 PM


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HEY GUYS, happy new y-- um..... ah..... happy July 2018?! GOSH. /;w;\ It's been a while since I last updated, huh? As most of you know, I'm present and social but not actively posting. I guess I've just gotten comfortable as a passive sideliner. Today I fix this! Sorry in advance if this journal is meandering and long, I have a lot of ground to cover.

All-in-all things have been busy but great! I think we can all agree that 2017 was a little all over the place. For myself personally, I'd call it a "year of doors": doors closing, doors opening. 2018 has become my "year of asskicking": I may not have many goals this year, but I'm beating 'em like a champ! 

So lessee, updates...
-Career changes. Without going into detail, Darron and I bid adieu to the Army. It's a hard decision and a scary change, but with our current politics it's one we needed. D's gotten into manufacturing and I'm back in school, studying automotive tech (mechanics) as I decide where I want to go next. A trucker? A technician? I guess we'll see!

-We bought a house! It's a little old fixer-upper, perfect for poor first-time buyers like us. Though we're still doing repairs one year later, we love it lots ahaha. I can't wait to have a veggie garden out back and flamingos out front.

-(First visitor to Casa De Ribbs was Antivulano, who came this March. We loved having you here, Anti, you need to come back! We gon' take you huntin'!!)

-In late 2017 my sister and I got to revisit our hometown. That may not sound like much, but for us it was special! We visited loved ones, saw old sights, got much-needed closure with our mother, and had an insanely fun road trip. Someday I'll write about it. But I think most of all, it was nice to realize how much I've changed since leaving California those five years ago. It's true: if you don't bloom where you're planted, find new soil.

-Closure meant I could finally begin therapy. Six months in I'm now realizing how deep-seated abuse can be, but also how freeing it is to have control again. It's a hard topic to talk about. I want to someday be more open about it. But so far, so good!

-Still madly in love with this area. Moving to this place in 2016 was one of the best decisions we ever made. I've come to love the cornfields, sweeping plains, and muddy rivers the same way I loved the Sierra Nevada. "Home" is a good feeling.

-I'm still struggling to get back in touch with my creative side. Luckily, I'm starting to understand what's wrong and make steps towards getting that mojo back. Lots to post, lots to re-learn, lots to get out of my head. Aman5's been going through some heavy work and I can't wait to share. For now, I hope y'all can understand. ;w;/

-Who here remembers my injury from late 2016? Well the case is ongoing, but going well, and I was fully recovered by early 2017. It turns out that some legal processes can take years.

-Our kitty Little Man's doing good btw! Poofier and softer than ever!
Sorry again for the sheer length of this, haha. I hope to update more normally, so if I ever go radio silent for three months you have full authorization to kick my ass. HIT ME, I CAN TAKE IT...

Thanks for reading guys, and thanks doubly for your patience and support. Love you all!! <3

Questions of the month:
1. What are your goals for 2018? What's one thing you've done, big or small, that you're proud/happy about?

2. Seems like dA's a ghost town these days. In terms of social media, what sites do you use and where are you most active?

It's October!!

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 1, 2016, 5:27 PM

BOOM. Halloween.

Happy October, everyone! Are you guys ready for skeletons and spooks? Shoulda seen me last night, I was practically dancing with excitement!

(and hittin' my head)

My August and September were very quiet. We took some time off to spend time with family, indulge in outdoor sports before summer's end, and truly relax. Work's been nice and uneventful. My health is a-ok, too. Tell you what, this new town is amazing, and it's the first time since leaving California that I actually feel at home. It's been really nice!

Here are some of the updates that stand out:
• We got a cat! Oh gosh, meet Little Man, a big, old tabby with an even bigger heart. Apparently his previous owner abandoned him, but luckily he walked into our life and he's been with us since! He's a grump but we love him. <3

• We are tentatively beginning to house hunt, which has been fun. We won't seriously look until 2017-2018, but for now we're sniffing around to get a feel for the real estate here. 

• Went to our first Midwest fair! My sister finally got to come visit us, then came with us to the fair which was a special and exciting experience. It's nice to have the feeling of family again, something I haven't felt since I was little. The fair was a blast! Though it did end a bit wildly... *ahem* ...

• So on the last night I was injured pretty badly. Who here's ridden the Zipper? On my third ride (I can't help myself), I ended up smashing my head when our cart flip-swooshed at just the wrong time. I blacked out for a moment, then collapsed again on the way home. Oh it was awful. Thinking I had a spinal injury, the EMTs air-lifted me to the hospital, where thankfully I only had a level three concussion. ;; This was two weeks ago. Now that I'm fully recovered I'm about to begin tackling these bills. The air ambulance bill is my biggest concern, as it brings with it a long, uphill legal battle. If I seem a bit scattered in the coming months, it's only because THIS is now a thing in my life!
Well I guess this is the month for scary things. Bahaha! But I can't complain, I have everything under control. I love where we are, and my favorite month is finally here. Life is good!


Eyyy, I was tagged by Nix-Tempesedo. Thanks buddy!
Name: Ribbontail online, Stephanie offline

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Average Hours of Sleep: Varies wildly

Lucky Number(s): I don't have one.

Last Thing Googled: Checking my spelling for... 주의하다! More Korean studies.

Favorite Fictional Character(s): DON'T GET ME STARTED. Tons, TONS! 

Current Attire: A comfy robe and night shirt. How's this fall weather eh?

When Did You Start This Account?: 2006

Number of Watchers: Enough for me!

What Do You Post?: A gourmet of stuff related to my Aman5 project, with a side of gifts, trades, and the rare fanart.

Other Blogs/Accounts: None, besides two current-unlaunched Tumblr blogs.

Do You Get a Lot of Comments?: My comments are often disabled. But I get some damn good feedback whenever I open comments, yeah!

Why Did You Choose This Username?: When I was younger, "Ribbontail" was a title of several major characters like NeoRibbontail, PuppetRibbontail, etc. I thought it sounded nice, and ribbons have special meaning to me, so I took the name for myself!


For my fellow Halloweeners out there, what is your ideal Halloween costume/persona?
Got a grim reaper here! I'd love a nice, high-quality costume someday. <3

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Home Sweet Home

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 6, 2016, 4:18 PM

*claps hands*
Hey guys! I'm back! Time for this beast of a journal. It's been a busy three months, but I'm happy to say that it's all officially done and dusted now. Let's get going huh?


There's been a lot going on! A lot of little things happened: a trip to the hospital, an unexpected visitor and new friend from Quebec (if you're reading this, hi Vince!), my mourning and thoughts on the Orlando and Fort Hood tragedies, minor career updates. BUT THAT'S A LOT. So I'll focus on the bigger life news.

My health is doing much, much better. In late May I got tests done to help push me in the right direction, and although I'm still working on that diagnosis, I found a medication that works for me. One month into treatment, it's safe to say I'm back on my feet! Man do I feel good.

We moved! Yup, we finally moved into our dream apartment! We decided to go the "settle down" route, moving to a tiny country town where we can live comfortably despite work being so light. The culture here is pleasant, almost old-fashioned, with the quiet of nature all around us. Darron's three little brothers live here, too! It's nice to have them back in our life. There's the park next door. Places to hike, the babbling rivers and hidden lake. Falling asleep to the soothing rumble of the trains.

After all the hardships we've endured the past few years, it's nice to come out victorious-- this home, we've earned it. (ò_óˇ)ᕤ

Art and online things

Now that things are settling down, I hope to get active online and start posting again. But I'm taking my time here. Also, I'll be picking though and clearing my backlog of almost 500 deviations. All the recent art has been fantastic, guys! If you'd like me to leave feedback on something, feel free to pass it my way.

Question of the month

Enough babbling haha! I wanna know how you guys are doing, so here's a quick lil' question:
Currently, and not including education or work, what is your #1 personal goal?
Our personal goals can be little or big. A hobby? A change? My biggest goal right now is to get back into shape, haha! Also, I'd love to get back into all my outdoor hobbies, like hiking, photography (sobs at my broken camera), and bone collecting.

End Beast Journal. Love you all! :hug: Summer's officially underway so stay cool out there!

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Momma Monster's Mysterious Malady

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 18, 2016, 7:47 PM

Who's ready for rambly Ribbon updates? 👏👏👏


Hmmm... well! We've got some great stuff in the works, from recent career developments to my husband and I finally moving. I'll share the details once it all falls into place, but things are definitely happening! Overall this month's focus has been on studies, moving prep, and self-care. Which brings me to my main topic...

I'm still very, very sick. Currently I'm in that weird trial and error phase, but we're working hard to pinpoint the problem! We've been treating my slump as regular depression, but recently I learned that it's actually one of several hereditary problems or, most likely, hypocortisolism (edit: or hypothyroidism holy cow!) linked to my PCOS. For now I'm happy to finally have heard that phrase, "unknown chronic illness", to remind me that I've just been ill, that's all. And I ain't giving up!

I hate to be a broken record, but seriously thank you guys so much for all your unwavering support. You guys sat patiently during my years-long hiatus, and you sit patiently still... I'm an elusive shit and you're amazing for putting up with me, so thank you all so much. Heart

*fist bumps for everyone*


My activity may continue to be spotty until I get treatment, but I am becoming more consistent haha. While I may sometimes seem quiet, remember that I'm always active and available!

Also, very soon I will be opening commissions so keep those eyes peeled! 


A quick one this time, for my fellow writers out there! We're all guilty here, so just admit it... ya got a favorite character. Maybe two or three! Of your personal characters / OCs, which are your absolute favorites and why?

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Siempre Adalante- happy new year!

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 20, 2016, 8:41 PM

Hey hey hey, I hear it's a new year! Wait... it's the 20th already?! Guuuh. (ノ_・。)  So 2015 is gone, and what a year it was. Let's take a look at the ups and downs! 


Where 2014 was a year of hard work and hooah-hooah, 2015 was wearying stagnancy. Thanks to one of the biggest drawdowns in US Army history, my husband and I lost our full-time positions and were held back by the crushing depression that followed. Luckily, I took this as a chance to catch up on things: spending time with friends online and off, volunteering, hobbies, meeting my better in-laws, LAYING AROUND ALL DAY. It was a slow year, perhaps... but hey, no regrets! Always forward, never look back!

Hey guys, thank you so much for being here with me during these hard times. You're the best friends a person could ask for, and you made my return to the 'net an amazing experience. <3 Let's all do our best to make 2016 a good one! 


In 2016 I want to find a good balance of hard work and good fun. Things are starting to move again in our battalion, so hopefully soon we can stop surviving and start living. We'll know in February. Keep those fingers crossed!

Overall, here are some plans for this year:
  • MOVE. We are going to MOVE out of this ghetto dump.
  • Become more active online, but at my own pace and discretion.
  • Put more focused with into Aman5 and art in general. <3
  • Volunteer more, lift harder, and reconnect with the outdoors. DO MORE.
  • Learn to write concisely.


1. What are some of your goals this year?
2. Of all your characters, which one do you relate to the most, and why?
Hehehe that's about it. Happy new years, guys!

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Truck engines revving

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 1, 2015, 7:02 PM

"'Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality"
-Carl Sagan

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*clap clap fistpump*
Hey guys, who's ready for December?! (ง︡’-‘︠)ง

Things are finally falling into place! We've had some really cool work-related news, things I caaaan't exactly talk about due to OPSEC, but these changes will help undo the damage done by last year's budget cuts. Let's just say our battalion is "back in action". Many of us will finally be returning to Active and full-time work, and some of us are even looking at possible deployment this upcoming year. Lots to look forward to, if it comes to that! ( least we now know why our transfers have been going so slow. Still waiting! Ehhhe... poor admins.)

For now we're settling in for the winter. Things have settled down a bit here in The Ghetto, and this year we'll finally be visiting family (Darron's half-brothers) after years apart. My plans this month are to stay active and catch up on weightlifting, start volunteering again, and finish my last three commissions...  then Aman5 stuff, and maybe play Undertale once the important work is done.

Thank you all for your patience this year! I wasn't as active as I wanted to be, but life's bee throwing a lot my way and I'm not putting down the bat until it's done. Until then, happy December to everybody! <3

1. What are some of your favorite so-bad-it's-good movies?

2. Do you like to receive critique for your art? What are your favorite type of critiques (drawing, writing or char dev, etc)?

3. Who's your oldest character? Who's your newest?

"I never had a policy; I have just tried to do my very best each and every day." -Abraham Lincoln


A little overwhelmed

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 22, 2015, 3:05 PM

"'Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality"
-Carl Sagan


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Looks like Ribbs dropped off the planet again, time to explain. ╮(ó_ò)╭
The past few months have been pretty weird. Work has been very, very light (at least I'm not pulling 0500-2100 days right?!), which gave my depression room to grow. I'm not going to lie: I'm having a hard time adjusting to this new place, to this routine, to not leaping out of bed ready for work. Darron got a break, managed to catch some extra duty! Currently he's away, and doing well!

I sure ain't lonely, because my sister's been staying with me and I've spent this month getting her going. It's nice to have company aaa. We went out and found a lake we never knew was here. If we stay in this town, at least we have a place to fish!

But there's some bad news, haha. So we live in the ghetto, the roughest part of the city, and boy is it fun. Thugs in the hall, crime all around, I guess this is one source of my depression. All this stress was tolerable until BEHOLD: bed bugs. Our slob of a neighbor bugbombed his apartment, scattering his infestation throughout the building. Oh my paranoid anxiety has amplified it into a disaster, and I'm constantly decluttering and cleaning to assure that our infestation stays at the "hitchhiker" level. These things make me so paranoid, SEND HELP.

All-in-all I've been doing well, just having trouble adjusting to life off base and living in the ghetto. FUN STUFF.

Commission work hasn't been flowing too smoothly. Where I was once ahead I am now behind, but hopefully I can focus more on my work soon. Again, thank you to my clients, those who have signal boosted, and all those who have been here for emotional support. You guys are the best. :hug:

"What is your least favorite pop subculture, and why?
Hipsters,  wangsters, hunting fanatics, artists, etc. There are many subcultures, or groups of people who share interests so deeply that it becomes a "community". What's your least favorite subculture?

I ain't too fond of subcultures overall, but mine would hands down be potheads. How strange and sad... you could do anything with your time on this Earth, but you choose to devote it to a plant. I've always been a proactive, can-do type of person so this just rubs me the wrong way haha.

"I never had a policy; I have just tried to do my very best each and every day." -Abraham Lincoln


Reentering Civilization

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 30, 2015, 5:46 PM

"'Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality"
-Carl Sagan


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Arright arright arright! Now that I've posted my 5-year narrative, it's time for some real updates!

So Ribbontail is back! As I said in my first journal, my husband and I recently finished paying off some dues (school debt, husband's probation and related debt, etc), and we can now move forward. It's been jarring, crash-landing back in civilization after years of homelessness followed by full-time military. Bahaha. It feels strange, but very nice too. I'm really happy to be back online, though it may be a while until I'm active again.

Recent military budget cuts have put us both half out of work. Darron was recently forced off Active status, and I resigned my position due to pressures caused by cuts. Currently I'm deciding whether or not to accept a transfer I was offered. It's a JFHQ, very large and a great honor for me, but the budget issues have become such an overwhelming issue. I might think on it.

We are broke but happy. Depression caught up with me but I'm managing well. My sister got to visit us. We're understanding our new home. And spring's here. Feels really nice, and it feels nice to be back online. I've missed you guys so much, you have no idea!! <3

The past few years have been dry as far as art goes. Doodling here and there, tons of developments with stories and worldbuilding but little art to share. We'll see where this goes, but for now here are two notes:

Commissions soon: With money very, VERY tight I may be opening sketch commissions for a bit. More info soon.

Backlog: I have 112 pieces in my, literally 5 years' worth of art haha. I'll try to get the art thing rolling again, but with my posting anxiety I ain't making any promises! 

How many websites and accounts do you manage, and what are they?
By this I mean social media, portfolios, games, stream-chatting (Skype, Picarto), and so on. I'm just curious to know how you guys are scattered across this vast internet. What IS the norm, these days? Hahaha.

I'm only on deviantART, and occasionally use Skype. Eventually I hope to use Tumblr.

Thanks for reading guys! <3

"I never had a policy; I have just tried to do my very best each and every day." -Abraham Lincoln


Ribbs is back!

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 29, 2015, 9:06 PM

"'Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality"
-Carl Sagan


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Well guys, here I am!

I've been gone for six whole months-- and this, on top of a years-long hiatus--, and I'd like to apologize to all you guys. We've been busy getting some financial stuff behind us, some of which was pretty time-sensitive, and due to budget cuts at work things didn't go as fast as we'd hoped. I'll explain this (and give some proper updates) in a few days. It's been a hectic six months, but it's almost over now! We're exhausted and penniless...

... but definitely, undoubtedly, without ANY SHRED OF DOUBT, done.

It's weird. Zero debt? What is this feeling? :iconhnnghplz:

So I came back to 1,000+ messages. But I clicked, read, bookmarked, downloaded, laughed, cried, and repeatedly held myself back from tossing myself out the window until it was finally down to 130. In the next few days I'll be tackling these, faving/commenting on pictures and journals I found important or eye-catching.

I may have glossed over some things, or maybe you did something you really liked! If you want me to read or comment on something, please link to it here.

Again, I'm sorry for being gone but I'm back now and hoping to get my game back. READY TO ROCK. :D

Peace and love, -Ribbs

"I never had a policy; I have just tried to do my very best each and every day." -Abraham Lincoln