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Raurana galaxy field guide by Ribbontail Raurana galaxy field guide by Ribbontail
This is in Scraps for now, and when I'm ready to show it publicly I'll move it to the Main gallery and tell everybody. As always, I apologize for being gone. Life's gotten a little bit crazy and I may vanish for even longer periods, but I'm alive! lskdjfskj 

So here's the full paracosm of yours truly, with every race and occupied system within! The space beyond Aman5 has little direct involvement in the Aman5 story, so I've put off covering it, but I'm working up the courage to start doing so. Give me time! I'm still shy and very much on hiatus.

Crystal124 co-owns Ori'al, and ??? is with one of my best friends who's sadly not online anymore. As my sister and worldbuilding kindred spirit, respectively, these two have a place in Raurana. <3 So does BioShock, too, because Dr.Alexander left a giant fetus-monster-footprint in my heart.

There's a great deal of political and regional taxonomy, but I'll cover this in the future. I forgot to add one other key thing: the space that is not Nai, ???, or Aman5 is called wild space. There are plenty of things out in these parts...

Aaah and here's a race list for reference: Kuutamian, human, enki, and rajayayu (from Aman5), ethiri (from Ori'al), vieho and huasa (from Tiandgue), boot and hlahyeen (from Boot), Alexandrian (from BBIV). Everybody organized? NOW GO FORTH AND MULTIPLY.

(and while they're doing THAT, I hope you enjoy this galaxy guide!)
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