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HUGE ASS Aman5 cast size chart by Ribbontail HUGE ASS Aman5 cast size chart by Ribbontail
[[SECRET EDIT 2015: updated all silhouettes.]]

*All My Children theme song starts playing*

So here's my characters! Meet the cast of the Aman5 trilogy, aka my trio of stories: Emalia, Fancy Clothes, and North. The gang's all here, from the insignificant one-shots to those 30 who are major or recurring. Many of them I haven't formally introduced, so hopefully this will be a handy introduction. Not gonna lie though, Emalia has far too many one-liner chars... save me from my teenage self. 

If you'd like more reference material, be sure to check out the Amanpedia folder for worldbuilding stuff, or either of my other story-specific folders. One important note, though: I do not post my literature anymore. Someday, someday!

I like having everybody in one place. Hehehe. Enjoy, guys! :salute: by blunaowl

Someday I must do tiny descriptions for each character. Until then, for search purposes, here's the full list (ignore this):
Emalia: Ar-hai, KaniCani, Eclipse (aka Atma Janaka), Sasha, Xoo, En Fuego the Loyal, Ai the Fierce, Riddle the Cunning, Ribbontail the Cunning, Why-yeh the Wise, Fidei the Wise, Pola the Loving, Natas the Fierce, Aques, Hekes, PuppetRibbontail (aka Alpha), WereRibbontail, OmenBeast, Oliday, Screech, Ptaharamnan, Kerberos, Infineon, Timothy, ScumTrot, Electrabbit, Tintonian Lion, Ichimama, Deathsong, Anondi, Mandylion, Hyedara, Akufei, NeoRibbontail, Vialonn Sentry Unit, Momoo, King of Blades, Bastardon, Mallet, Parasite X, Dirge, OmenTyke, Queen Antlion, Idiwarda, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Omega ; Fancy Clothes: Elaaj, James, Aillen, Gneissic, Hennendal, Ottu, Phatt Dogg, Montey, Suga, Flowa, Saul, Dinah, Missus Abbey, Dexter, Darcey, Kkmansi, Jongea ; North: Mars, San, Tea, SharkLaw, Hadria, Master K, Paul North, Terri, Zulu, Constance
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September 28, 2010
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