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Atma Shena Kjutadhash by Ribbontail Atma Shena Kjutadhash by Ribbontail
[2012 • comments disabled to save time]
Vsha ņs'vshanashu, htasa ņs'hujushu;
darashi ņs'hshäshu, nvahu ņs'jnvishu;
dä ņs'ruyahajishu;
ķy-shena kjutadhash, jayasya mashasħvsht ņs'ķa da.

See with not-eyes, say with not-mouth;
hear with not-ears, feel with not-touch;
be with not-being;
[no human equivalent] with all, with the ultimate that is none.

-a Dvyani rajayayu prayer
...also the spoken version of the name of Atma Jm, the many-armed incarnation of Eclipse. Many simply call him "jm", for obvious reasons.

This was year 2012 of my bi-annual Eclipse portrait! It's not much. This is always a special picture for me, but life in 2012 was especially rough so I couldn't put my full effort into this one. As you can see, my actual lineart didn't get past the sketch phase. But I threw some nice colors on it and hoped for the best! 2012, man...

With this piece I wanted to express my love for navigating one's inner space. Because direction and astronomy are among Eclipse's symbols, I've seen him as a worldbuilding copilot of sorts... or perhaps he's captain, and I'm crew. Who knows! I DO know that 2010-2012 were pretty wild developmental years for the Aman5 universe and I'm thankful it's still with me-- even after all these years. :heart:

Portraits from 2006, 2008, and 2010:
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2014 is late, sadly, but I'll figure it out!
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