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Night and light: two as one

This is my first entry for the discover your duo contest! I really love the how to train your dragon movies the story it's wonderful and the design for the dragons is so amazing and creative so I'm really happy I made it in time to join this contest :heart:

My duo for this piece was light fury and night fury ;) I chose this duo because I love the interactions between these two and it looks like I'm not the only one because I've seen tons of other entries about them! But there is another duo that I love so I hope I can make another entry before the end of the month I will make sure to work really hard :)

Since I usually make abstract craft and  decorations gluing recycled objects  I was unsure how I could enter this challenge but I started to carefully analize their design and select my materials: I wanted to use a black and white palette to divide their face and recreate their main facial features mostly the little horns and the overall shape then I drew traditionally their eyes ( I used colored pens )  and I decorated them with gold leaf and glitter. :D

The other materials for this work are buttons, clay, polystirene, hairclips, paper, cloth, fake feathers, paint, plastic, forks, paper clips, pens, foam, seashells, ribbons, wadding, bottle caps, screws, lace, hot glue pieces from headphons, hair brushes, calculators, sponges and packagings.

This work is 27x22x5 cm and it's the biggest work I've ever made but creating it was so challenging and fun!
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This is seriously SO cool! I knew it was the night & light fury right away! :D Very creative!
RibbonsandClay's avatar
Thank you so much!
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oh wow, interesting use of materials
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Ah this is cool! It's really cool how you used recycled material to create this - it adds so many interesting elements :) makes me think of all the possibilities of the trash I throw away now :' Given how large it is I can imagine how cool this would look hanging on a wall :)
RibbonsandClay's avatar
Thank you for your comment! I always try to keep broken objects I can reuse on my craft like headphones or calculator because they have so many beautifully shaped parts :)
leiyue's avatar
You're welcome :love: it's interesting how you see merit in these various broken things :)
TokyoRevelations's avatar
I really thought it was amazing you chose to do something abstract even before the results were announced! Congratulations on your achievement! Love 
RibbonsandClay's avatar
Thank you so much! Even if I'm a crafter  I really wanted to join this contest since I truly love this series :D so I tried to think of a work I could do but I never thought I would get an honorable mention I'm so happy for this result :heart:
TokyoRevelations's avatar
Yes! I am really glad you did so and I am so happy they recognized your piece in the selection. It is such a unique idea; not something I have seen done much at all Clap 
RibbonsandClay's avatar
That's so kind! :heart: I really think it was a great contest and I saw so many creative entries and different styles :D
AutumnL2's avatar
Reminds me of a Spot It book, still cool though.
barananduen's avatar
Hey! Congrats on the Honorable Mention in the contest!! :clap: :clap:
RibbonsandClay's avatar
Thank you so much it's really an honor! :heart:
CinnamoniRolli's avatar
So pretty and unique! :0
PktPictures's avatar
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terraaremar's avatar
thats so beautifull! when i saw i thouth it had to be on the contest! i wish you luck!! 
RibbonsandClay's avatar
Thank you so much! I must say I felt unsure about how it looked because all the other entries for the contest are realy amazing so I'm truly glad you like it :D
terraaremar's avatar
 youre super welcome!!! its beautifull! i havent saw many entries yet but i can imgane the level is high. but your are a great entry so dont worry^^
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