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Cottage Girl by BunnyCakeBird
Heidi Portrait by PeachyProtist
Dva by elfm
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Photography - Braids
Casual - Earth Beauty by Xeno-Photography
Braids by lexmagioncalda
Braids.. by PearlFox95
,, by PearlFox95
Photography - Pigtails or Ponytails
6%DOKIDOKI by CheriPoppu
Peek a Boo by MaySakaali
lolita by shadowm2k7
beep by xo-Sebby-ox
Drawings or Paintings - Braids
new girl 38 by marykarara
Girl by the lake by Jinnimala
Icing Coat (Sugar Coat as Elsa Frozen) by Sab-Hanna
cwelineczka by Zvyrke
Drawings Paintings - Pigtails or Ponytails
Portrait Practice 8 by Delylahgr
Mami Tomoe by Kotikomori
Commission: Audrey Fulbright by ThaiChau
Anime girl by ShinoCsp
Centuries Old Clothes Fashion
Casual - Summer Yukata by Xeno-Photography
Adeline Lisette Morel by Alexandra-chan
Retro Valley Women by Acaciathorn
Rainbow sketch doll by Cerulean-Blue
Lolita Fashion Drawings and Paintings
Hope by Ai-noHikari
(DTIYS) marchichu by L1KAR1
Who made me a princess - Athanasia by harune-seira
Yang Guifei (Fate) by VallRoXIII
Lolita Fashion Photography
Arcadian Deer coord 1 by Godly-Effect
Strawberry Chocolate by Marusera-Yumeart
Sweet Lolita by LordSchiffer
Lolita - Sugar Rose by Xeno-Photography
Retro Girly Fashions
:C: Heradollie by archylea
Hope by Ai-noHikari
1971-1-qu-0007 by Arowe65
Mokou by solarisuc
Dolls and Figurines
Cindy 1 by MelianMarionette
Ponies, Horses and Other Animals
Applejack - Braided Ponytail by Darksly-z
Kids with Ribbons, Bows or Braids
Sunflowers by Lirael42
Harajuku Decora Girl Fashion
79fd287e049d127a1bc271c4d14d5a17 by sissyroberta
Japanese Street Fashions, Other
Casual - Christmas Lights by Xeno-Photography
Most Inspiring or Beautiful Art
Christmas doll by renaillusion
How to Draw Braids
Hatching Braids Moth and Iris Photoshop brushes by AnkeLive
Fate Stay Night - Saber and Saber Lily
Fate/Stay Night - Saber Lily by Xeno-Photography
Marie Rose, Dead or Alive
Hello Honey I Painted You A Picture you like it by skates99
The amazing himeogi
Casual lolita by himeogi
The Art of Meztli72
Magic Butterflies by Meztli72
Founder's Gallery
Lolita Doll Christmas 5 by MelianMarionette
The group is going to be closed for quite some time, maybe a year. I am going to take that time to purge a lot of old art out of the galleries, or even delete entire galleries and start all over with the group. After that, I will open the galleries back up again, but have a stringent approval process for incoming submissions. I am going to totally change it so that only high quality art, that meets the standards of the gallery curator (that's me, Melian Marionette) will get in. I know that's a radical change from how the group has been handled in the past, but hey, there are lots of groups and anyone can make one for themselves so... Anyways. I am just ready to do something different with this group is all. I'm not going to spend any time arguing with peoples about it either. Even though I am changing the group, I do want to thank everyone who contributed art to the group and kept it going for these past eight years. Good luck out there on Deviantart and keep creating!
We are going to close the group to further submissions and it's going to go inactive for a while. Groups are a bitch. Either you have to police incoming content constantly, or you have to go back and clean up crappy or inappropriate art from the submissions folder. It's time to take a step back away from Ribbons-and-Braids again. No, I am not going to totally close the group, as in have it deleted from DA, neither am I going to allow anyone else to run it. I might open it up again some day but, I don't know.
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:iconmoewinkplz: WELCOMES YOU! Hatsune Miku-06 (Smile) by Jerikuto Squee Diane by ThatGingahNinja

Braids by Rose-Weston Nora by Jenny42 Untitled by 2nt commission+HyrbidHair by zephy0 blue dress girl Melian commission by Everybery Alabaster Sisters by Queen-Kitty FitLife by Slawa Viking profile by Igson93 Thorin Oakenshield by thewholehorizon Rainpace of River Twine by evafortuna Anzu Chigusa 6 by Rinotou Arya Stark of Winterfell by DavidDeb Portrait commission: Shanye by SerenaVerdeArt Durin's Line: Dis by Anoch Lonely by Wasabi78 babies by ratskeleton

This group is a celebration of the beauty of art, hair styles and clothes fashion exhibiting ribbons, braids or bows. This would include hair braids (pigtails or pony tails too), or centuries old clothes fashions. Images can be of men or women, or even creatures and animals or pretty much anything with a braid or ribbon.
Awesome braids by subaru87
Mythbusters - Kari by zakarrandaSUBMISSION GUIDLELINES AND RULES:

All art will initially be automatically accepted into the Submit Here folder. The group founder (that is I, MelianMarionette) will then move the deviation to an appropriate gallery folder. I will select what I believe to be the best for the Featured folder. If I feel a deviation does not meet the group theme or submission rules, I will simply remove it. Don't worry, there are lots of other groups and someone will accept your art with open arms. :-)



1: Be Nice

2: Deviation submissions should clearly have braids (or pigtails, or pony tails), ribbons, bows, or centuries old fashion as a major feature or theme. This can include art of any type, hair styles, clothing.

3. Deviations not meeting the approval of the group founder and "art museum curator" (that is I, MelianMarionette) will be removed from the Submit Here folder without comment.

4. No nudity, sexually explicit, overly controversial, or distasteful art will be accepted. This is not a porn site. Mildly erotic art will be accepted. I, MelianMarionette, prude that I am, will determine what is more than mildly erotic.

5. The group founder retains the right to modify group rules at a whim. Whine and complain, it will do you no good. Mwah hah hah hah!

6. If you are frustrated with my brutal totalitarian rule of Ribbons-and-Braids, you are free to protest by leaving the group! Otherwise, stay, relax and just have fun!

7. NEW RULE - Users who continually insist on posting art to the submissions folder that does not meet the group guidelines or group theme may find themselves blocked from the group without comment. I don't have the ambition to deal with you and I don't want random, unrelated stuff in the group's gallery. If you can't read and comply with the group guidelines, then you need to go find another group. I will not negotiate with those who have been blocked.

Adult Women Don't Wear Pigtails Anymore?"Adult women don't wear pigtails, only little girls do that!"
I beg to differ...(a big thanks to the lovely ladies featured here).  I will also throw in women with bows and ribbons in their hair as well.  Also, check out the links below and the videos at the end of the journal and the comments.  If any of you have family friendly pictures of adult women in pigtails, you are free to share them in the comments below!  
18 Hairstyles that prove pigtails aren't just for kids
The pigtails trend, by Allure magazine 2017
Pigtails style you can rock at any age!
Adult pigtails styles



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