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I am so happy it's finally done. This took me a very long time. When I was almost done flash started acting up and I had to wait 30 seconds for everything, if I clicked once.. It froze, I had to relogg back into my laptop to make it start D:
Bleh. It still doesn't work properly with this game but it does with others.


Dress up Ribbonheart again!
I wanted to make the dress up for myself a little better so I hope it worked, haha.

You can change the hairstyle by clicking on the hearts that are on the stage!

Also the little coloured dots are usuable too!

You can use everything that you see

Have fun!

And remember:
This game is copyright Keyla Meijer .
- Do not steal, copy, edit and/or redistribute this game.
- Do not post this game to/on other websites.
- Do not remove my deviantart from your screenshots.
- You are not allowed to use the outfit you made for your own work. All the outfits, whatever combination are copyrighted to me!
- If you make a screenshot of the outfit you created to show me, please upload it to your scraps C: (Credit me in the description!)
Please respect my rights as an artist!
Thank you!

♥ You are not allowed to use, reproduce or distrubute my art! Do not copy, trace, alter or steal my art/designs!
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February 11, 2011
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