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100 Chibi Cat Lines [Paint friendly version below]

Terms of Use:

• Credit me in the artist description. (link back to my page Ribbon-Wren or to this image)
• Do not resell 
• Do not claim as your own
• You may use for adoptables (points/USD)
• You may make changes, as long as credit is still given to me for the original base
• You may separate these lines, and colour in as few or as many cats as you want!

If uploading outside of deviantART:
• Send me a link to where you post these lines
• You MUST link back to my deviantART page (ribbon-wren.deviantart.com) wherever you use these lines


Paint Friendly Version: 100 Chibi Cat Lines MS Paint friendly
Different Tails (Paint Friendly): 102 Chibi Kitties base

Lines © me
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© 2014 - 2021 Ribbon-Wren
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ShatteredWhisker's avatar

I used it on adoptables but I don't was able to get link here so I show it here. I used it in Discord group anyway!

Untitled7 20210109144733
cattycRaftaj's avatar

omg i was just raging about not being able to find a bunch of cat linearts in one image and then i came across this and im like in my head

"i didnt mean THAT many"

lol this is epic

Kakesu-Wolf's avatar

Used for adoptables posted on Ovipets

Link to post: https://ovipets.com/#!/?event=5e201c358023d8013e7b0afa&c=847

and link to group: https://ovipets.com/#!/Ethereal.Soulkeepers

Thank you so much for sharing these!

Kasperian's avatar
crowooze's avatar

Im using this on Coin adopts amino! I can get a link for some reason but i will link the lineart back to you!

Lauren5528's avatar

Used for adoptables. :happybounce:

Icewing03's avatar

used these on an adopt account on instagram

really adorable base btw!

will definetly use again!


eddiiespaghettii's avatar

using it on WA 👉👈😳

InsaneFoxyNight's avatar

Using it for adopts on amino uwu

Zuzia499's avatar
Hi, what kind of Amino do u use for adopts?

I will use it on Amino!

Zuzia499's avatar
Hi! What kind of Amino are u using for adopts?
Lilydog1's avatar
I’m using! Thanks a lot! It looks amazing! :)
frigid-indigo's avatar

Used these to make hypos for a rp server! Don’t have a link because its a discord server, but I linked everything back to you. ^^

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