A Sunny Day in Andalusst City Part 2

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Sunny walked down the empty hallway, admiring the peace and quiet that she rarely got for the past few days. This also gave her a bit of a chance to reflect on Teresa’s rather odd words she said at the end of the interview. Who was she looking for, and more importantly, when she finally does find them, will she not like what she sees? She looked back down to the small sheet of paper that she received which detailed the way to her room. She took a quick look at her surroundings, and stopped in front of the door that the directions led to. “I hope whoever is in there isn’t too annoying.” She said to herself.

“Now, you just put the rope through the loop here…” a voice came from inside the room.

“Ah, this is so hard! How did you even learn to do something like this?” A familiar voice came from inside the room.

Sunny suddenly grew a lot less optimistic about her roommates. “Oh brother, that Anubis kid is in there. I wonder if there is still time to change rooms?” Sunny looked behind her, down the hall. “Probably can’t at this point.”

“Oh! Oh! I got it!” Anubis shouted from inside the room.

Sunny let out a sigh as she reached out for the door handle.

“Hey! Who’s there?” Anubis said from inside.

“Okay! I think I’ve got it, ol’bean!” Snailburt finished tieing the rope, only to reveal that he had only succeeded in tangling his own tentacles. “Oh poppycock.”

Sunny opened the door slowly. “Relax kid, it’s just me.” Sunny said in an uninterested tone. “You think it’s an assassin or something?”

“Oh, hi Sunny!” Anubis said in an enthusiastic tone, waving his hand. Willow, having a marginally more successful knot tied, glanced over to Sunny and also waved.

“Are you kidding me? We’re like a few feet from each other.” Sunny looked at the other two pokemon in the room. “Who are you guys? Friends of Anubis?”

“Er. Yes.”

“You two know each other?” Graham asked, while holding a vine as an impromptu rope. It was currently tied into a knot.

“Sure, wish I didn’t though, the boy’s annoying as heck.”

“Hey! I’m right here you know!”

“Ho ho! What pushed you to say dear Anubis is of an annoyance?” said Snailburt with his tentacles still tangled.

“He talks too much, plain and simple.” Sunny said, folding her arms.

“I never saw that as a bad thing…” Anubis mumbled.

“The lad is expressive. I certainly appreciate that more than some introvert who dare not express their feelings and gets upset later at their friends for not realizing said friends hurt the introvert’s feelings.” Snailburt gasped after finishing his run on sentence.

“Huh, you taking a shot at me?” Sunny asked, smirking.

“I don’t believe I have a weapon capable of ‘taking a shot’ at you.” said Snailburt waving his mass of tangled tentacles at Sunny.

“Hmph, alright then, what’s your deal?” Sunny said, pointing at Graham.

“Well, I owe him a fossilized shell,” Graham answered, pointing to Snailburt. “Right now I’m just showing everyone how to do a stopper knot. Was an important thing for sailors to learn back where I came from.”

“You’re teaching them how to tie a stopper knot? For sailing? Here?”

“Actually, he’s been teaching us how to tie all kinds of knots!” Anubis butted in. “You want to tie some too?”

“Sounds boring and worthless, especially for a place like this.”

“Knots are a very useful thing to learn, my dear. That is if one can learn how to tie them in a proper manner... and maybe not tangle one’s tentacles in the process.”

“Speaking of that, time to untie mine,” Graham said before proceeding to untie the knot on his vine. Though it appears that he tied it a bit too tightly, gradually becoming visibly irritated at his inability to undo the knot.

Sunny turned her head to Willow, who was silently tying a knot similar to Graham’s. “What about you huh? You gonna stay quiet for the rest of your life?”

Willow blinks. “I just talk when I feel it is appropriate. I thought you didn’t like socializing.”

Sunny was a little surprised on how Willow managed to turn that around so quickly, but didn’t let anyone see it. “Whatever.”

Graham kept struggling to undo the knot before sighing and just letting his vine stay that way for the moment. He muttered something that was likely not appropriate for most of the room’s current occupants.

“Aw, don’t feel down Graham, I can help you untie that knot you know. I don’t wanna brag, but I learn pretty quick.” Anubis said, walking over to Graham and picking up the ridiculously tight knot.

“So, I assume you’re here for something, err, I don’t believe you told us your name?” Snailburt asked, desperately trying to untie his tentacles.

“Sunny, don’t wear it out,” Sunny said. “Also, that’s none of your business.” She instinctively folded her arm tighter over her armband.

“...What’s with the armband, then?” Willow asked.

“Huh? What armband?” Sunny said, covering it up.

“The one you are clearly trying to hide, my dear.” Snailburt tried to point, but it was difficult to tell given the knot of tentacles.

“None of your business alright?” Sunny said quickly, raising her voice. Her back started to burn a bit, filling the space around her with an orange glow.

“Well, can you also explain why you’re still here if you very clearly do not wish to converse with us?”

“Well, I have to know you guys, we’re going to spend quite a lot of time together. Doesn’t mean we’re gonna be friends.” Sunny’s back started to flare a bit after she finished.

“Oh, so you’ are our newest roommate?”

“Yeah, why else would I be here?”

Snailburt only responds with a small shrug, his tentacles only able to move so far up his body.

In the midst of Anubis untying Graham’s knot, Anubis suddenly piped up. “Hey, did it get a bit hotter in here or what?” Anubis turned over to Willow, who was looking at Sunny. “Do you feel it too Willow? I mean I can’t be going insane right?”

The strange squishing noise of Snailburt’s tied up tentacles filled the room for a brief moment as he tried to gauge the temperature. “It doesn’t seem to be terribly hot.”

“Oh, must be my imagination then I guess,” Anubis said, before Willow pointed over at Sunny. He looked over to what Willow was pointing at before jumping back a bit in surprise. “Uh, Sunny, you’re on fire.” Anubis said, before sharply taking in some air. “Just thought you should know.”



“I’m supposed to do that.” Sunny said, retracting her flame.

“Ooooh, do pokemon usually do that?”

“A lot of Fire-type Pokemon tend to do that,” Graham said as he fanned himself with his tail. “Usually when aggravated.”

“I didn’t feel anything,” Snailburt said, “Maybe it’s because I’m a water and rock type?”

“Types?” Anubis asked. “What are types?”

“You’ve never even heard of types?” Sunny said, facepalming.

“Well, I’ve never really been to a school before.” Anubis said nervously, rubbing the back of his neck. “Most of the stuff I know comes from my dad, and Willow knows first hand about how much he’s around.”

“He was still out during the entirety of my stay at Geoda City,” Willow added.

“Oh, wait Sunny, what type am I?” Anubis said, practically jumping from excitement of this rather trivial fact.

“Fighting, duh.”

“Aw, cool!”

“Oh uh, thanks Anubis,” Graham said after Anubis untied his vine. “Anyways, type is a sort of way to classify Pokemon and the attacks they use. For example, Willow and I are Grass-types since our kind associate closely with plants, while Snailburt as he said before is Water and Rock since his kind are based on ancient water Pokemon. A bit hard to explain, but it basically gives an idea of what strengths and weakness a Pokemon has.”

“We are not that old as a species!” objected Snailburt.

“Well, I’m kinda tired.” Sunny said, stifling a yawn. “And I can’t stand boring reruns of basic knowledge. I’m gonna go here where I can sleep.” Sunny said, internally letting out a sigh of relief that the conversation derailed from her armband that badly.

“Uh okay. Shame, I enjoy giving lessons on history.”

“You still haven’t answered what I asked,” Willow said. “In fact, I do believe you’re trying to avoid it.”

Sunny looked behind her, not even bothering to turn around. “You got cotton in your ears or something? I said it’s none of your business alright princess? There’s no avoiding, simply me telling you to mind your own business,” Sunny spat out. She shook her head. “All you Snivy line pokemon are the same, trying to poke your nose somewhere it doesn’t belong.”

Anubis let out a nervous chuckle. “H-hey, let’s not get rowdy or anything okay?”

Willow seemed to have been confused at Sunny’s last comment. Graham remained silent momentarily before saying “What’s up with your attitude? Were you like that to the nice Servine at the front lobby?”

“So what if I was?”

“You have deflected the question, I do believe, my dear.”

“Fine, I was.” Sunny said, turning around to look at Snailburt. “So what? You gonna punish me for it?”

Graham rubbed his head in annoyance.

“You’re still sure about that idea of yours?” Willow whispered to Anubis.

“Of course. You don’t think I actually did get offended by her earlier did ya?” Anubis whispered back.

“Nothing really, I would prefer you to tell the truth is all,” Snailburt said to Sunny.

“Huh? You’re not angry?”

“You see Willow, I’ve figured it out, there is a reason she’s so hostile.” Anubis whispered.

“Do tell,” Willow said while tilting her head.

“Look, you know I’m not awfully big on figuring out how Pokemon act, but the way she acts, just screams calling for help you know?” Anubis stopped to catch his breath. “Everything from the way she treats people to the way she stays with them. The further she tries to push us away, the more she wants our attention. These kinds of pokemon really confuse me, but I don’t see anything else you know?”

“I do have to agree with Anubis here.”

“Gah, I mean it’s just a hunch you know?” Anubis said, shaking his head. “We just met her right?”

“Indeed, but you seem to have a history with her.”

“Huh? History?” Anubis asked, staring at Sunny. “I guess she does kinda remind me of someone…” Anubis trailed off. Anubis shook his head rapidly. “We really did just meet her earlier today though.

“Well,” said Snailburt turning from Anubis to Sunny. “You are most certainly welcome here. I do trust that you will eventually warm up to us.”

“I don’t think so.” Sunny said. “I’m going out for a walk, don’t follow me.”

“You could at least bother to be a little more polite,” Graham said, “Seeing as we’re all sharing a room now.”

“Fear not my lad. For I have enough etiquette for the two of us.” Snailburt seemed to have untangled his tentacles as he points at himself with one of them during his boast.

“Whatever mom.” Sunny said as she waved a hand dismissively. She slammed the door shut, leaving the room quiet.

“Hey, who wants to hear more about UMAs?” Anubis asked, trying to break the silence.

“You go ahead,” Graham said as he hopped off the bed. He then went over to the door.

Snailburt pulled out his notepad, ready to take notes. “Please, do tell.”

“Okay, so have you ever heard of EL BASILISCO?”

“El... Basilico?” Snailburt tilted slightly to the left. His shell language indicating that the Omanyte is curious. “Doesn’t that just mean Basil?”

“Well, I’m not an expert on the language, but I hear that El Basilisco is a UMA with two forms, and it can switch between them at will.”

“Two forms? I do believe Honedge’s final evolution is capable of two forms as well.”

“These two forms are both super different from each other. According to legend, it lives in it’s very own dimension, that is completely separate from ours, crazy huh?”

“That sounds absolutely preposterous. Are you sure that it doesn’t exist only in the realms of fantasy?”

“No, no, I once knew a person, who said he even saw it!” Anubis paused for a second, gathering his thoughts. “He said that on a really dark night, he was out camping in the woods, and he suddenly heard a really loud sound yeah? And when he turned around, he saw a huge monster, walking around on six legs, with wings that looked like some ghost pokemon he knew. It had to be El Basilisco visiting our realm to abduct children!” Anubis rubbed the back of his neck nervously. “I was younger then, but I totally stayed up all night waiting for El Basilisco to come around. I-I wasn’t scared or anything.” Anubis added hastily.

“If this ‘El Basilico’ abducts children, why didn’t he abduct... YOU!” shouted Snailburt as he lunged at Anubis playfully, stopping just a few feet from him.

“Ah!” Anubis yelped as he jumped backwards. “Don’t do that to me man!”

Snailburt could only cackle in response. He stopped after a few second of relishing the moment. “Ah. That was good, but my point still stands. This ‘El Basilico’ sounds like hogwash. That giant Pokemon that attacked was certainly an enigma of nature, but nothing to the extend at a creature that strides between dimensions.”

“Just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean it isn’t real!”

“You cannot see the Boogeymon, but he is not real.”

“Come on man, the Boogeymon? no one has ever seen the Boogeymon, but El Basilisco? That’s a totally different story!” Anubis looked around. “Hey, where did Graham go?”

“It looked like he was following Sunny,” Willow answered.

“Huh. I wonder what they’re up to... Hey anyone know what the time is?”

“The time? Oh, looks like the sun is about to go down.” Anubis said, looking through the window. “Still plenty of time to talk about stuff though. Wow, we really did waste the whole day doing nothing huh?”

“I’d be a bit more concerned on where Sunny is going if I were you, Anubis.” Willow responded.

“Nah, she’s my friend, and she totally sounded like she didn’t want any company.”

“Your friend?” Willow asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Of course!”

“You met her only a few hours ago though,” Willow deadpanned.

“Well, yeah, but I totally feel like we have a connection.”

“If you consider insults and snarky remarks a mark of friendship, sure.” Willow said sarcastically.

“I worry about her though, going out for a stroll at night? All alone?”


Sunny walked the empty streets, occupying herself on her surroundings, ruminating over what happened today. It surely was much more eventful day then she was used to, what with meeting all of those pokemon. It would make everything a whole lot easier if they could all stop trying to make friendly with the likes of her though.

Sunny looked up at the moon, and just decided to sit down a bit, staring at the stars. Sunny didn’t want any friends, or maybe she felt she just didn’t really deserve any friends. She sighed. Life seemed so much easier in a fairy tale, where everything wraps up neatly and perfectly. Here, things never happen the way you want them to, and sometimes were so much more strange then the strangest of fairytales. Truly perplexing.

She looked to her armband. Was finding the pokemon who made this worth it anymore? She doesn’t remember anything about them, to find them would be practically like meeting a new pokemon. The only thing she remembers is making a promise. The entire situation is strange enough, she doesn’t remember someone so close to her for some reason, but is trying to find them anyway. Sunny then heard a noise behind her, breaking her out of deep thought.

“Hey, who’s there?” She said, getting up slowly and casually. She stretched, and gave off a small yawn.

“One of your roommates,” Graham said. He walked up to Sunny and sighed. “Look, are we going to be having problems from here on out?”

“I’d totally be lying if I said no.”  Sunny said, turning around to face Graham. “You came all the way out here to ask me that mom?”

“No. I’m also here because it’s dangerous to be out at night by yourself.”

“I know how to take care of myself mom.” Sunny said, doing a few more stretches. “Been out on the street more than you have.”

“Hmph,” Graham leaned against one of the nearby buildings. “Well, I’m not going to try and understand you if you really don’t want to. But can you at least try being a little less rude?”

“Fine, fine, only for you mom.” Sunny smirked. “Kidding, kidding.” Sunny suddenly adopted a grave tone to her voice. “Don’t tell me what to do.”

“Have it your way, then.”

“Alright, now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll be heading back now, kinda exhausted.” Sunny said, before passing Graham. “Don’t get lost mom.”

“Could you please not do that?” Graham said, slightly irritated.

“Do what?” Sunny said, turning around to look at Graham again. “I have no idea what you’re on about.” Sunny said, making it obvious that she is feigning ignorance.

“Don’t call me mom,” he said plainly.

“Why don’t you come over here and make me?” Sunny said, growling a bit. “Mom.”

“You looking for a fight now?” Graham adjusted his hat and tapped his staff on the ground.

Sunny smirked. “Well, if you insist.” Sunny said, wiping her mouth. “Careful not to hurt a poor sweet child that badly huh?”

Graham bended his head forward and remained silent, his hat hiding his expression.

“Yo, you going to make the first move? Or is this going to be contest on who looks more threatening?”

“Ladies first,” Graham said. A light breeze picked up, rustling the leaves on his staff.

“Real gentleman huh?” Sunny said, scoffing. Despite her cool exterior, she couldn’t stop her shaking, whether it was from excitement or fear was unknown even to her. Suddenly her back bursted into a brilliant array of colorful fire, as she unleashed a small ball of fire at an incredibly fast speed. Graham just as quickly sidestepped it, letting it fly past him.

“There, I went first.” Sunny said, curtseying. “Now you gonna do something, or is it just going to be you dodging my attacks all night?”

Graham stood silent, before tapping his staff against the ground again. This time the leaves on the staff began to glow, before melding together into a partial crescent shape. He charged at Sunny.

“Wow, you can do magic tricks too, huh?” Sunny said, clapping. Graham leapt into the air, bringing the bladed end down on her. Sunny jumped slightly to the side, making the blade miss and instead getting itself stuck in the cobblestone road. “Wow, you are actually aiming to kill here, huh?”

“If I was, you wouldn’t be talking right now,” Graham said. The blade dissipated into leaves, freeing up his staff.  

Sunny groaned. “You know how many times I heard that at this point? Too many.” Sunny said, propelling herself forward at lightning speed toward Graham. He waited until she was very close before slamming her away using his staff.

Sunny skidded across the ground, getting her footing back quickly. “Ha, glad to know your not too scared to hit me.” Sunny wiped her face. Sunny then charged another bolt of fire until she heard someone call out in the distance.

“Wait!” She heard a familiar voice call out.

“Anubi-” was all she got out before she was taken by her arm and slammed into the ground.

“Ack, sorry, I couldn’t help but notice you guys were sparring, you don’t mind if I join in do you?”

Sunny only let out a groan of pain as she rolled around on the ground, clutching herself.

Anubis scratched his head. “Eh, sorry bout that, sometimes I forget my own strength.” Anubis then walked over to Graham and leaned in close. “Next time she tries to pick a fight, try to ignore her yeah?” Anubis whispered hastily, before running over to Sunny. Graham merely grunted an acknowledgement before adjusting his hat again.

“It doesn’t hurt that bad does it? I mean my dad would always pull that trick whenever I wasn't doing anything important.” Anubis said, outstretching a hand to Sunny.

“Urk, next time you do that, warn me, kay?” Sunny said, slapping Anubis’s paw away. “I’m fine, just caught me off guard.” Sunny said, glaring at Anubis.

Anubis gave a nervous chuckle, “Does that mean we aren’t sparring anymore?”

Sunny punched Anubis in the nose, which provoked an immediate reaction from Anubis.

“Agh, owwwwww.” Anubis said, clenching his nose.

“Yeah, we were just finishing up.” Sunny said, glaring at Graham.

“Aww man!” Anubis said in a nasally tone. “Well, if you guys ever want to do some sparring, just tell me, kay? My dad always said that sparring is not only good for you physically, but spiritually too.”

“You’re a good kid, Anubis” Graham said before patting Anubis on the shoulder with his staff. “I’m going to head back now.”

“Woaah, nobody has ever told me that before!” Anubis said, eyes practically sparkling.

“Tone it down a few notches will ya Anubis?” Sunny said, wiping dust off herself. “How excited you are about things is honestly toxic.” Sunny said, scoffing. “All I want to hear right now, is utter silence.” Sunny yawned despite the battle she had a few moments ago. “Preferably in a bed.”

“Are you kidding me? I have enough energy to last the entire night!”

“Really? Have you ever really stayed up past nightfall?”

“Oh, not really I guess, dad always has the toughest training classes when he’s around.”

Sunny and Anubis followed Graham back, Anubis chattering all about UMAs and fantastical creatures, while Sunny begrudgingly listened to every annoying second of it, throwing in a sarcastic comment here and there. Despite her complaints though, Sunny just felt right, no matter how ridiculous and stupid the things that came out of Anubis’s mouth were.
Continuation of what happens after the Written Application, Graham and Willow played by :icontemporal-and-spacial:, Snailburt played by :iconzatgeneral:, and everyone else is played by me. Huge thanks to those guys for helping me write this.
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