A Sunny Day in Andalusst City

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Sunny had never seen such a bad storm before.

The winds were blowing strong, and the rain wasn’t much better, trying to pelt her into submission like some kind of rapid onslaught of stones.

She admitted that she probably could’ve found a better time for this, but this was just it, the final straw. She could just not bear the thought of becoming a slave to some parents who barely know who she is. The thought of being adopted had never seemed appealing, and will never be appealing to her. She was better off alone, where no one could get in her way.

So she ran away. She ran away from her problems, and never looked back, not like she was leaving anything behind, after all, she didn’t have anything worth staying for, no friends, no family, not even any possessions to her name. She knew how that always ended, and maybe that was the very reason she didn’t want to belong in the first place. She saw it many times in the past, so she refuses to make the same mistake as others.

People make nice, they know each other, then… Then they get separated. As unfair as it was, it happened all the time, and for some reason everyone seemed fine with it. Sunny however, didn’t want to accept such a cruel and unforgiving truth, so she never did attach herself to anyone.

She was waging a war on life in the only way she could, by refusing to live per its own rules.

A sudden gust of strong wind blew through, dimming her flame. She collapsed from exhaustion, she had been fighting the storm a good half hour or so, and it didn't seemed to be letting up anytime soon. These days, it seemed like everyone was against Sunny, and she could trust no one.

A small voice of doubt in her mind as always waged a fruitless war against the ever raging and troubled sea that was her mind. If she was fighting life, she certainly was fighting an uphill battle that was nigh impossible to win, that small part of her mind always told her to submit to give up, and suggested that maybe it wasn't such a bad thing. But she refused to lose, not now, not ever.

She grit her teeth as she faced the storm head on. She had to wage one last desperate war on the world.

Of course, the world in its very nature always got the last laugh.

Sunny was suddenly lifted off the ground by an incredibly strong gale, and was flung into a nearby alleyway, knocking her out and putting her flame out.


“Hey Willow, whattya think we’ll be doing today?”

“I was thinking we should familiarize ourselves with the city better.”

“Agh, but that’s boring!”

The sudden noise awoke Sunny as she took stocks on where she was. “Gah, where am I?” She said to herself. “And why does my head hurt so badly?” She said as she  rubbed the back of her head. Then, everything that had happened last night suddenly weighed down on her. “Oh, right.” She whispered. She had to continue to push forward, despite everything. She ran over the plan once again in her mind. She was gonna join the Explorer’s Guild, who were known for picking up basically anyone who could fight and walk, then she’d start a solo team and… Sunny shook her head, she doesn’t really have a plan beyond that except for just working with the Explorer’s for the rest of her life she supposed.

Right, but she didn’t exactly know how to get to the Explorer’s Guild Barracks from here. Then suddenly clicked in her mind. She looked around the corner and spent a little bit observing the two that she heard. After a little bit of scanning, she found exactly what she hoped to find. Both of the pokemon were wearing Explorer’s badges.

Her luck hadn’t run out yet it seemed.

But suddenly when looking over the two, she noticed the Snivy was looking right back. She quickly concealed herself behind the alley wall. She was never good at making a good first impression, but that had to look a bit shady, which was bad since for the moment those two were the only ones able to guide her to the Explorer’s Guild.

Sunny walked around the corner of the alleyway, and simply stared at them for a bit. The Snivy tilted her head slightly before tapping the Riolu on the shoulder. The Riolu turned around and looked at the Cyndaquil.

“Hello!” He shouted in his usually cheery voice

“Hi,” Sunny said in a dismissive voice. “You’re a part of the Explorer’s Guild right?”

“That’s right!” The Riolu enthusiastically said, puffing out his chest.

“You need help with something?” Willow asked.

“Yeah, I need to get to the Explorer's Barracks,” Sunny said. “You can get me there?”

“Oh yeah definitely! Miss…” Anubis said, trailing off


“Right, we know the way to the barracks, so you just gotta follow us Sunny!” Anubis said, huge smile on his face. Willow observed Sunny with some suspicion, but said nothing to Anubis about it.

“Oh yeah, I forgot to mention our names, silly me.” Anubis said. “That over there is Willow, and I am Anubis.”

Sunny stared at Anubis blankly for a few seconds. “Um, okay? Look, I just want to get to the Barracks, I'm not out to make friends or anything.”

“Hm. Well, let’s show her where it is, Anubis,” Willow said.

Completely ignoring Willow, Anubis continued to push the conversation. “Are you planning to join as a solo team?” Anubis asked.

“What’s it to you?” Sunny asked, raising her eyebrows.

“U-uh, well you see, um, I don't think they even allow solo teams!” Anubis said hastily, tripping over his words.

Sunny stared at him a bit longer. “It’s so obvious you're lying that it’s painful.” Sunny said matter-of-factly. “Look, I’m agreeing with Willow on this one, can you guys just show me where the barracks are so we can just go about our separate ways after this?”

Anubis rubbed the back of his neck. “Well, I guess.” Anubis turned the other way, and made a gesture for Sunny to follow them.

Willow made an effort to catch up to Anubis, staying ahead of Sunny a bit. “Let me guess, you’re not giving this up are you?”

“Definitely not, Willow. Something about her just seems sad you know? Something about the way she talks to us.” Anubis said, trailing off, evidently lost in thought, a rare occurrence.

Sunny looked at the two, and let out a sigh. She didn't usually like eavesdropping on conversations, but Anubis talked so loud that it was almost as if she was meant to hear it. As much as it is comforting that someone would be willing to try to understand her, at the very same time it irked her how pokemon claim to understand her like that, off of a passing meeting.

What Sunny was more confused about however, was how a pokemon could be so cheerful in such a world?

“So, where did you come from?” Willow asks Sunny.

“Where did I come from? None of your business” Sunny said, keeping quite a few paces behind the two.

“Was just wondering, since this place seemingly attracts Pokemon from all over.”

“Really? Where you from, then?” Sunny asked.

“No idea. Lost my way in the Fog, so can’t remember anything.”

“You don’t say.” Said Sunny disinterestedly, stifling a yawn.

“Can’t you at least stand to be a bit more polite?” Anubis said, mildly annoyed, which was certainly a surprise to Willow.

“Nope.” Sunny said. “Like I said, I’ll be gone by the time I create a team by myself, then we won't ever have to talk again.”

“But why do you act this way?” Anubis asked, stopping in his tracks.

This seemed to snap Sunny into the conversation “I… I have my reasons.” Sunny said, stopping. “Hey, what's with all the questions?”

Anubis resumed walking. “Alright, alright, no more questions.” After that, they walked in silence until they got to the barracks, just how Sunny liked it.

“Alright, this here is the Barracks, and here you have to submit an application in order to apply for the Explorer’s Guild. Good luck, Sunny,” Anubis said unenthusiastically.

“I don’t need luck,” Sunny replied.

Willow looked at Anubis strange. “It’s not usually like you to give up so easily on something like this.”

After Sunny exited earshot, Anubis sprang back into action, and reverted back to his usual hyperactive self. “Exactly,” He said, smile on his face. “I’m letting this ride on luck a bit, if she gets the same room as us, there’s not gonna be anything stopping us from bonding.”

“Who knows, Anubis,” Willow said. “Maybe she really just doesn't want any friends.”

Anubis shook his head. “No, you see Willow, it’s kinda impossible to not want a friend, she’s just acting this way because something about friendship scares her, you know what I mean?”

“Hm...yeah, I can see what you mean.” Willow crossed her arms and tapped one of her feet in thought. “She could be a runaway of some sort, since she doesn’t seem keen on saying where she’s from. Or maybe born on the streets? Given that she’s a bit antisocial.”

“Who knows?” Anubis shrugged. “My pops always told me that a pokemon will do whatever they want to do, so we’ll see if she truly wants to be alone, or there is something else at play here.” Anubis said.

“That was… strangely profound of you Anubis.”

“That was strangely what?”

“Don't worry about it, Anubis,” Willow said, focusing her attention on Sunny, who was now dropping off a small sheet of paper into the dropbox. Anubis was right, everything from the look to the way she talks just screams lonely. Whatever Sunny does, Willow just hopes that it will be in Sunny’s best interests.
Not what I feel is my best work, but it does the job in terms of I inducing Sunny, a new character I will be writing.
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