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MM: Team 13



Suit: Swords
MP: 6,100 MP (3x Fully Coloured Three-Fourth Bodies = 4,800 MP + 1x Bust = 1,300 MP)
Character(s): Jun Li, Joshua Kingsley, Rin Kurogane, Moeko Fujisaki

I think I got the points right -- didn't count the bg even though I drew it because I didn't know where it'd qualify and I figured it was too simple anyway ;;;

Anyway this is for Chapter 8 (called Shadow Moon Illusion even its name is cool--:iconholyshitohmygodplz:)) of Morphos Metaphor which is also, handily, my first event of the group so yayyy~ Hopefully I didn't let my team down too much haha. :iconpapplz: This is only the little splash prologue cover sort of page of what we're really planning! Sadly timing's not a friend right now but hopefully it'll all get done okay<3 I'm certainly excited for it! :iconomgsocuteplz:

Our team consists of:
Red-haired tomboy Jun Li (:iconveloursrose:)
Mild mentor Joshua Kingsley (:iconwitch-girl-pilar:)
Cool beauty Rin Kurogane (:iconshuiniu:)
Former sukeban fashionista Moeko Fujisaki (:iconribbon-knight:)

I drew them all with their weapons too, something that made me weep as I realize just how painful it is to draw Moe's chain... :iconotlplz: Oh my gosh it took me so long to draw it, stupid thing--:iconlazydyingplz:

Team 13 pride, yo! Let's do it! :icontuzkistarsplz:
Might be drawing some more solo art for this so yep-- might be more soon

Jun Li belongs to :iconveloursrose:
Joshua Kingsley belongs to :iconwitch-girl-pilar:
Rin Kurogane belongs to :iconshuiniu:
Moeko Fujisaki belongs to :iconribbon-knight:
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