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Revisiting Gloomy Galleon

Located in the northern coasts of the Isle o' Hags, Gloomy Galleon has recently been revisited into a touristic attraction. Much to its inhabitants' dismay, however. The shipwrecks and other sunken treasures continue to amaze anyone who pays a visit.

Review from King K. Rool: "I hate this place, it made my ships sink! One out of ten!"

First and only appearance; Donkey Kong 64 (N64)
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Legacy-Galaxy's avatar
Well I have a headcanon that it's just shy of Atlantis.
MrPicklesHtf's avatar
This level used to scare me as child. I always thought Sharks whould attack me if I stayed in the water too long.
But no Just starfish. Oh and that giant mechanical fish Scared the crap out of me too.
I love your art!!!
Ribbedebie's avatar
It did have a creepy atmosphere, so I wholly understand. Thank you! :aww:
EBraunstein's avatar
Very nice interpretation of Gloomy Galleon... It's a nice place to visit, but ya wouldn't wanna live (or DIE) there...
Ribbedebie's avatar
Haha, indeed. Thanks. :D
EBraunstein's avatar
You're welcome!
ConkaNat's avatar
King K Rool is planning to sue this place for making his ships sink.
Ribbedebie's avatar
Lol, I don't think he will succeed. :XD:
Rutgerman95's avatar
DK Island!

Hoewel, wat was de naam van dat schip in Atlantis in Jolly Roger's Lagoon? Gauw even kijken. XD
Ribbedebie's avatar
Salty Hippo? =P Nee, dat was die in... Treasure Trove Cove.

Maar ja ik denk dat de levels uit DK64 eigenlijk zich bevinden op het Isle o' Hags omdat het gewoon mal is dat zoiets in zo'n klein eilandje past haha
Rutgerman95's avatar
Alsjeblieft, je speelt met een Gorilla met een RODE STROPDAS, en dan begin jij over geografische mogelijkheden?! XD
Ribbedebie's avatar
Kom op zeg, als mensen proberen te redeneren over een bolle loodgieter die op schildpadden springt en een in groen geklede schreeuwerd met 'n zwaard, waarom mag dat dan niet over 'n aap met een stropdas? :XD:

Ik heb er toevallig ook een blog over hoor :lmao:
Rutgerman95's avatar
Dat mag ook wel (ook al is Zelda een stuk serieuzer).
Maar kom dan niet met iets als een te klein eiland.

Misschien moet je DK Island uit DK64 meer zien als een Interactieve 3D kaart.
Want vergeleken met DKC is het eiland zowiezo behoorlijk uit verhouding.
Gekrompen in de was, misschien? XD
Ribbedebie's avatar
Eh, ik vind gekrompen in de was wel een goede uitleg. :XD:
Altermentality's avatar
It's on the Isle o' Hags? Or did you just make that up? =P Must be the less-successful rival to Jolly Roger's Lagoon.

Muahaha, I love K. Rool's review. This level was terrible to be honest, it was a mess and I really didn't enjoy being there at all, but its music was BEAUTIFUL.

Oh yeah, the picture! Ha. It's really lovely - I love how you did the whole thing in blue, it fits the mood of the place. And the gentle shading into the valleys - it really looks gorgeous. Cool to see you do just a landscape, I can tell you're trying to branch out. Good for you! :)
Ribbedebie's avatar
I made up the idea of it being on the Isle o' Hags. :XD: I thought a while ago that all worlds in DK64 were actually in the Isle o' Hags, mostly due to the fact that the Kongs enter a portal, and DK Isle just seems to small for all those worlds. =P (and that DK64's DK Isle is actually an artist's rendition. I mean, what happened to the jungles? And what's with the sun IN A CAVE?! But it's still awesome nonetheless. Playable Krusha in multiplayer for the win!)

Gameplay-wise I agree with K. Rool :XD: But yeah, the music is amazing. I listen to it almost daily.

Thanks! I've been trying to draw more different things lately...
XanTheWeeb's avatar
wow! I like it :D
XanTheWeeb's avatar
That place was the creepiest O.o
Noratcat's avatar
Ah I vaguiely recall this place.
Ribbedebie's avatar
Even with my totally not looking like it rendition of the place? :XD:
Noratcat's avatar
I think it looks good.
darkmask54's avatar
... dang you for drawing like rare does <:/
IT'S REALLY COOL though :o
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