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Honor forcibly taken
From between my legs
Justice never paid to me
So peace I sought
With my life,
I paid the sea
:iconriazana:Riazana 0 0
My mother didn't want me
She didn't want him either
So she abandoned the idea of the both of us
In the forest 
:iconriazana:Riazana 0 0
I was in heaven
When he was with me
But the truth 
Brought me back to earth
I didn't know he had another
He had her first
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A Foreboding
A shrill ring in the dead of night
Shatters the darkness
Like light off a broken mirror:
A bad omen
It's the doorbell
But everyone's already home:
An alarm
I trot down the stairs--
Waking the Adrenalin in my sleepy veins,
Stirring foreboding in my gut
Rush to the gate:
My relatives:
My aunt's in the ER
Skip the pleasantries
Straight to the race
And Mom's the finish line 
I tell her,
Pass the pole--
The message
She doesn't run
She walks
It ain't her first race
She'll visit her tomorrow
I don't wanna think about death
It just pops in my head
Worry pulls my brows together
As I pray to God not to take her
When I think of demise
I think of only I
And nobody else
(Though I'd trade her life for mine)
:iconriazana:Riazana 1 0
The word floats
in the air
Dying by the decade
Til the alphabet is committed to paper
"Live! Live!"
My brush pleads with ink,
Dousing the parchment with scripture
The black falters in some places;
Imperfect beauty
The strokes cascade
Forms & commas so fluid
Nourish the parched vellum
Syllables form an ancient abugida family
Form clans of words,
Communities of sentences,
Paragraphs of preservation
Good thing the kids are into it
:iconriazana:Riazana 0 0
Go Away
One sheep,
Two sheep,
Thirteen sheep,
There's not enough mutton
On the world's plate
To make me
Into sleep
Could own the Sahara,
Bury me six feet under
And my eyelids still won't close
Sclera-jelly-eating scarabs be damned
All I had
Was a glass of Coke
And a milk tea
I'm not buzzed
I'm not high
But I am 
My brain is a light
That won't go off
In the dark room
That happens
When I close my eyes
And caffeine's short circuited the switch
Insomnia is Creativity's annoying little brother:
A partner in crime
She never asked for
Insomnia isn't loud,
Isn't startling
It's foot tapping--
Shaky leg
Relentless light poking on your arm for attention
Going, "Hey."
"I don't need you right now,"
I try to say
I'll call you when the Russian gamers come
Till then,
Иди нахуй, пожалуста
It wont иди н
:iconriazana:Riazana 0 0
No, not the song
Though I do enjoy nostalgia
Like back when you were lucid
Like the waters of Puerto Princesa
Remember that?
In the country
Out the country
And back again
Remember when
Way back when
You rolled the papers,
Ruled the divided clans
Of Manila, Batangas & Cavite
Glorious like your name
O queen of princes & princesses
Now, you just eat
At the kabisera
Remember then?
The words:
Spells of sleep
Of safety & love & home
Now, you fall
Before the artificial screen
On your own
Remember how
You'd get the numbers right
And taught me so
Mind, eyes, ears clear as the rocks you wore
Nails long like mine
Mine like yours
And now,
In the way
Like you
You undo
Some of our chores
You spill, you leak
Across the floor
Food on the fork
In the dish rack
You just washed--
There's still dirt
Your "help" just hurts 
Hurt & annoy
You drive us nuts
Not firing on all cylinders
Cyclic conversations
(Or off the topic road at all)
Like a mad roundabout with no exit
:iconriazana:Riazana 0 0
Blameless by Riazana Blameless :iconriazana:Riazana 2 0
Alive Is Enough
Does it count as bullying
If I didn't give a damn
To the backstabs
And gossip fodder
Chat behind me
Resent my individuality
Y'all worth no one's time
I got bigger fish to fry,
Colleges to apply
Like Angela Schuy-
ler said, "I'm not here for you."
But first
I gotta survive-- 
Stay alive
Don't excel
Alive is enough
There's honor in every state of being
But not in my parent's eyes
Not in being a squatter
Nor a garbage collector
So, college I go
Nursing was aight
But aight isn't enough
Wasn't enough
So I go to arts
More than survive,
But a year after grad
Being jobless
It feels pointless
So maybe screw being an artist
Forget being known
Survival will do
Any job's better than none 
:iconriazana:Riazana 0 0
Sublime Joe Divine
40 cups of coffee will kill you
I don't need 40
Just maybe 39
If the paramedics get to me
Maybe I'll be just fine
It's worth it in the end--
Trust me
Palpitations & the ECG
Having a roller coaster line
Are worth it
If you crank out 3 pieces at a time
Maybe 2,
Maybe 5,
12 WIP's at a time
I'll finish every one of them
I got no schedule to define
Point is,
I started
I just gotta finish
What's one more cuppa java
If the workload I'll diminish
And by "diminish"
I mean "stack" 
The inspiration keeps 
To the ceiling
Goes my creative high
And when it dies
Is a pile
Of unfinished junk
Til I take another sip
Of my good old friend
Sublime Joe Divine 
:iconriazana:Riazana 0 0
Mecha Pilot
The sky brings liberty
And the ground breathes stability
I am the wings of the resistance
Overthrowing the hierarchy
By the people's insistence
The breath of revolution
In a body bigger than
A soul
In a hole of a machine
Nigh perfect in design
While I am flawed
In decision
In clout
In battle, this metal man's gonna duke
In the open
Is the dirt
Of the nation
Politicians promise nothing
They can't take
Back again
Into the cockpit
And into no man's land
I see my adversary
His fingers wriggling on his hand
I look through the scope
Adrenalin being woke--
In my veins it flows
As I drag of the war god's toke
As I pull the trigger & shoot this motherfucking bloke
In the head
I am touched
For leaving my clan
For honor & glory
That's even greater with them--
They've made boys into
And children & women
Litter the streets
We are beat
And claim
I won't let claim
My body
Will be taken by
I choose you
:iconriazana:Riazana 0 0
In the yesterdays of my kidhood
I never liked roller coasters:
Gut-tossing ups & downs
Despite being predictable,
Falling, but it ain’t free—
Trapped in a cabin I don’t wanna be staying in
Should it crash—
God forbid it crash
You crash along with it 
Now, when the days are red instead of yester,
I ride a different kind of coaster:
A cycle predictable as any
Enduring symptoms which are sex-mandatory
I grit my teeth & check the list
But the lists I don’t make
Come from the DSM
Thoughts & mood swings
Only predictable in their unpredictability
Coming & going
Like rain, shine, rain AND shine in my country
It may not be depression
It may not be anxiety
But repetitively they sure as hell make me question my sanity
If not my validity
If not my worth 
A year without a job
Not an entry in the game
Nor a claim to fame
Nor a paycheck to my name 
My parents & my fam
At least haven’t
:iconriazana:Riazana 0 0
Life Without Color
Line art makes me itchy
No, not the "My body's crawling with invisible bugs cause I'm a meth head"-itchy
I mean impatient-itchy
Twitchy in your seat,
Bouncing your leg up & down-itchy 
I wanna play with colors
Dance my hand with pigments
And the brush is the waltz partner
Blend & impress
Instead of gridding in graphite--
I hate it
No, not the line art itself
The transposition OF the line art
A study's like a game plan & beta testing combined:
So you don't waste time erasing pencils marks from a canvas
Components compiled & elements align
Til it looks right to the artist's eye--
Well "right" is subjective 
"Right" enough
When the study's done
The transfer begins
Oh Lord, does it bore me
Boredom triggers impatience
Impatience makes sloppy outlines
Sloppy lines that need to be redone
Or procrastination?
I choose procrastination!
But as you're vacuuming the room,
Or shooting at the console 
Or you're stir frying veg,
Or vegging
:iconriazana:Riazana 0 0
I am not you
You are not me
I am human: ordrinary--
By the will of God
Born of flesh & blood
Blood that holds no divinity
You are born of pixels & programming
Lines of code instead of DNA
Polygons pieced like a puzzle by humans:
A labor of either love and/or money
In essence,
My kind are your gods
Digital divinity
How you brave the chasms & the corridors
Labyrinths that either hide treasures to discover 
Or demonic hordes to slay
Abandoned houses that may or may not harbor enemy soldiers
Too do you handle the greater hurdle:
Social interaction
With options of diplomacy or dominance
Controlled by the force you can't see
"Force" being me
But not all choices are mine
I could never be so selfless,
Or power-hungry,
So industrious, business-savvy, 
Magical or mighty
My world is fraught with unpredictable consequence
Unplanned & possibly unplannable
Fate is the programmer but we can't hack the code
From politics to policies,
Breach may mean suicide
I have but
:iconriazana:Riazana 0 0
Gamer's High
My unwinding is not calm
A special breed of formulated chaos
On the digital screen
I crave the hunt
Like a diabetes-inducing sugar rush
Because the kills are sweet
And satisfying
The monitor flashes:
A programmed window
Forecasting flashes of light & visions of moving symbols
The weather is advertising
But I don't care--
You don't care who made it
Point is, it was made
Okay, maybe I'm lying when I say I don't care
Bout the people & their art & their jobs
Long days & sleepy nights
Making sure we don't glitch
Sidestep into an abyss
Or stare at a hot pink & black checkerboard all our long days & sleepy nights--
It's tough.  
Ring, ring
It's the sandman
We all hang up
For our craft,
For our highscores,
For that tanky abomination that refuses to die
And I will not--
I refuse, the way that monster refuses to perish,
To rest until the next checkpoint
"One more chapter," I say
Have said three chapters & a yawn ago
I cut my teeth on mobs
I kis
:iconriazana:Riazana 0 0
Seb by Riazana Seb :iconriazana:Riazana 0 0


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So far, I've only watched Parts 1-4. But picture this:
A Jojo's Bizarre Adventure cast free-for-all Stand-off what have you... except they're divided into factions of their respective seasons (the cast of Phantom Blood vs. Battle Tendency vs. Stardust Crusaders vs. Diamond is Unbreakable)...

Part 2: Grrrr...
Part3: Grrrr....
2: We have gods
3: We have numbers 
2: We have The Ultimate Being
3: We have DIO
1: We have Speedwagon
2: We have best Jojo
3: We have most iconic Jojo
1: EXSCUSE ME? Y'all wouldn't be here if it weren't for us
4: ...


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