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Ma with Jug and Ham by Riazana Ma with Jug and Ham :iconriazana:Riazana 0 0 Status Symbol by Riazana Status Symbol :iconriazana:Riazana 1 0 Dissolve vs The Hanged Woman by Riazana Dissolve vs The Hanged Woman :iconriazana:Riazana 1 0 Dissolve by Riazana Dissolve :iconriazana:Riazana 0 0
Against the Hurricane
Some say
"Forgive a certain zeitgeist
For they know not what is better."
Raised a certain way
By their parents & theirs
Forget forgiveness,
Says I
God gave us
A head to think,
A heart to feel:
Descendants of Eden's guardians,
Shepherds to the herd,
Fishers of men
Charged with purpose
For complex is thought
And empathy beats in your chest
Are you man?
Or are you sheep?
:iconriazana:Riazana 0 0
Conflict Resolution
Drive away the demon
That steals your slumber
With the stories you tell yourself
Tales are songs:
Lullabyes for the self
:iconriazana:Riazana 0 0
To get outta the maze
You might wanna smash some walls
Smash your facepaint too
Why navigate the corridors of erratic standards
When you can tear the tower of patriarchy asunder
:iconriazana:Riazana 0 0
To Our Reborn Sisters
Trade parts of you
Returned as someone else
Reborn by the blade
Baptized in hormones
Grow some hair
Shave some bone
Self-truth obtained?
Still, the journey is long
Questions to any confusion
Answered not by understanding
But by bigotry & disdain
Beaten, berated
Disvalued, disowned
Invalidated, unwanted
Because of your choice
Care for yourself
Then they stop caring for you
“An affront to religion”
But the only affront I see is their hate:
A shame to our faith
It should be love that they spread
Yet the only thing they share
Is rage
With those of us who think you unworthy
Of the title “miss”
Let my words wash out the ire
When I say,
““Us” starts with “u””
One life we only know
So let’s share it
Regardless of mismatched karyograms
No offspring can you carry
No month do you bleed
Yet we both are the children
Of Mary
Of Gaea
Of Eve
Look at the mirror
:iconriazana:Riazana 0 0
An institute of man-made aesthetics
Reinforced with pain
Squish the guts—
Cool the fire with submission
Lasso with arbitrary standards
Then tie the bow twice
Shed it twice:
One for delivery
One for bed time
:iconriazana:Riazana 0 0
The Bougie Life
Y’all like it nude
Y’all like it plain
But when it comes to the legit au naturel
Y’all spit your distaste
For an image of God,
Y’all see the flaws
Yet when we cover up the cracks
You tear new ones some more
“Eyes too heavy with shadow;
Too heavy with bags,
“Lips not plump enough;
Lips too red—like a rash,
Too stubby;
Too thick with mascara,
“Too curly, too kinky, too straight,
Your hair is”
“It’S jUSt An 0pInIOn
It’s the God’s honest truth”
Well our truth is
We don’t give a fuck about you
This lippie’s for me!
The foundation’s for me!
Every trip to the parlor’s for me!
Convene with my sisters at the spa on a Saturday
Come back to the office with warpaint on Monday
Every image refracted,
Every reflection I see,
More & more I get to love me for me
Personality popping
In pigment & digs
Catch me smile at myself f
:iconriazana:Riazana 1 0
Just Like Love Songs
You don't get it
Til it happens to you
But as the bass drops
So does your mood
You crave solitude
From a crowded room
:iconriazana:Riazana 0 0
Do something long enough
You get good at it
Bitch, you thought
:iconriazana:Riazana 0 0
Monopoly On A Relationship
The family seems to love him enough
Build a home
Make it work
Everything's turning out fine
Til you make a mistake
Why you still getting wrong?!
It's been more than a decade
And you still slip-up
You're not supposed to!
Good at only one thing
Good only with him
And yet still so careless
(Thought you were done with this)
Bitch! You thought!
He's passive
You're aggressive:
Two enemies against you
Wanna run away
But can't
Drift away--
Fam won't let you
How can you?
This is all you know 
:iconriazana:Riazana 0 0
Robber's finger on the trigger
"I want your money not your life"
I don't have anything anyway
"Do it," I say
He doesn't
Even when the cops come
What a fucking disappointment
:iconriazana:Riazana 0 0
Nothing Great About It
The party bubbles outside
But all I want to do is sink
Into the mattress 
I guess that's why they call it depression
:iconriazana:Riazana 0 0
A shade chases me in the darkness
The sheets offer plenty comfort;
Little effect
The sun finds us embraced,
The room in a wreckage
From a storm of creativity
What a relationship!
So close yet so toxic
:iconriazana:Riazana 1 0


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