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my phone is broken... drown inside my pocket in water when i go rafting...
no instagram, & whatsup.
line, facebook, twitter, da only by computer.

Devil's Spit is a Firework

The cornered,
the bloody,
the pained,
the hurting beast is the most dangerous;
or so they say.
And i agree..

The bloody rightful of the throne,
The  grotesque, ugly, unsightly crown prince,
ah how unbeautiful you are my dear young master.
You used to be so handsome that your peoples hails you,
compares you, to those Sun God Helios.
But now,
look at you,
nevermind the bruises,
your arm is already disjointed,
a scar is spoiling your once flawless faces,
a teeth or two is missing from your mouth,
ah, but don't worry,
i picked them from where they fall,
they'll always be in my treasure box;
I'll always love you.

But now, keep running my boy,
Keep running my future king,
for if you die tonight,
what a loss our country will had.


And thus the young prince keep running.
Prince Berith,
with his wet hand,
the blood of his father,
the demon king still dripping vast,
not waste an time in giving chase to his brother.

The young prince,
had a gaze full of hatred.
Something never seen until tonight,
but he know better to cherish his life,
for a sweet revenge in the future,
he ran.

Prince Berith shoot ball of fires towards prince Aver,
but he managed to dodge half, albeit the half hit him
leaves a very serious burn.

Prince Aver is very untalented in magic,
but at the very least, his father's blood flow in him,
making him quite robust against magic attack.

The castle is surrounded both from outside and inside,
the surroundings is already full of humans, heroes, and betrayer.
Not even servants in the castle can be trusted.
In this dire situation, he can not trust anyone.
He can only gamble.

The location he is heading is his final hideout,
his research lab.

Prince Berith shoot fireball toward the entrance,
but luckily there's a magic barrier.
the sound of the burning fireball fade into nothingness as it consumed by the door.

Time is not much,
and Prince Aver know this.

And time is really not much.
The protective seal already giving up to the massive power of prince Berith's fireball.

"Just give up, big brother"
"Hand over your life, and I won't let the pain last long"
"You'll die in an instant"

There's no response  from over the door.

Prince's Berith type of magic preference is a direct magic, meaning,
He totally dependent of his own mana, source of magic's power his body capable of holding,
and releasing it while manipulating phenomenon.

So, he doesn't even need a chant to throw a ridiculously hot fireball;
His only concern if will that damage the castle too much.


There's no response.
But faintly there's a murmur heard over the door.

A lowly demon soldier push prince Berith from the door,
and an ice spear stab the soldier, which now stood on the place Prince Berith was.

"Pesky Brother; And a COWARD ONE

Impatient, Prince Berith start kicking the door while throwing lot of fireball.

As Prince Berith like to rely on his raw power, which normally would suffice, he didn't study magic technique enough; hence he didn't know the reason his attack takes time to destroy this seemingly "mere" door.

But after almost hundred attempt, it seems the door is about to give up;

And while smirking and swearing his coward elder brother, he stormed inside the room.

And there's it, his elder brother is already at his last sentences of some ancient forbidden spell he didn't even know the title because he didn't really pay attention in class; btw here's the full last verse.

 Dear Demon God of Eternal Flame,
We've arrived at the last phrase,
Soon it's a time of goodbye.
What else can i offer to you,
The Blood-Stained cloth of a Saint,
The Blood of sacrificed purest mythical beast,
The Unicorn you despised?
The Tears of Sirens in agony for her lover's death,
or what else?
Ah, this locket?
It's a memento from my Mom,
Please let me hold it till i die.
But yes, please take it along with my life.
As the eternity is indifferent,
For my life on this world is of no matter,
for my dear father has gone,
has be dead on the hand of this enemy in front of me.
As the parting gift,
Bring your celebratory flame,
A big banquet of flower of eternal flame.
And may all sinner be purged to where they are born from,
A mere dust on earth,
A beautiful, pure, colorless gray of ashes.
So be it.

Prince Aver said those phrase while standing on a giant magical circle around 5m in diameters, covering the large research room.
For along the phrase, he throw a glass container contain blood to the middle of the circle, a container of waters, and a torn old piece of clothing with blood-stained toward the middle of the circle.
Along the chanting, various magical item in the room start vanishing one by one, as if fueling the magic and the circle is shining and each word prince Aver said only make it brighter, until the last word,
So be it (amen).

Even not listening at all in class, Prince Berith know the dangerous of this spell even though he only start hearing it from "a mere dust on earth", because of the gigantic magical energy gathered. And it's condensed really tight, for this magical energy that filled this 5m^2 room is equal if you measured the amount of magical energy usually found in 5 hectare. That's how condensed and awfully thick smell of magic can be felt on the air. There's no time to stop his brother and he knows this, so he only turn his back from the door and flying, darted along the corridor, quickly as fast as possible to get out from the castle.
And the world covered in flame, incomparable to the scorching heat Prince Berith demonstrated, and it eats everything in sight, Prince Berith, Prince Aver, and everyone near the room, no, maybe the whole castle, the braves, General morSonn Eillon, and yes. Even outside the castle, all demons and humans in nearby area all eaten by the flames. Not concerning whether they're injuries, or even an ally faction of the late demon king, all eaten by the flame. full stop.

If there's anything more to add, it's just a beautiful breath-taking view.
A big bonfire has been lit. It's like it doesn't want to lost to many little campfire around it, those remains of the war. And The whole castle is the candle. It lits the cold winter night, scorching so hot, roasting so wildly like eating not just air, maybe the space and dimension itself swallowed if not ripped as well. Those bluish colour of the sky along with those freezing white breath accompanied by a warm big firework, isn't that nice. And, as if those sinner doesn't accept it, still clinging to life, the fire dancing as if their soul resisting purgatory, writhing in pain, screaming endless madness. Ah how beautiful, living beings clinging to life.

Ah, sorry, but it's a lie. Like an unfunny joke forced to be thrown to the audience, the fire turns out to be just a light. A beautiful scorching flame that is beautiful, but there's no heat at all, if there's anything you feel, it's the cold of the winter breeze, this impotent fire has no purpose except a relief for all living beings engulfed in it. The demons start to fall on their knees and start crying. The Weeps and cries getting louder and louder. Indiscernible, no one knows anymore who's won and lost in the previous rebellion. All faction in this war to dethrone the demon kings all cries their heart out. Even all humans soldier cries as well, all adult start to drop out their purest tears out of relief, for they are allowed to live longer.

Let alone died, no one even scratched by this fire which turn out to be no more than a show. What a premature spell; So after all, it's only a firework. Or so thought Prince Berith. The relieved but not crying prince Berith suddenly had a thought on his mind, and when he checked research's room, Prince Aver had gone. He gone along with all the braves.



Rian Wirata
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