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SP Sketch 11 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Every week over at the Stock*Pile Work Blog [link] ~jessemunoz, ~GreenSkyZero, ~kansatron, and myself sketch a pre-determined subject. This week Jesse chose the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Even as a kid I was never a fan of the Ninja Turtles. I was a Ghostbusters guy all the way (and still am). The first live-action movie is kind of fun and I own a few issues of the comics because they were drawn by Richard Corben or have covers by `mooncalfe, but that's the extent of my Turtle-tude. Still, the Turtles do fancy action moves, so I had no qualms drawing Donatello vaulting through the air to kick someone in the face. If I'm being honest, I just pretended I was drawing a deformed Jackie Chan the entire time. Enjoy.

For more ruminations on this piece and lots more art from the entire Stock*Pile crew, check out our blog here: [link]
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great rendition, man!!! pretty good for never having drawn them. :tmnt1:
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Thanks, Ross! I think the toughest thing for me was getting around the fact that it would be so hard for them to move with that hard shell on their torso. It almost looks like a segmented cushion the way I drew it. So illogical... ;)
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some artists stylize the shell and plastron (the segmented front part) and have them move like flesh or whatever, i do that a little in my drawings. the shell parts are also kind of squishy in the movies and those guys move just fine, so i imagine it like that.

did you read Glory #24? did you spot the secret cameo???
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HOLY SHIT!!! :wow: That's awesome! I totally didn't see him hiding back there when I read the book! That is so cool, Ross! Man-Gull is surely 10x as popular as he was before just due to subliminal messaging thanks to you and Glory. cool...
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glad you dig it, man!!! i had to sit on that one for a while since i drew that issue last year, i didn't want to spoil it.
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Wow, that's commitment! Yeah, it's way cool to see him in an actual comic that more than 100 people have read.
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