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hahaha..i got my drafting table a few days before Ondoy struck the yeah, my parents gave it to me and i just wanted to take a photo of it..

haha..this pic's actually the time where i finished my plates..WHICH's a little more organized than when i'm working..hahaha

that's my pink (blinding) laptop at the upper speakers..can't live w/o them..though my family's kinda complaining abt the noisy music i play on it..hahaha..and of effin plates..and yes..don't u dare tell me how crappy it is..i already know it..:rofl:

oh and i forgot to credit :iconacidicglamour:!! the painting in the upper right corner..i used one of her pics as reference! =D..go check out her gallery ;)

much love :blowkiss:
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and your work:worship:
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hahaha i'm in adver ust too...i don't have a drafting table and i use our dining table...naloloka nanay ko pag gumgwa aq ng plate ang kalat ko daw hahaha so aun nshare ko lang!! UST-ADVERTISING STUDENT ROCKS!!! XD
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Anu ung black thingy over there? yun b ung effin board?
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ma i ask how you preserve your art work? and are u in studying art as a career?
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yup..i study advertising arts! im in my first year in college :D not using anything actually to preserve my artwork as of the moment :)
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I wish you the best in you art studies =D
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thank u so much ur such a sweetie! :glomp:
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your welcome ^____^
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yes..and arthist..hahaha :rofl:
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sino arthist niyo? :?
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si sir castillo..kayo? =D
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si ma'am ronidel :)
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cool, i'm impossibly fond of finding out how artists' work areas look like XD
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well..this is actually the time where im starting to clean up so that's not even half of the things i put on my work desk..hahaha..sometimes i even lose a thing or two on my work desk..its like my own personal forest..hahaha :lmao:
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ah, artists are messy... i tell that to my mum everytime she berates me ... lol
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omg! we do the same thing! hahaha..believe me, a day wudnt be complete without my mom complaining how messy my place is..haha :lmao:
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lol, it's the best explanation and it's true, too! :pat: hehehe
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bwahahaha..crafffeeh work!! :rofl:
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Nice drafting table :D

Sadyang parte ng buhay artist ang magulong mga gamit sa table :slow:
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hahaha..oo nga e..d maintindihan ni nanay yun.. :rofl:
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Tama, maitindihan nila yan haha :D
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