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curvaceous, contagious
easy smiles
each gesture of the day
flicks a quick flash
so soft and comes before thought
left-over smiles
they laughed at their friends
and still had the last creases
when they faced you
hidden smiles
peeking behind clutched hands
curling in spite
of courtesy
broken smiles
the corners waver slowly
and who can decipher
the melancholy drenched grin
:iconrialovesfanfic:rialovesfanfic 1 0
nightfallen flurry
the silken soft branches
holding up the star-laiden
                                      s k y
crisp breaths form clouds
smattering, carving the cold
                                     l i g h t
the cheese-shaker flakes
shielding earth from filtered
                                      t i m e
:iconrialovesfanfic:rialovesfanfic 6 6
she left with my heart in hand
        g e n t l y                                                                                                                   

            ever so gently                                                                                                        

:iconrialovesfanfic:rialovesfanfic 5 6
Sing softly unto me 
So that my ears
May accept that which
You lie and decieve
Persuade and convince 
Me I want to
Understand how you
Think and it seems
The only way in
Is through your net
Of inscrutable 
Falsehoods and facades
If I invest
My life within
Your vault deep
Undiscovered dark
Secrets furnished
Posh and luxurious
You have made
Yourself quite comfortable
:iconrialovesfanfic:rialovesfanfic 6 0
Mature content
light flickers, hope falters :iconrialovesfanfic:rialovesfanfic 3 0
like leaves, but violently
Liquid fear
Flooding through
My veins
Suck in air
:iconrialovesfanfic:rialovesfanfic 5 2
her shampoo smells better in my hair
than it did in the hospital room 
but the wilted flowers could be blamed for that
my mother wishes I would take care of
the bouquet left on the table
I wish she would want me to take care
of myself but her empathy drained
through that floor five weeks ago
in her crocodile tears
:iconrialovesfanfic:rialovesfanfic 5 2
i won't drink poison to kill you
I forgive you
at first because it is what I have been told to do
I forgive you
because I need to let my hatred go
I forgive you
even though I don't feel like I can and I most certainly don't want to
I forgive you
not because you deserve it but neither do I 
I forgive you
because I'm choking on my unforgiveness and my reluctance
I forgive you
even if I can't look you in the eyes yet
I forgive you
and I understand why at least a tiny bit
I forgive you
because we are both human and we all fail sometimes
I forgive you
the blame is not all yours, however I may see it
I forgive you
I forgive you
I forgive you
not all at once, maybe, one finger at a time, I unclench
  I let go on piece at a time
each release of air back into the atmosphere
is one 'I forgive you'
until I can breath easy
:iconrialovesfanfic:rialovesfanfic 5 4
I walk as a cliché
lets trace the unseen line
between original and unofficial copywrite
I'll grab the words
before they leave your mouth
and after they've been heard
the six hundredth time
I walk as a cliché
unmoving movement
I stand in a box
as the half light leaves
left alone I try to
listen to my thoughts
and hear naught but static
:iconrialovesfanfic:rialovesfanfic 6 0
The great white stillness
The great blank emptiness
Word hungry
The silence awaits
Its last moments
Patient and pleading
Come and speak
Teach me all
Grasp letters and fling ferociously
Pound syllables and sentences
Into the still quaking slumber
Rest no more
Silence fractured
Splinters far and few
Noise cracking eardrums 
And words words words
Letters built into sounds
Sounds into meaning
I convey unto you
Truth and lies indesipherable
Break me
Beat me
Obliterate me
The silence begs
Who am I to tell it no?
:iconrialovesfanfic:rialovesfanfic 8 5
1) redoubtable= formidable; valiant
2) obduracy= stubbornness; persistence
    obnixely= earnestly; strenuously
3) bathysmal= of, like or pertaining to the depths of the ocean
    bibliognost =well-read individual; person with wide knowledge of books
    boanerges= skilled orator with powerful voice
4) empyreal =of, like or pertaining to heaven; sublime; skyward
    engastrimyth= ventriloquist
    engram =lasting effect on memory
    eutrapely =wit, ease and urbanity of conversation
5) recherché= carefully chosen, rare or exotic
    radular= coarse; scraping; raspy
    resplendent= splendid; brilliant; dazzling; colorful and shiny.
    risible= provoking or arousing laughter; ludicrous; laughable.
    raison d'e^tre= a reason for existing
6) tactual =of, like or pertaining to or derived from the sense of touch
:iconrialovesfanfic:rialovesfanfic 4 6
Mature content
you are not my sister :iconrialovesfanfic:rialovesfanfic 5 26
high on her soft sigh
her breath falls
invoking invigorating waves
over my skin
shivers up my spine
spreads my scalp open
infects the very membrane
and my thoughts 
swiftly poisoned
become jumbled
a side effect of
my favorite drug
:iconrialovesfanfic:rialovesfanfic 7 4
Mature content
carnivously polite :iconrialovesfanfic:rialovesfanfic 7 6
Mature content
dominion :iconrialovesfanfic:rialovesfanfic 6 13
    the words eager
            wait, anxious
        to be of use
      to linger strong in memories weak
    to expose the dastardly
  to lift the corners of lips
to provoke action and inspiration
let your words impart 
wisdom crucial
whispers uplifting
wishes truest
what will your tongue
          your words
       your power
   bring to this day
:iconrialovesfanfic:rialovesfanfic 8 13


Seeking Solace (Contest Entry)
(Benny x Reader)
The car was definitely above the speed-limit as you drove along the highway, but that didn't matter at all. You were just hoping it wasn't already too late. When you’d heard of Dean’s decision to break off any contact with Benny you hadn't hesitated: Without a second thought you’d jumped into your old pick-up truck and drove off to help your friend. How the hell could Dean leave the Vampire alone when he needed him most? Of course you understood the reasons for his decision, but that didn't mean you had to play along with it. On the contrary, you’d thrown some pretty ugly insults at Dean, which you regretted now that your head was no longer clouded with rage. But you were too proud to apologize.
You always had a soft spot for Benny, from the moment you met him until now. Well, not exactly the moment you met him. That was impossible, seeing that he was a Vampire. Of course you’d had your prejudices, but his southern charm had quickly pulled
:iconpunkrockpancake:punkrockpancake 27 22
Need a hero (BennyXReader)
There are places, especially in the bigger cities, where the inhuman gather. Bars and dives created just for monsters - or the odd human who knew and wanted to join. Tucked away into back alleys, or hidden out in abandoned sections of the city, these places were more numerous than you'd ever imagined. You hadn't even realized they were real until you started poking around. Your sister had gone missing a few days ago, and she had been infatuated by the idea of vampires (you blamed dumb things like Twilight). You hadn't thought much about it at first, until you'd found her diary and found all kids of information about the shadowy world you hadn't even known existed.
That was what brought you to an old warehouse by the docks. According to what you'd found, there was a bar for monsters hidden in the old warehouses. You had to find out if any of the people in there had any idea of where your sister had gone while there was still time. If there was still time. You gripped the strap of a mess
:iconfire-gemron:Fire-Gemron 40 13
don't plan to [akaashi keiji]
don’t plan to-akaashi keiji x reader
It didn’t exactly get in your head- the fact that Akaashi Keiji, Fukurodani’s setter, had asked you out. He didn’t kiss you or whatever- in fact, the two of you had never kissed before- just stood there, a blushing mess as he asked you to be his girlfriend.
It had happened quite some time ago- now, you were standing by the court, watching the match between Fukorodani and Karasuno on their week long training camp,  watching Akaashi as he played, occasionally looking to Karasuno’s side to watch them play. You weren’t the Manager of the team- but why not tag along and help, too?
The minute Bokuto went emo, you started laughing, and Akaashi’s reaction only caused you to laugh some more. You’d known Bokuto for years- and even come across a few times when he went to emo mode. And those times never failed to crack you up.
I mean, who wouldn’t laugh when the spiky, hyper guy bent down and swung his
:iconitsaliasotaku:itsaliasotaku 113 8
[iwaizumi hajime] over the castle on the hill
title: over the castle on the hill
words: 6,000+
warnings: underage drinking, tobacco use, profanity
please don't read if these themes make you uncomfortable !!


when i was six years old i broke my leg
i was running from my brother and his friends
and tasted the sweet perfume of the mountain grass i rolled down

It wasn’t a castle — but you liked to believe it was.
It was a pile of rocks haphazardly molded into a messy pile on top of the grassy knoll down the road from the backyard of your grandparents’ country home. Your brother Tooru and his friends claimed it as their own, making a fortress out of gravel and loosely strewn twigs and patches of earth.
They are all the most terrifying ragtag bunch 8-year olds you’ve ever seen: Tooru with his front teeth peeking from his gums and lips curled into a permanent smirk; Kuroo and Bokuto, two boys with wild hair and peeling bandaids that could’ve been brothers had you not known better; Daichi
:iconohsehvn:ohsehvn 37 4
[iwaizumi hajime] out of your mind
title: out of your mind
characters: iwaizumi hajime, fem!reader [name]
words: 6,000+
warning: profanity, alcohol consumption, lengthy ((sorry))
Appointment: September 18, 1:30 PM
Iwaizumi Hajime
Date of Birth: June 10th
Gender: Male
- Young man infatuated with envisioning a figment of someone nonexistent.
- May need to seek medical attention if condition is diagnosed as mild case of schizophrenia.
His palms clasp together atop his lap, bronze fingers twisting in fatigued strains and uneasy collisions of calloused skin. His eyes dart back and forth from each item in the room - yellow, flimsy pages on the desk by the window, ancient coffee stains inscribed on the cracked veneer, and parched succulents under the dust of a never-opened glass window protruding the wall to his right. The veins in his neck twitch as quickly as the toes in his shoes.
The older man across from him notices his wariness. The elder, with skin of worn down leather and engraved wrinkles from sessions o
:iconohsehvn:ohsehvn 185 72
simple things | levi
Modern AU
You loved the simple things.
Like the scent of coffee brewing at five in the morning filling your nose in the bedroom, the aroma strong enough to reach you from beneath the confines of your bed and rouse you from sleep. Like how he’d instantly melt in the embrace you never failed to wrap around his frame, stopping him from making your coffee and his, and how he’d turn around to look you in the eyes with something just so full of love you would never be capable of comprehending. How there would always be the smallest of smiles on his lips, calloused palm pressed to your cheek as he ignored your morning breath and messy bed hair and lack of clothing and kissed the sleepiness out of your overworked body.
You loved the simple things.
Like the soft kisses that would caress your neck while you were curled up in his lean arms, back pressed to his strong frame as you sipped on your coffee and tilted his own mug to his lips
:iconatashi9205:Atashi9205 18 3
Honey Veins (Benny Lafitte X Reader)
“Benny!” Y/n whispered pressing her nose to the frozen window. “Benny look.”
There was no answer. The girl tore her eyes away from the snow-covered forest in front of her and looked around the room. Benny was strewn across the floor in front of the fireplace, sound asleep.
She smirked and turned back to the window. Her smile spread as she muttered. “It stopped. The snow stopped.”
Sam, Dean, Benny, and Y/n had been staying in a rundown cabin while they hunted a Wendigo deep in the woods of Maine. Actually, ‘Cabin’ wasn’t the right word. It was more of a shack. No heating or electricity, only blankets and a fireplace. They were lucky to have pluming.
Hunting a Wendigo in winter was the best possible time to hunt that particular breed of monster. They were almost always hibernating. The element of surprise was key. However, hunting in Maine in the dead of winter was not the best idea.
The plan was for Sam and Dean to go out (armed to t
:icond0gss:d0gss 118 6
Lucky To Love You (Sugawara Koushi x Reader)
Soulmate AU: Soulmates can feel each other's emotions
Burying your face in your hands, you slid to the floor, releasing the tears you'd kept hidden all day.
'Why? Why is it like this?'
You knew he'd be coming soon- there was no way he couldn't feel what you were feeling right now- but for now, you just wanted to be alone, free to release your sorrows without someone there to share the pain.
'Why is someone like you stuck with someone like me?'
In this world, everyone had a soulmate, a single person out of billions who was meant to be yours. Until you actually met your soulmate, the bond that connected your emotions remained dormant, a missing piece not yet found. When you did meet your soulmate...there wasn't any other experience in the world like it.
For lack of better words, it was simply overwhelming.
You had no idea what you'd done to be so lucky as to have Sugawara Koushi, Karasuno's beloved vice-captain, as your soulmate. When you me
:iconlordsister:LordSister 33 11
Requests (Celebrating 700+ Watchers) {Closed}
I promised that I would re-open requests aND I PROMISE THAT I HAVE PLANS TO FINISH THE ONES THAT I HAVENT and all other fics that I owe people. 
Excuses: School, not being organized, lazy, school, sick, etc 
Now on to the more important part..
If you fail to adhere to the rules, I will not reply to your comment. 

~ Canon x Reader fics only. No Canon x Canon, Canon x OC, OC x OC, or OC x Reader
~ No three-ways, only Canon x Reader 
~ I have the right to reject requests, although I hope I will not have to
~ Please be patient with me, all fics should be returned by the end of this year (including ones that are way over due) 
~ First come first serve (Pieces will be uploaded in order of slots.)
~ One request per person
~ You have to be watching me. This is
:iconmythiica:Mythiica 5 42
[kuroo tetsurou] you look like bad news
title: you look like bad news
characters: kuroo tetsurou, you
words: 2,000+
warning: light profanity, triggers of sexual assault (though not much)
He was the kind of boy your parents warned you about.
He certainly didn’t look dangerous - but with that dark, unruly hair and lecherous glint in his eyes - you weren’t exactly subtle in trying to avoid his sharp glares that seemed to creep and settle into the crevices of your skin.
You had never seen him in any of your classes despite sharing the same school uniform (granted, his was much more disheveled) but he looked about your age. He would occasionally wear a large, red jacket around his clothes with white letters displaying "Nekoma" on the back. He was extremely tall, and could loom over you with much ease. However, he seemed to favor sitting on the seats by the window of the train, often with a shorter boy with flamboyant, dyed blonde hair.
It was rare for you to see him alone at times or even appear at the subway you took
:iconohsehvn:ohsehvn 366 51
bus ride | levi
Modern AU
The soft beat of your favorite song thumped in your ears as you stepped onto the bus. You stood by the sliding bus door for a few moments, scanning for any empty seats. You felt like sitting alone today.
A chipper pair of friends bumped into you, and the more polite of the two apologetically smiled at you. Her mouth moved in what you read as ‘sorry.’ You flashed her a small smile before moving along as well, sliding into an empty seat near the back of the bus. Chocolate and sandwich wrappers crunched beneath your feet as you made your way into the seat, and a small, green lump of something stuck to the seat in front of you jiggled as the bus crossed several bumps in the road.
Ignoring it, you pulled your phone out, typing your password in before tapping the Webtoon app, excited to read another episode of your favorite webtoon. You crossed your legs and grabbed a homemade sandwich from inside your bag, unwrapping the warm
:iconatashi9205:Atashi9205 38 13
Haikyuu!! Kisses (Oikawa x Reader)
Tooru Oikawa was laying on his back on his couch, staring vacantly at the ceiling. He was thinking of a certain someone again; about the way you moved your fingers to gently soothe your neck after sitting at your desk all day, the way you laughed when you thought no one was looking that charmed him so, and most of all, the way you couldn't be bothered to put up with the showy side of him. Only a few of his closest friends saw through that façade of his, but you had been able to spot it from the start.
He liked it. No. He loved that about you.
True. At first, he had hated that about you. It was too much like himself. He didn't like not being the most observant person in the room.
He generally portrayed himself in a way that made him popular, and he did have a lot of those traits, but he turned to that even when there were times he would have acted much differently if no one was around. He put on airs that he deserved to be the most popular person
:iconthatgingahninja:ThatGingahNinja 870 151
In Matrimony | Jean Kirstein + Bertholdt Hoover
[Jean Kirstein x Reader x Bertholdt Hoover]
[Modern!Soulmate!AU where, when soulmates kiss, both their bodies glow]
When you kissed me, your body brightened but, whenever you’re with him, it’s your eyes that sparkle.
I was an impulsive idiot at the time we first met each other - a teenager with hormones all over the place who heard “she’s pretty” in his head once and couldn’t stop a puppy-love infatuation forming shortly afterwards. In retrospect, I should have stepped back the moment I felt myself getting too close, but boys going through puberty don’t have that kind of common sense. We’re animal-like. We live off something we call love, but that’s more of a casual lust. (I speak only for myself though - you probably like Bertholdt so much just because he never followed that same pattern.)
I fucked up with you and me. Fate had designed us to be together. First, there was the whole opposites attract thing. I’m pr
:iconjustabrokenspirit:JustABrokenSpirit 19 5
Underestimation [Levi | Cadet! Reader | Drabble]
"Good morning, sir." You greeted politely with a smile, knowing there was a fat chance you'd actually get acknowledged by the passing superior.
"Hello, (Y/N)." The male your greeting was directed to returned despite the fact both his hands were full of papers and his eyes were glued to the words on the pages. He hadn't even looked up but he made the effort to address you as he usually would when other people weren't around. However, he didn't feel the need to stop and chat with you furthermore.
"Do you need help, Corporal?" You inquired shyly, seeing as he was approaching the closed door of the mess hall and lacking the opportunity (and free hands) to open it. Not to mention the fact he could've hardly noticed it with his eyes still on the paperwork he was carrying.
"Not that I know of, cadet." Even though he said that he still didn't seem to have acknowledged the existence of the wooden obstacle standing in his way. Worst case scenario he'd actually walk through it and the door would
:iconstilemawillow:StilemaWillow 22 4
Reader x Levi - AU!Mr. Ackerman P10 (Finale)
Reader x Levi - AU!Mr. Ackerman P10
Title: Mr. Ackerman (Finale)
Fandom: Attack on Titan
Character: Levi Ackerman
Genre: AU!, Series
Warnings: Strong language, violent themes
Intended Gender Audience: Female audience
Other comments:FINALLY IM DONE IM FREE DOBBY IS FREEEEEEE BITCHES yeah this is a lot shorter than i wanted it to be by 2 bad this is more of the ribbon to the present
You congratulate Eren as he turns in his final. He is the last student to finish, so now you are finished with the school year. After collecting your things, you walk out of the large gym and catch up with Levi. He holds out his hand for you while you smile happily at him.
         Levi had explained to you what happened;
         He knew you had become a target, so he called Erwin for a favour. Erwin, in turn, called a man named Nile who worked for the government – specifically a section that deal
:iconmythiica:Mythiica 12 3
Scotland x Reader: Drunken Misunderstandings
Allistor Kirkland
(Language and stuff - you're drunk and angry so there's a fair bit of swearing.)
Lively chatter and playful banter filled the little pub. Everywhere you looked there were groups of people laughing, but not the one person you were searching for. He should have been difficult to miss; a tall and well-built man with a head of fiery orange wasn’t exactly inconspicuous, especially when he was drunk. Finally you resigned yourself to the fact that Allistor hadn’t turned up. Ordering another drink with a short nod to the bartender, you sighed and muttered to yourself.
“Happy birthday __________.” With a half-hearted smile, you downed the alcoholic beverage in one.
It took a moment for the clock to come into focus, but you soon realised that you’d been alone at the bar for a little over two hours. That wasn’t to say that it hadn’t been your choice to remain alone. There had been a couple of offers, you recalled, from some de
:iconinsanityvixen:InsanityVixen 688 52



easy smiles
each gesture of the day
flicks a quick flash
so soft and comes before thought

left-over smiles
they laughed at their friends
and still had the last creases
when they faced you

hidden smiles
peeking behind clutched hands
curling in spite
of courtesy

broken smiles
the corners waver slowly
and who can decipher
the melancholy drenched grin
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