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            I need you
            I need you
            or do I desire
            the idea
            of what I thought
            we had
            I miss you
            I miss you
            but do I want
            to try and
            attempt to survive
            withdrawals again
            I love you
            I love you
            so I will forgive
            even though
            I can only bear
            that m
:iconrialovesfanfic:rialovesfanfic 4 4
whom i wish to know
your smell lingers in the room
so that when i close my eyes
i still feel you there
i imagine your smiles and puns
i hear you laugh
i miss you
i miss you
i miss you
the smell permeates my nostrils
eyes water
i'm not crying
my eyes are sweating
the fragrance dissipates
and you aren't there
:iconrialovesfanfic:rialovesfanfic 9 4
someone should take
their label makers away
but more importantly
the harsh little stereotypes
sticky residue
rather permanent
fully detrimental
we are more
than the sum
of our limbs
and guts and words
they write words
make my head spin
make my head ache
the words
they linger on 
my skin
trembling fingers
wash them away
sudsy tears
make for good 
replace them
:iconrialovesfanfic:rialovesfanfic 5 4
let's be done with us
I'm sick of tears
Sorrow filled with regret
And a glance over a shoulder
A fire rages
Amoung the ruins
Of the past happiness
Rage could be fueled
And burn ever brighter
Than the glint
In shed and unshed tears
I could roar and crash
Fan further
Fly higher
The smoulders quicken
At the mere
Thought of all
The havoc that will
Be wreaked
But salty water
Will keep embers
Damp for
A few days more
:iconrialovesfanfic:rialovesfanfic 5 0
can't slick the words with honey
Poets we find
A thousand and ten ways
To write stars and love and heartbrake
With body words of circulatory systems
The cacaphony of the morning
Accentuating the stillness of a blank
And early night
But I cannot fit into that two-letter 'we'
I cannot be the poet I want to be
Because I cannot find more than twenty-four ways
To compare my loved ones 
To empty rooms and dust and flowers
I cannot be the poet I want to be
For I am past the ages that we compose unsung lyrics
Most earnestly toward
Of desperation and classes and summer
I cannot be the poet I want to be
Because I fall asleep long before these mystic filled minutes
Before dawn when the world
Slumbers and minds are restless
I cannot be the poet I want to be
For I do not drink romanticized alcohol and will never smoke
And yes, I do believe in God
That people are good first
I cannot be the poet I want to be
Because I have found joy and I have people that will always
Take a second to listen
And I know that I am not alone
I cann
:iconrialovesfanfic:rialovesfanfic 8 14
what have we become?
everything meant to be as it ever was and will ever be
you and I were once as the stars and the night    
only separated by the death-filled light of the blasted sun
not to be not to be    
you and I were once as the sand and the sea     
only disconnected by the supernatural pull of the moon 
everything meant to be as it ever was and will ever be  
you and I were once as the eyes and their sight      
only devastated by the blind masked world's hatred of vision
not to be not to be     
you and I were once as the lock and the key                        
only isolated by the gears and turning of time and changing rust 
everything meant to be as it ever was and will ever be    
you and I were once as the stars and the night    
only sep
:iconrialovesfanfic:rialovesfanfic 7 2
falling out of belief
Once upon a time
There was a girl
Who was fascinated
By the concept of
}True love{
A love p u r e
And beautiful
And long-lasting
With each new step
And lesson
Of life, she saw
Her brother's
Heart get dismantled
Over and over
Again ~and~ again
She watched him
Reassemble it
And try again
So valiant and
She stopped believing in a love that was p u r e
The girl heard
Her parents fight
And scream
Far into the
Wee hours of the morning
Ending with
|Slammed| doors
And loneliness
And weeping
Try again
She stopped believing in a love that was beautiful
What could be 
True LOVE in
A world wreaked
With lies?
What could be
P u r e in
A world so filthy?
What could be
Beautiful in
A world ruined
With hate?
Forget true love, she had a difficult time believing in love at all
But she met
A young man
Who's smile
Oh golly that smile
His laugh shook his shoulders
And his voice shook her heart
And the b l
:iconrialovesfanfic:rialovesfanfic 14 11
Mature content
seraph :iconrialovesfanfic:rialovesfanfic 6 6
it's too early to be this late
Drinking in used air
The clock blinks back
Calculatingly pulling the night
Out from under me
Pictures full of
Daisies chains curls
An emptiness carved
In my cavernous memory
From your lightly sprinkled
Set me afire that I may
Turn these regrets to ashes
And dust and thus gritty
Forgiveness and forgetting
I bid
A bitter farewell
:iconrialovesfanfic:rialovesfanfic 7 0
they handed me the ticket to tomorrow
we sing anthems to the stars
and fear the depth of the earth
shout about life
laugh at death
we write unto the truest love
and scream as wracked with hate
the passion and vivaciousness
of youth
ledge brink lip
of adulthood
bidding farewell
to summers and growing into the next size shoes
they tell us to let go of our dreams [foolish]
our dreams
stepping stones to faith and hope
bridges to cross the abyss of doubt
ladders to breach the 'limit' of the sky
aging aches down deep in our bones
and surfaces in tears and anguish
bitter and reluctant
we let our pasts go
for each other and ourselves
and the kids we used to be
the joy and eagerness
of youth
edge last grasp
of childhood
shyly welcoming
the daunting and inevitable future
they tell us to keep our chin up [have courage] 
:iconrialovesfanfic:rialovesfanfic 6 0
Mature content
drink me :iconrialovesfanfic:rialovesfanfic 6 2
alas, she felt no more
sing a happy song
to those whom l o v e betrayed
to those whom l i f e abandoned
the melody turns melancholy
bitterness bites the song off the tongue
voice cracks breaks
its pieces fall
the dirt takes hold
from this silenced song-whisperer's
anthem unmemorable
blooms a rose
:iconrialovesfanfic:rialovesfanfic 7 2
I can't forget the future
What do you want to be?
Want want
Desire as empty
As the space
The wishing stars
Try to fill with hope
They fail
What do you want to be
When you grow up?
I want to be young
Forever a child
Except the infinite 
Would corrode my finite mind
I just want to hold on
To innocence and happiness
One day longer please
A child optimistic
And believing in true love
Sunbeams between black lashes
What do you want to be 
When you grow up?
I hope to grow old
Wisdom dripping with
Each painstakingly thoughtful
Rasping word for
A long lifetime of adventures
Heros and days of salvation
In my rear view mirror
To be there for those 
Who need me
To be able to help them
Who do you want to be?
I want to wear my own skin and still smile
I want to make my five year old self proud
I want to dance into raising cresendos arms poised high
Chest choking in air legs trembling face cracking wide
I want to be my best
Where do you want to go?
I want to travel through time and space and emotions
I want to
:iconrialovesfanfic:rialovesfanfic 11 2
lab's lasting effects
add a little air and repress all the noxious substances
squeeze them out until you bubble over
breathe out
life like an old biology experiment
on the brink of a test
life like your face fractured beauty
that only those unloving can truly see
sorry but its last night's last truth
have you ever been boiled?
never been boiled?
:iconrialovesfanfic:rialovesfanfic 3 0
old souls can't breathe
I can't seem to remember whether you are alive or dead
your skin was always gray
hanging like I did on your lip-synched secrets
hands unmoving heart unbeating
the stillness holds the world silent 
breathe please
I want to remember that you are alive and that you believe
your child will always succeed
changing and overcoming your deathly doubt
hands unmoving heart unbeating
the silence holds time hostage
breathe please
:iconrialovesfanfic:rialovesfanfic 7 2
hold the idea of me
                I just wish
                you would hold 
                me deep
                inside your
            you would
            brush long
            your hand
            and speak
            of poetry
            and words
        how they
        can be
        and so 
        fall far apart
:iconrialovesfanfic:rialovesfanfic 7 2


Sam x Reader - The Lie
    He died quietly in the night. He hadn’t been suffering much – or so he said – and aside from the progressive weakness, bouts of pain, and a bit of blood when he coughed, it didn’t look like he was, but he never looked as peaceful as he did the morning you found him. You and Sam both knew it was coming, but it still stunned you when it actually happened. The world got very quiet and has stayed that way, but nobody cried. Dean wouldn’t have wanted that. Per hunter tradition, you burned the body in a place away from any other people. Others attended, a handful of hunters who had worked with and respected Dean, and the ceremony is silent and muddied by rain. The ride home is silent save for the sound of the windshield wipers holding the water at bay, and Sam sits behind the wheel this time, this time and from now on.
    Traffic is slow going in the downpour, and when you finally break off to the road that will take
:iconsophisticated-angel:Sophisticated-Angel 6 0
Help Me - Connor x Reader
"You lied to me," Her LED had turned a deep red. Tears streamed down her face. "You said they wouldn't hurt me and you lied! You lied to me! You lied to me!"
Connor stood before and broken down and dishevelled android. Her left forearm had been torn from the elbow, exposing the wires and circuits. Blood blood dripped from her mouth and her bicep. Her right leg was ruined. It had been twisted in ways that weren't natural for anyone - human or android.
"I'm sorry." Were the only words that fell from the android detective's lips.
"Liar," Her voice began to glitch. It became higher and lower within seconds, but she had no control over it. It felt like static from a broken television. "You're a liar."
"I had to complete my mission," Connor explains. He couldn't help but feel a small pain in his chest as he watched the android on the floor. "And I always complete my mission."
"You used me!" She screams. "You betrayed me! You told me you would protect me!"
He crouches down in front her. She g
:iconpandaexperience:PandaExperience 33 15
Happy Now? - Connor x Reader
"I don't think she likes me."
"Who doesn't like you, sweetie?"
"Bella. She doesn't come near me and never interacts with me."
The woman, in the middle of washing her dishes, sighs.
It wasn't uncommon occurrence for the android detective to be in her home. Ever since she had befriended Connor and her partner Hank, the two of them had made themselves at home in her apartment. Today was slightly different as Hank had demanded a few days alone and left her to deal with the android.
And today, Connor was trying his damn hardest to befriend her cat. Who he had met numerous times before and was heartbroken any time she didn't go near him or fled from him.
She exits her kitchen and is greeted to the scene of Connor leaning against the arm of her couch, his hand reaching out her black cat who was cautiously sniffing the android's hand. His LED was flickering yellow.
She folds her arms across her chest.
"Remember, Connor," She says. "Bella is just a very cautious and anxious cat. It will take he
:iconpandaexperience:PandaExperience 25 1
Stand Down - Connor x Reader - Part II
The ride home from work the day before was rather soothing. Connor gushed over his new car. She could tell from the light in his eyes, artificial or not she wasn't sure, that he was extremely proud of himself. He was like a teenager that had just passed his driving test.
She was incredibly thankful towards the android. If it hadn't been for his offer it would have cost her only god knows what to get back to her temporary apartment.
Before arriving in work that morning she was considering the ways that she could thank him. She couldn't buy him cakes or anything like that, he was an android he didn't eat or drink. She wasn't entirely sure what she could do for him.
She beamed a smile at the receptionists. They smiled back, giving her a warm good morning.
She didn't even have the chance to clock in, however, when she spotted Gavin already giving Connor a hard time. She couldn't make out what he was saying to him but she could see Connor's LED shinning red.
Sighing, she makes her way over
:iconpandaexperience:PandaExperience 19 5
Stand Down - Connor x Reader - Part I
Winter had passed not long ago along with Christmas and the New Year. Even thought it had been several months since the android revolution the work was nowhere near completed.
Some androids were still struggling to gain citizenship. Others were still choosing to discriminate against them, even going as far as attacking them. Androids weren't allowed to adopt or marry at this point, but gaining free will was the first step.
Markus was attending more meetings during the week than he could count. Kara, Alice and Luther had managed to cross the border into Canada and were living happily in a small apartment together - and had managed to adopt a dog after Alice pleading for one for several months.
Connor was completely consumed by work, along with everyone else in the precinct. The workload felt like it was never ending.
Processing every android in the city wasn't a simple task - no matter how many times someone tried to say it was, it wasn't. Obviously, with Connor being an android he neve
:iconpandaexperience:PandaExperience 26 2
Radioactive (Peter Parker x Reader)
“Why? Why would you do that?” You screamed at Peter as you held him close attempting to put pressure on his fresh wound.
“I couldn’t let him get to you” He mumbled shifting his position in the rubble.
“I could’ve handled myself” You yelled more in fear than actual anger.
You couldn’t blame Peter all that much. If you saw Thanos and his alien goons heading towards him you would’ve sprung into action too. Normally you’d be over analyzing the situation wondering if Peter coming to your aide meant he liked you. This time you were far too concerned to even have the slightest thought of your schoolgirl crush on your mind.
One of the aliens had plunged his ugly claws right into Peter’s chest. Blood was pouring out of the wound and Peter’s breath was ragged and forced. You had to do something quickly; he had lost a lot of blood.
“Peter you have to stand for me. I can’t carry you” You said brushing a
:iconcaptainpeggy40:CaptainPeggy40 16 3
[Love is Blind - Soulmate AU]
[Tsukishima Kei x Blind!Reader]
soulmate AU in which you are colorblind until you meet your soulmate.
There was always something wrong with you. In a world full of love and words of finding the one you were destined to be with by the way it affected your sight, you always felt left out by it. It hasn't always been like this for you; you used to have perfect sight. However, when you were younger an accident left your right eye blind, and your left eye was going blind from a disease.
Hope for you finding your destined one was dwindling for you. He'd have to be the one to tell you of the color shift, and you'd have to trust that he wasn't lying to you. The thought of never being able to see color sent you into a deep depression until you had met him.
Tsukishima Kei was your soulmate, and for the first time since you had started going blind in your good eye, you were so happy you cried. Around you, the front gate of the school and the sunset gained shades you could have
:iconsolluxwantsme:SolluxWantsMe 9 2
I-G-G-Y | Drunk!England x Reader
“HEY (NAME)! LET’S DO SOME KARAOKE!” Alfred yelled, literally blowing out your eardrum.
“OW, DAMMIT!” You clapped a hand over your ear and glared at one of your best friends. “I know it’s loud in here, but you don’t have to scream, for fuck’s sake!”
Alfred just grinned and grabbed your hand. “C’mon, (Nickname), it’ll be fun~!”
“Karaoke? With you? Hell no!” You pulled your arm out of his grip, choosing instead to look past the clumps of partying countries and into the kitchen, where Lovino, Mathias, and Arthur were getting drunk off their arses. You sighed. “Why is it when you host a party at Arthur’s house, you always make sure to put out enough wine for Arthur to get bloody drunk off of?”  
Alfred adjusted his glasses and shrugged. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he said innocently. But you could see his lips t
:iconxxsilveretterosexx:xXSilveretteRoseXx 875 452
Calling Dibs [Librarian! Levi | Reader|Modern AU!]
I make my way to the entrance of the building and go up the stairs as fast as possible since I am pretty much aware I'll be late. Well, not that I can be late for a library, but around two years ago I set myself a schedule to follow and I am falling behind right now.
I quickly gulp down half the contents of the carton cup I'm clutching in my hold as I stop inbetween floors to take a breath. The hot liquid burns by tongue and I am sure it will leave it numb for the next few hours, but since I can't bring beverages or food in the library I have to drink it now or get it poured all over my head as I am being kicked out for the day.
I know better than to choose the latter.
And since today has already been bad enough I really don't want for it to become even worse by not letting me see my beloved librarian.
Yeah, you totally heard me, I've got the hots for the librarian of the local library.
I resume my sprint up the stairs and finally find myself i
:iconstilemawillow:StilemaWillow 61 16
Levi x Reader - Shackles [Soulmate!AU] Part 7
(AU Note: For maximum effect, listen to this)
Descending the cliff proved to be a much more difficult journey than we expected, eating away what little sunlight time we had left. Thankfully, the bright lamps of the town shone like a beacon in the approaching darkness of the night. Eager to take shelter, we urged our horses along. The tired beasts broke into a fast trot until we reached the edge of the town, where we then dismounted.
It was a quaint little place bustling with activity, although not quite as much as what I was used to in the capital. Shops stretched down on both sides of the cobbled pathway, each of them brightly lit to show off their wares. Merchants called out to passersby, advertising their goods.
As we walked down the street, both of us had our eyes on different things. Li Wai was on the lookout for any soldiers and an inn for us to spend the night
:iconwindmeister8:WindMeister8 16 15
I want to know...(Tsukishima Kei x Reader)
'I want to know what you’re thinking, what keeps you up at night, why you act the way you do, why you do the things you do, what you look like when you smile, what you look like when you’re in love, I want to know everything but I'm the only one you won't let in.'
You sighed for thousandth time that day and finished jotting down your confession. The words your heart bottled up and spilled all over the piece of paper. There was only one thing in your way to reaching enlightenment. Your old friend and everyone's worst enemy.
Tsukishima Kei.
There was always an air of understanding that surrounded the two of you. However, the longer it took for your nerves to relax, the tenser and more constricting that air seemed to become. You were in love with Tsukishima, but it seemed that was only a star, so far but you could still see it so clearly.
The notebook closed around your fingers and it was your worst fear that anyone would find it. You'd spend whole class periods scribbling in
:iconx-xkarix-x:x-XKariX-x 19 3
Favorite hero (Kirishima x GN!Reader)
Pairing:Kirishima Eijiro x Reader
Fandom: My Hero Academia
Event: Mysterious Camping Partner
Partner: LordSister
Gender: Neutral
    Long, rows of pines and oaks stood at the side of the empty highway you and your parents were currently traveling on. The scenery was calm and soothing, but your anxiety rose the further you went. Your mom flopped her fish-like bottom half as she held a large map in her hands. She pointed at a route marked in red as your giant, anthropomorphic shark father looked over occasionally to see where her dainty hands dragged. He would nod occasionally but then look back to the road. A huge, sharp, toothy smile lined his face.
    “Are you excited pup? This is your first summer camp!” He let out a boisterous laugh. Your mother giggled and nodded.
    “They almost didn’t make the cut! You’re lucky you just turned 10 (Name),” your mother’s voice
:iconwritingtheinserts:WritingTheInserts 17 8
. of sunshines and kisses | Oikawa Tooru
The sun glittered through the window in three sharp rays. [Name] raised her hand to shield her eyes. Her eyes fluttered open as she turned from her side to her back, pulling the blanket up to her chin to keep the warmth in. She stared at the plain roof for a long moment before looking beside her, to the source of the soft breathing. His eyes looked a little puffy and his lips rubbed together subconsciously. He looked absolutely peaceful and her heart ached to touch his cheek. She sighed happily as she turned again in the bed to face him, her arm resting on top of the covers.
“Tooru,” [Name] called him softly as she brushed his face with her fingers, feeling his stubble graze the tips. His eyes fluttered but he didn’t wake up, instead he licked his lips. “Tooru,” she tried a little louder. She smiled when his hand came up from beneath the blanket. He placed his hand over the top of hers, holding it against his rough but warm skin. He licked his lips again a
:iconangelicinferno:AngelicInferno 25 16
Contest Winners
Holy shit, guys. Out of all the contests I've hosted, this was definitely the most difficult one to judge. There wasn't an entry that I didn't absolutely adore. It took a few days to read through all the entries and narrow down the five that I loved the most and rank them accordingly, but I think I finally managed to do it. So without further ado, here are our winners:
First Place
JustABrokenSpirit with We Were Villains | Tendou Satori
I knew before I even started reading this that it was going to break my heart, and that it did. I never even knew a monster!au existed before this fic and you made such a wonderful decision in choosing Satori to use for a fic such as this one. He isn't a character I see many people write for and your writing has made me fall even more in love with him. Characters aside, I especially love how you incorporated the idea that ev
:iconwords-of-fate:Words-Of-Fate 4 22
Denmark x Reader - a Viking Woman [FINAL]
''What are you looking at ?'' You muttered nonchalantly.
At the sound of your voice, the ears of the animal perked up. Its snout shuddered as its eyes and pupils grew slightly larger. Strangely enough, it was like it had recognized you. You did recall saving a fluffy creature from drowning about a year and a half ago. It was a female, just old enough to be weaned. You had entrusted a beautiful tradeswoman (you always had trouble remembering her name) with the small ball of fur. You sometimes wondered if it had found a loving owner - here in Scandinavia, few people considered dogs as pets. Vikings used the most robust ones to drag the sleighs, possibly growing attached to them.
You stared at the creature before you more intently. Thick, black and white fur. Nothing extraordinary. Glancing at the carcass of your diner, the dog squealed and licked its chops. Its tail was whipping the air furiously, already excited at the thought of an incoming snack. You lifted the greasy skeleton to
:iconhel-iron:Hel-Iron 138 35
Australia x Reader - Ellinjaa Falls
You were stubbornly glaring at his tanned nape, his tousled mop of dark chocolate hair. Chris had mentioned a nearby, secret corner of paradise. Nearby. You puffed your cheeks at the thought of him pronouncing these words. His thick Autralian accent would make any lie credible. Or perhaps he really did think your destination wasn't that far, that the trek you were going through was a mere little stroll. Slicking some sweaty (h/c) hair off your forehead, you gauged him. His feet seemed to carry his heavy ranger boots with ease, his shoulders rolling nonchalantly under the fabric of his clothes. Every single one of his muscles was toned yet relaxed, while you were struggling with brief cramps for now, lingering aches tomorrow. It was purely upsetting.
Your mouth was drier than the outback, you felt as if your tongue had morphed into an old mass of plasticine. You swallowed your own saliva, hoping it would somehow rehydrate you. The process took you so much effort and concentration
:iconhel-iron:Hel-Iron 35 7



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