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I figured it's been what, three years? since the last time I posted anything.  I blame school. Fret not, there's nothing of any real substance here, either.  Just a note saying I'll be back in Fanime's AA come Friday, at table 213 with Hellmaster05 and Jigoku-Schuldich

.........Be prepared for lots of Kamen Rider and Arashi.  And maybe even way too much time spent drawing stupid Zhong Ji (KO1, X-Family, KO3guo) fanart, because that trilogy has started owning my life again.

.........and now back to the literal drawing board and thinly-veiled fanart for my drawing final tomorrow, orz (It doesn't count as fanart if I'm only using actors as models for an illustration based on a scene from a book. Right? RIGHT?)
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So I figure updating this thing once a year can't be all *that* hard >_>

I'm done with cons for the year (until Yaoicon rolls around) thanks to work, but I had a blast and met a lot of awesome new people at ACEN and Fanime.  Things are being things, livers were destroyed, and lots of stupid pictures were taken.

But. Yeah. The main point of this post is to attempt to get rid of some prints and other various merch I have left over from the past two Fanimes and Yaoicon. Also commissions, since  I need both a new heatsink fan and video card for my computer lest it blow up on me >_>


If you want something, either note me or pop me an email @ kamioakira@gmail-dot-com with the following information:

1-What you want (2 TWEWY prints, Niou keychain)
2-Payment method (Paypal, money order, or cash in USD at your own risk)

I'll confirm your order and send you all pertinent information ASAP. Items will not be shipped until payment is received, and it may take me a few days to ship after payment. You will be notified when your items have shipped.

Please note that all prices include shipping.


Some of these are emergency Kinkos prints, others were professionally printed on photo paper.  Prints marked with an asterisk (*) are Kinkos prints.

TWEWY - 7 Days :: 4x6 ($2), 8x12 ($4) (glossy finish)
Tenipuri - You're a winner :: 4x6 ($2) (glossy finish)
Tenipuri - Holiday 2006 :: 4x6 ($2) (Matte finish) Text not on actual print.
Tenipuri - Hay thar* :: 8.5x11 ($2)
Gundam Wing - Holiday 2006 :: 4x6 ($2) (matte finish) Text not on actual print.
Bleach - Holiday 2006 :: 4x6 ($2) (glossy finish) Text not on actual print.
Tenipuri - Kamio/An* :: 8.5x11 ($2)
Tenipuri - Mori/Uchimura* :: 8.5x11 ($2)
Tenipuri - Kirihara (and his butt)* :: 8.5x11 ($2)
Gundam 00 - Allelujah/Tieria :: 4x6 ($2) (matte finish)
Gundam 00 - Lockon&Haro* :: 8.5x11 ($2)
Gundam 00 - Allelujah/Hallelujah* :: 8.5x11 ($2)
Gundam 00 - Sumeragi* :: 8.5x11 ($2)

Stickers are printed on regular sticker paper from an inkjet printer. They are about 2.5 inches in diameter and are $.75 each.

Gundam Wing: Duo + Heero + Wufei
Tenipuri: Niou & Kirihara
Bleach: (no sticker-image available, but it's the same image as the Bleach print up there)

Chibi Keychains/Cellphone straps:

Keychains vary in size, but are generally about 2 inches tall. Printed on cardstock and laminated. Comes with a cellphone-strap style fastener in your choice of colour (black, seafoam green, or blue). If you do not choose a colour, black is the default. Keychains are $1 each or 5 for $4.

Tenipuri: Kamio, Kirihara, Niou, Renji, Saeki, Yuuta.
Gundam 00: Allelujah, Setsuna, Lockon & Haro, Tieria, Sumeragi.
Final Fantasy VII:Advent Children: Reno, Kadaj
Whistle!: Mizuno, Shige

Extra keychain-ness: If you don't see a character you like, you can commission me to do a chibi keychain featuring the character of your choice for $2 shipped. Just shoot me an email or note and ask :) Custom keychains will be done on Bristol paper using ink and copic markers.


Bookmarks are $1 each. Size is roughly 2x7 inches, they are printed on thick cardstock and laminated.

Tenipuri: Kamio, Shinji, Tachibana, Hanamura


To get the ball rolling, quick & dirty colour pencil commissions, as my computer is on the verge of death. Since I'm stupidly anal about coloured pencils it takes me a *long* time to do them, so I think I'm being fair in asking $10 for a single character w/ a simple background shipped. If you want more characters or a more complex background, it can be arranged, but it will cost more.

SAMPLES: WIP crapscan Neku, Jackal & Bunta, Kamio-kun~.

I'll do pretty much anything game/anime/manga-wise, but I'd prefer to stay away from animals since I kind of really fail at them. If I'm unfamiliar with the subject you want, I'll ask you to provide some decent reference images.

If interested, pop me an email or note me with the following information:

-email address
-payment method (Paypal, money order, or cash in USD AT YOUR OWN RISK)
-Detailed description of what you want. ("I want Neku fanboying Hanekoma with hearts and stars and shoujo bubbles at WildKat while Joshua gives him dirty looks from behind the counter" as opposed to "Draw me Spock.").  Be as descriptive as you want, but keep in mind to leave a bit of room for artistic license ^_~

Once we've gotten everything sorted out, I'll send you any pertinent information and get started.

THINGS TO NOTE: I very, very rarely do initial sketches/lineart for colour pencil works. I just start colouring. If for some reason what I do turns out to be the exact opposite of what you want, I'll re-do it once, for free. If you want to see lineart before I start colouring away, please make note of it so I can actually do said lineart first. Either way, full payment is required before I send you anything but a low-res scan or photo.


...Wow, this got stupidly long @_@

Work List

5up3rPh15h : Hetalia: Baltic states & Slavic countries

berylcrazy: Apocripha/0: Beryl/Alex
berylcrazy: Apocripha/0: Ruby/Beryl
berylcrazy: Apocripha/0: Ruby/Beryl

Colour pencils;
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Just as the title says.


WE ARE GUNDAM is an English-language Gundam 00 doujinshi anthology I'm participating in this year, featuring works from artists all over the world.

Price: $10 pickup, $16 shipped worldwide
Available: July 3, 2008. Pre-orders now available, book(s) can be picked up at Anime Expo in Los Angeles or mailed afterwards.
The anthology will be roughly 100 pages in A5 size, colour covers with b&w comics & pinup art. It will be an all-ages doujinshi featuring all characters, genres, and pairings.

For more information and pre-order info, please check the website. geijutsuya.net/anthology.html

Any help pimping out this project would be greatly appreciated! If you are attending a convention between now and Anime Expo and would like to help us spread the word, feel free to download this flyer, print it out, and pass it out!  PDF is an 8x10 and is designed to fit two flyers on an 8.5x11 page.


Commissions: OPEN.
Trades: Only with friends, sorry.
Requests: Only with friends, sorry.
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Oh, hi, DevArt journal, long time no see!

Birthday happened in January, am now 22. Go me?  And thank you for 8000+ hits and watches/faves, you guys~~

Fanime! Coming too soon oh god D:

At any rate, will be in the Artist Alley this year with :iconjigoku-schuldich:  Fun times will be had.  Am not doing any new costumes this year for Fanime. Just don't have the time (or money ;_; )  Will be needing to do some stuff for these "popular" series I keep hearing about (Why are my only fandoms either Tenipuri or things that are completely obscure and/or unloved by the world in general?)

Not having a working tablet is going to make things *very* difficult for me, but Sasu is a doll and hooked me up with more Copics a few weeks ago, so now at least I actually have a decent range of colours XD;

Um. Anyway. Keep an eye out for some Gundam 00 (Lockon is good porn) stuff. And maybe some (more) Bleach and maybe even Death Note.  I am not hip to most of these things. D:


Commissions: OPEN.
Trades: Only with friends, sorry.
Requests: Only with friends, sorry.
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Was pretty chillax~ Didn't do much but dick around and uh take retarded pictures and walk around a lot, but I had a Moff and a Roll and therefore life was beautiful.


Moff's -> Hereeee. Full of misc. Kingdom Hearts and random tennis.

Roll's! -> Part 1 (Mostly Rikkai D1 crack (Cannons!) + some NiouKiri love + Snowe emoing for his lost ship) and 2 (more Rikkai D1 crack, Niou & Yagyuu found the Gay & Lesbian section in Barnes & Noble, Niou loves his fishie, blahblah etc).

Plotting for next year happening already >_> May or may not AA next year, undecided but AX will probably be out of the question if it is indeed in downtown LA next year, har >_>

In other news:  Tablet is dead. More accurately, stylus is dead.  Mouse works just fine, stylus is like... lol no I won't do anything. Battery has been swapped numerous times and no go. Time to get a new one. (Anyone want to commission for a traditional piece so I can get a new one? 8D)

Bro is wanting me for his pit crew at his races. Possible monies? 8D I mean, aside from the fact I have no idea what half the parts are called, I can take apart his bike and put it all back together again just fine >_> <- thinking really he just wants someone to drive home (ignoring the fact I only have a driver's permit and his truck freaks me out, it's huge and powerful D: ) if he breaks himself and keep him company on the trip >> (plus I guess it'd make his wife feel better that he's not going out to these things alone when she can't make it).

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