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  • Listening to: WHJ - Yu Zhou Wu Di Chao Ren Xing Nan Peng You
  • Reading: Stephen King - Everything's Eventual
  • Watching: Zhong Ji Yi Jia
  • Playing: Final Fantasy III DS
  • Eating: Peanut butter fudge
  • Drinking: coffeeeeeeeeeeee
I figured it's been what, three years? since the last time I posted anything.  I blame school. Fret not, there's nothing of any real substance here, either.  Just a note saying I'll be back in Fanime's AA come Friday, at table 213 with Hellmaster05 and Jigoku-Schuldich

.........Be prepared for lots of Kamen Rider and Arashi.  And maybe even way too much time spent drawing stupid Zhong Ji (KO1, X-Family, KO3guo) fanart, because that trilogy has started owning my life again.

.........and now back to the literal drawing board and thinly-veiled fanart for my drawing final tomorrow, orz (It doesn't count as fanart if I'm only using actors as models for an illustration based on a scene from a book. Right? RIGHT?)
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May 23, 2012


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