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TWEWY :: 7 days

Really I just wanted to try stuff in this style, and what better subjects than Beat & Rhyme (<3!). This is actually version 2, as the original lineart ended up making friends with a box of copics and prismacolor markers. 8D But it looks like crap (ew ink smudges :() so it doesn't get to be put up.

This. Took for-freaking-ever, because my inking sucks. I decided to just try vectoring all the lineart. Took forever, but am fond of the result. :D Also I hate cel shading so it's a big sloppy mess. yeay!

Bito "Beat" Daisukenojo & Bito "Rhyme" Raimu // Subarashiki Kono Sekai: It's a Wonderful World (The World Ends With You)
Square-Enix & Jupiter own all.
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Beat Beat Beat !!!!!!!
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Wow Nori this is so cool!
My friend composed the music to this game :D
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<3 heee they look cute (even though I have no idea who the fuck they are) but yeah--nice and clean <3