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Leftover commission from Fanime for ~vandonovan, featuring the ever-awesome Char Aznable and Garma Zabi. The request was basically a younger, academy-age-ish Char napping on Garma on a couch. Rolled with the idea that while not technically yet officers, they still got their (slightly less-so-than-usual) snappy uniforms, and rolled with the ever present Gundam truth: the higher your rank/more badass you are, the more bling your uniform has. Thus, pre-total-badassery ;)

I was really pleased to get this commission (particularly by teen!Gohan ;)), because it's been so damn long since I've done any Gundam stuff, and I missed doing Gundams. That, and I think the last time I did anything for the original Gundam was somewhere back in the 90's, so it's long gone.

....I miss doing mech drawings :|

This thing has so many layers of so many colours I don't even know where to begin, haha. The back of the paper is almost as saturated with ink as the front. >.>

Copic sketch markers, multiliners, and a little bit of white acrylic paint on 70g copic marker paper.

The Red Comet and his punk-ass lackey belong to Bandai/Sunrise/those crazy Gundam folks.
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Anyway, thank you. It's nice to see a Char/Garma fanart out there that is cute and casual. :lol:
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Char loved Garma so much, he stood by an let him die. LOL
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True love is being essentially the direct cause of someone's death!
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Any Gohan that asks for OG Gundam is awesome in my book 8D
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Also, I totally have this scene in my head where they did this same sort of thing when they were little and all Casval Deikun and baby Garma, so I may have to draw a companion piece similar to it when they're like... four and five respectively now, ahahahaha.

(Also, Char's book title is epic. Just FYI.)
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OH god hahaha. That would kind of be crazy awesome. Possibly with crayons drawing the mask that will eventually become synonymous with Char. "LOOK WHAT I DREW DADDY" "...That's nice, son, now go play with your weird little friend."

(One part "I freaking love that book" and one part "cheap throwback to Gundam Wing". Also I will let you in on a secret: The full title of the book Garma's reading is "Idiot's Guide to Zeon: Become a Greencoat, not a Redshirt". I tend to pick on the characters I like. Hurrr.)
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Hahahaha, I was wondering if you'd picked a title for what Garma was reading, too. i recently drew a Zabi-Deikun family portrait, so now I've got all sorts of weird kid fic ideas floating around in my head. (Including somehow adorable-terrifying kid!Gihren.) Not sure how I'd do Char's mask-foreshadowing, but IT COULD HAPPEN, ahahaha. We shall see. :D

Also, I suppose a Gohan drawing Gundamwing makes sense. 0079, on the other hand . . .
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I have it alllll thought out, man. I think the big one on the table is some sort of anti-Earth war propaganda. The smaller one may involve the words "See", "Spot", and "Run. Or it's an abridged mechanical dictionary. You pick.

There needs to be more kidfic in the world. Kidfic in just about any fandom makes me stupidly happy.

The truth is out: Gohan is secretly a fan of the mech genre. Except he reads the manga versions and hides them in his textbooks. The Chichi-beast may be none-the-wiser to his scheme.
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Ahahaha, you might enjoy this fic then? Also my friend is writing a Zeon and Federation swim fic AU where they're all kids and on a swim team together. It's amazing (and explains one of my recent drawings). I'd link you, but it's on her flocked livejournal. I'm not a huge fan of kidfic actually, but I've started to appreciate it more. It especially helps when it's canon or semi-canon, like we know Char knew the Zabis as a kid, and that he and Garma later went to the academy together, etc. so it's easy to write canonical kidfic there if you're so inclined. XD

"See Spot Run" was probably a gift from Gihren. My friend and I joke that when Gihren was six, Degwin got him a book for "gifted six-year-olds" that was basically the equivalent of "See Spot Run" to him. (He's canonically got an IQ of 240, so. We figure he was getting his first PhD by six, not merely "gifted," hahaha.) But as a result he assumes his siblings are all pretty much idiots, Dozle and Garma especially. So I can totally see him buying Garma a book at his reading level, ha. (That was entirely too much nerd ramble, sorry.)

I could totally see Gohan as a fan of mecha, and I could see him empathizing with the Gundam kids too since pretty much in every series most of them were young and forced to fight for other people against their will. (Just like him! But he was even younger! It really trips me out when I think that Cell Era Gohan is the same age as Al in 0080. Poor Gohan.) But yes, Chichi would probably have nooooo idea. Possibly for the better.
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I would sincerely like to know if there are more Gohans out there requesting MSG art. :D
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I'm sure some exist! My personal Gohan once made me draw her some Gundam Wing...
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