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Cosplay :: Uta no Oniisan



So at some point a few months back, I said "Hey, Kyra! Let's do Uta no Oniisan for Fanime!" Being the Ohno-ho she is, she totally agreed to be the Kenta to my Mamoru in my hare-brained singing-children's-show-host shenanigans. And life was good.

Patterns for the overalls were basically completely fudged off a pattern for slacks I had lying around, and the hat patterns were absolutely fudged in our hotel room/my artist alley table at Fanime. Seriously. Kenta's hat was finished at like 2am on Sunday in our hotel room while half drunk (and it's the better looking of the two >.>)

Thanks to a massive delay with fabric getting to me (the patterned fabric for our hats/scarves, and the rainbow stuff for the pants were custom printed and the place ended up getting seriously backlogged), I ended up just not having enough time to be able to make the pattern and send it to her and have her still be able to have time to make hers. That being said, I somehow managed to, between work and final exams, slam a pattern together and get both of them more-or-less finished save adjustments and a few minor things the day we left for the con. Naturally this meant my sewing machine came with me and I set myself up a little sewing corner in our hotel room, ha.

However! Credit shall be given where it is due:

To ~lostnyanko, for being so kind as to sit on my couch watching the My Girl drama (and possibly throwing things in rage at the adorable) and painting all the dots on our awesome bibs while I cursed and yelled angrily at my sewing machine from the other room.

To ~Asaphira, for whipping up some quick-and-dirty nametag prints for me to turn into actual nametags and for us to proudly wear (and also for stealing Kyra's camera long enough to take this photo ^_~)

And of course to Kyra who puts up with my shenanigans (and found our shoes).

As absurd as these outfits are, I had a lot of fun making them and we had a lot of fun wearing them XD I think next time I *will* make her sing Omocha no Cha Cha Cha with me, though >.>

(P.S. Kenta and Mamoru will soon be coming to a Yaoi-con near you! <3)
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I cannot even begin to describe how happy this picture makes me. Your outfits came out AMAZINGLY well. What fabric did you use? To me it looks like a felt... or maybe... a finer fleece? I dunno, anyway, it looks REALLY good and exactly the fabric used in the show! Great job!