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My Bio
Firo totally enjoys Midori Sours.

Current Residence: Clearlake & Santa Rosa, California
Favourite genre of music: Punk/Jrock/Jpop/metal/Oi/Ska
Favourite photographer: Kei
Operating System: Windows XP Pro, Mac OSX Tiger
MP3 player of choice: Winamp
Wallpaper of choice: Kiribits :3
Skin of choice: Morikubo :3
Favourite cartoon character: Omi, Nagi, Kirihara, Kamio, Shinji, Niou, Youhei, Kouhei, Kisarazu Ryou, Kisarazu Atsushi, Hiyoshi

Favourite Visual Artist
Daft, Brynn, Tabby, Chaco, Bunny
Favourite Movies
American History X, Romper Stomper, A Clockwork Orange
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Suzuki Chihiro, Morikubo Shoutarou, Purutabu to Kan, Iceman, The Seeker, Tsunami Bomb, Resilience
Favourite Writers
Ebby, Rue, Rae, Belle
Favourite Games
Apocripha/0, Final Fantasy 5-8, Silver Chaos
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop 6/7, OpenCanvas, Colored Pencils, oil pastels, watercolors, acrylic, whatever's handy
Other Interests
I love the mansex. Tennis no Oujisama/Fullmetal Alchemist/Weiss Kreuz

Oh hai DA

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I figured it's been what, three years? since the last time I posted anything.  I blame school. Fret not, there's nothing of any real substance here, either.  Just a note saying I'll be back in Fanime's AA come Friday, at table 213 with Hellmaster05 (https://www.deviantart.com/hellmaster05) and Jigoku-Schuldich (https://www.deviantart.com/jigoku-schuldich) .........Be prepared for lots of Kamen Rider and Arashi.  And maybe even way too much time spent drawing stupid Zhong Ji (KO1, X-Family, KO3guo) fanart, because that trilogy has started owning my life again. .........and now back to the literal drawing board and thinly-veiled fanart for my drawing final tomorrow, orz (It doesn't count as fanart if I'm only using act
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So I figure updating this thing once a year can't be all *that* hard >_> I'm done with cons for the year (until Yaoicon rolls around) thanks to work, but I had a blast and met a lot of awesome new people at ACEN and Fanime.  Things are being things, livers were destroyed, and lots of stupid pictures were taken. But. Yeah. The main point of this post is to attempt to get rid of some prints and other various merch I have left over from the past two Fanimes and Yaoicon. Also commissions, since  I need both a new heatsink fan and video card for my computer lest it blow up on me >_> ...ANYWAY. THE EPIC "NORI HAS WAY TOO MANY LEFTOVERS AND NOT
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Just as the title says. WE ARE GUNDAM WE ARE GUNDAM is an English-language Gundam 00 doujinshi anthology I'm participating in this year, featuring works from artists all over the world. Price: $10 pickup, $16 shipped worldwide Available: July 3, 2008. Pre-orders now available, book(s) can be picked up at Anime Expo in Los Angeles or mailed afterwards. The anthology will be roughly 100 pages in A5 size, colour covers with b&w comics & pinup art. It will be an all-ages doujinshi featuring all characters, genres, and pairings. For more information and pre-order info, please check the website. http://geijutsuya.net/anthology.html Any help
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Happy bday, hon! :squee: :party:
Norriii! :happybounce: I finally found you!

:cough: Sorry about that.

Anyways, glad to see you're doing well! Not sure you remember me or not, but I met with you and your cosplay partner a year or so ago at an ACEN where I served as your photographer. =D I had lots of fun doing photoshoots with you two!!

Just I thought I'd stop by to say hi, so... Hi! :wave: Take care, darling!
How could I forget our adorable photographer who puts up with all of our shenanigans? We were sad neither of us could make it to ACen this year, but alas, school and funds are evil.

And have no fear; the frequency at which I actually update this thing is ...not very high XD;
Were you creeping on me in my sleep again ;A;