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Snake On A Stick by rhyth-la Snake On A Stick :iconrhyth-la:rhyth-la 0 1 canadian summer by rhyth-la canadian summer :iconrhyth-la:rhyth-la 2 0 wiener dog by rhyth-la wiener dog :iconrhyth-la:rhyth-la 0 0 simple. by rhyth-la simple. :iconrhyth-la:rhyth-la 1 0 canadian girl by rhyth-la canadian girl :iconrhyth-la:rhyth-la 1 3 rhyth-laverse by rhyth-la rhyth-laverse :iconrhyth-la:rhyth-la 1 2
january rain
do you remember
that walk in the rain
in january,
in canada?
unheard of.)
the bitter cold
our breath mingling 
rising as one
into the frigid midnight air
(you held my hand,
because it was going numb.)
how we laughed and talked
about a forever
that would never become
for it was as impossible
as a lasting january rain
ice falling,
with tremendous force.
your friend lent me
his cowboy hat.)
did you know
i was miserable
wanted to turn around
(so naive,
i thought your love
would lend me it's warmth.)
i should have known then
we were destined to 
fall like 
the january rain.
:iconrhyth-la:rhyth-la 3 0
do you know?
does it ever hit you, out of the blue?
the question that rings loud in our hearts, 
how much are we loved?
and do you know the answer?
because it's really incredible.
it makes me weep, late at night.
i tremble in awe.  
when it hits me, really hits me...
then i am overcome.
i am so loved, 
He died for me, to know salvation.
to know true love, 
so that one day i might conquer death.
do you know how loved you are?
because i do.  and i pray that one day
you will know it too.
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colours fade by rhyth-la colours fade :iconrhyth-la:rhyth-la 1 0
Hello all, glad you're (hopefully) here!!  I have writing muse (so, so much) but I have some serious focus problems.  So, I need some help.
Which of the following sounds more hopeful/ cool/ readable?
*  STORY - Group of children with medically-induced powers fighting a system where they are all locked away together following war.  PLOT POINTS - One handsome love triangle.  One tragic Cinderella story.  A couple of heartbreaking deaths.
* SCRIPT - A girl set up in an arranged marriage in the near future is sent to a ritzy hotel/ cafe to meet her to-be-husband.  Only when she arrives, she finds the place to be the location of mass suicides.  PLOT POINTS - Forced love.  True love.  Death (lots of it).  A new world where the value of life is disregarded.
Because I've been working on them both for a very long time, and I can't decide which one to actually sit down and work through first.  And I need to prioritiz
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IN THE FALL by rhyth-la IN THE FALL :iconrhyth-la:rhyth-la 2 1
thirty three
i have 
thirty three
strong ones.
they live in my closet, 
tucked away quietly;
until the nighttime falls
when they awaken.
then they whisper,
they haunt.
they tell me 
that with 
thirty three
of them, all in
the same room...
... i could easily
end it all.
never thought
i'd be poppin'
but then, 
here we are.
:iconrhyth-la:rhyth-la 0 0
a shadow
i guess i want
to be noticed.
but no one dares
to look my way.
:iconrhyth-la:rhyth-la 2 2
depression - emotional series pt 2
like a quiet tide on the 
undiscovered beach
waves crash 
they ebb
waves crash
they ebb
all the while
the great, bustling world 
moves on in great splendor
uninterested, unaware.
waves crash
they ebb
inside of me
the tide rises
the pressure builds
my heart breaks
as they crash and they slam, 
as if against the cliffside.
i didn't ask for this.
i never thought i would drown inside myself. i never once imagined, as a child, that i would turn out this way.  i thought i would be beautiful, free, happy & lively.  how could you know, right?  how could you ever guess that one day you would wake up inside an invariable black hole of self-loathing and disgust.  it's like the world around you has turned to ash; everything a monotonous grey, slowly sifting away in the winds of dawn, and as the sun will rise, you will find yourself drowning in the ashen dust.  and slowly, slowly, the choking mass of swirling charcoal turn
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anxiety - emotional series pt 1
it's a quiet sort of conquest, 
when fear, apprehension & dread all meet.
when it begins, there's only a nervous pulsing
running through your veins, out of control
like you might be sort of drunk.
but then the beast wakens inside of you, 
like a hive of angry hornets, stirring in their nest.
they are alive inside you, jostling in your stomach, 
stinging & knotting within.  
they fly upwards-- your heart begins to pound madly, 
for it's being crowded, pressed in upon by the horror 
that is the mass of furious hornets.
they fly up upwards-- your throat closes off,
you're choking on your own words, finding breath is 
nearly impossible.  
they fly upwards--  spots that are their whirring bodies
break your vision into unfamiliar shapes.
things grow dark suddenly, you fight them but it seems only
a matter of time until you are overcome.
there's a buzzing in your veins, 
they fly wherever they want now.
and as
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burkley by rhyth-la burkley :iconrhyth-la:rhyth-la 4 4


Girl With Wavy Hair by harmonygate29 Girl With Wavy Hair :iconharmonygate29:harmonygate29 1 0 The City of the Mountains by M8A1 The City of the Mountains :iconm8a1:M8A1 5 0 Daisy Field by copper9lives Daisy Field :iconcopper9lives:copper9lives 3 2 Rocket 2 by recipeforhaight Rocket 2 :iconrecipeforhaight:recipeforhaight 32 3 Purple Mountain Majesty by copper9lives Purple Mountain Majesty :iconcopper9lives:copper9lives 16 4 Best hunter in the jungle by multirajnesh Best hunter in the jungle :iconmultirajnesh:multirajnesh 10 0 Landscape speedpaint by multirajnesh Landscape speedpaint :iconmultirajnesh:multirajnesh 1 0 Pantano by multirajnesh Pantano :iconmultirajnesh:multirajnesh 36 9 underground painting by multirajnesh underground painting :iconmultirajnesh:multirajnesh 16 0 Saleiontae by aaron-hackmann Saleiontae :iconaaron-hackmann:aaron-hackmann 27 4 Paulina by fotomartinez Paulina :iconfotomartinez:fotomartinez 7 0 Palomino Stallion 9 by How-You-Remind-Me Palomino Stallion 9 :iconhow-you-remind-me:How-You-Remind-Me 6 0 Memphis Stock 1 by Znonymous Memphis Stock 1 :iconznonymous:Znonymous 1 0 Cut out 1 by zeeplease Cut out 1 :iconzeeplease:zeeplease 45 6 Piastr by Vikarus Piastr :iconvikarus:Vikarus 454 71
OMG.  I read a tumblr thing.  Asking if you ever wondered what genderbent you would look like.

And now I'm wondering.

And wondering kills me.



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