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So it finally dawned on me to start putting some of the #100dayproject pieces here on dA as well as posting to my Instagram and Facebook art pages.  Like.. duh!

So I've dumped a nice selection of the better pieces here.  It's been fun so far to try figuring out new ways to draw these lacey vines and I'd already been using this design/technique/motif in my art prior to starting the project, but I wanted to see what I could do if I worked through something for such an extended period.  I'm enjoying myself so far, so that's always good.
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So I rarely do these kinds of things, but I was tagged by my friend :iconishxallxgood: and feel like doing this one.  Besides, it makes me look like I'm active on my journal, lol!


1. Write the rules
2. Answer the 13 questions made by the person who tag you, and make your own 13 questions
3. Tag 13 deviants. And I mean ONLY 13!
4. Make sure that they know that they are tagged
5. Don't say "You're tagged if you read this..."
6. It is forbidden to not tag anyone
7. Tag backs are allowed
8. If you're lazy, do it in the comments of this journal
9. You don't have to accept a tag if you don't want to

~:iconpiratehero3:'s QUESTIONS:~
1. When was the last time you laughed? If you want to tell, why?
Chatting with ishy earlier today.  She keeps me entertained on Messenger while I'm at work.
2. What pet would you like to have?
Right now I have a Carolina Dog named Jasper.  He's a rescue we adopted from the local shelter.  My favorite dog is a Golden Retriever though and we've had two of them (Orion and Cayman).
3. Have you ever beaten a game?
Not really.  I started online playing MMOs and those don't really have an end, by definition.
4. What is your favorite dessert?
Chocolate is good.  So is ice cream.
5. What type of people do you prefer? Their personality, for example.
Nice, funny people mostly.  I dunno, never really thought about it, tbh.
6.Do you have a headcanon about a character you like, or dislike?
I have way too many of those and if a fic gets into my head, I (try to) write it.
7. What made you come into DeviantArt?
Wanted a public place to post my art. 
8. Do you have any phobias? (You don't need to answer this one...)
Getting poked in the eye by a needle, which is ironic considering I've been wearing contacts for over 30 years now and I stick my fingers in my eyes every day.
9. If you were a Deadly Sin, what do you think you would be?
Greed.  I don't usually show it, but I can be very "gimme gimme gimme" in my head.  There's a lot of stuff I want but I'm mostly too lazy to bother.
10. What is your favorite anime genre?
11. Have you ever been at a Comic/Anime&Manga Con? 
Yes, years ago for an anime convention.  Slightly more recent for GenCon.
12. What would you never say no to?
Being paid to do nothing.
13. What is your favorite hairstyle for yourself?
Uhh.. not floofed out?  (I have short curly hair)

~:iconesperancelaw:'s Questions~
1. If you're allowed to have the power of one devil fruit, whose would it be?
I want to say Ace's but I think that's more because he's hot (hehe, see what I did there?), but I think I'd end up going with Marco's.  Healing is good to have.
2. The latest thing (book, movie, anime, etc) that made you cry?
Cry - probably in Fairy Tail, when Gajeel thought he was dying and declared his love for Levy.  That ship came true!! :heart:
3. Who in the OP world would you like as your best friend?
Zoro or Luffy.  Zoro because he seems chill and Luffy would be nothing but fun.
4. Name your top three favourite characters... And do the Fuck, Marry or Kill.
Gintoki Sakata - fuck
Shanks - marry (and fuck)
Mihawk - marry and fuck
I don't have any favorites I'd like to kill though.
5. If you gain the ability to transform into an animal, what would it be? 
6. Which song best represents you best?
Iron Maiden - Sea of Madness
7. One thing you would die for?
My dog or husband.
8. Which fictional world would you like to be a part of?
Gintama or One Piece
9. Do you cosplay, and who?
Nope, but it might be fun to try sometime.
10. What magical creature would you want to have as a pet? 
None, really.  Keeping up with the dog can be hassle enough, lol!
11. Would you rather live under the sea in a submarine, or in outer space in a.. Well, spaceship?
12. What's your greatest fear?
Being forgotten.
13. If your are to be stranded on a deserted island, what is the one thing you would bring with you?
A water purifier.  And a nice strong man.. someone like Shanks or Mihawk.

:iconishxallxgood:'s Questions:
1. Who was your first anime love?
Oh gods.. Speed Racer?  I didn't know that was anime back then though. Or maybe Battle of the Planets.
2. Who is your latest anime love?
Depends on which series we're talking.  OP = Law or Rob Lucci, Fairy Tail = Laxus, Gintama = Gintoki
3. Who's your ultimate OTP?
I was damn happy when Gajeevy was confirmed canon.  I'm all for LuNa in OP and NaLu in FT.
4. If you were in the One Piece universe, and Law gave you the option to switch bodies with someone, who would it be?
Do I get to keep the characters DF powers if they have them?  Maybe Monet.
5. Fanart or Fanfic?
Why not both?
6. Llamas or Cake?
I have llamas because I'm cheap.
7. Beer, wine, or whiskey? (If not of age, water, juice, or soda?)
Wine - Moscato to be exact.
Who is your favorite mythological god/goddess?
I lean towards the Celtic pantheon - Brighid is nice but then again, so is the Morrigan.
On the first day of ruling the world, what would you do?
Declare that mornings start at noon, and sleep in.
10. If you had to choose between world domination or world peace, which one would you pick?
World domination.  Sometimes, the only way to have peace is to give everyone a unified villain.
11. If money was no object, what would you buy?

Right now?  A new computer with a sweet Cintique tablet/monitor.  In general, I'd move somewhere with perfect weather near water.
12. What’s the best book you’ve read so far this year? Ever?
I read waaaay too many books to pick just one.  I love Brandon Sanderson's work though.
13. If you had to pick a theme song for yourself, what would it be?
Iron Maiden - Sea of Madness.  I use it for my location everywhere for a reason.

My Questions:
1 : What keeps you here at DeviantArt?
2 : Pirates or Ninjas?
3 : What would be your dream job?
4 : The closest object to your right is your weapon for the zombie apocolypse.  What is it?
5 : Have you ever been in a car accident?
6 : What was the last movie you saw?
7 : What movie (or show) are you really looking forward to watching?
8 : What is your favorite food?
9 : If it's not pizza, are you sure you're not an alien?
10 : Coke or Pepsi?
11 : What is the weirdest thing you've eaten?
12 : Do you collect anything (like stamps or coins or whatever)?
13 : Ctrl+ V - what was the last thing you copypasta'd?

I tag @Rocky-Ace @UnkawaiiGFX @SkaraManger @Penuser @JK-Ko and tag back :iconishxallxgood:

Sorry, can't tag 13 people.  I mostly follow a LOT of communities apparently.
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1 min read
Sorry to my followers - I finally got my act together and posted some of the paintings from the 2015 September 30-in-30 Painting Challenge I did.  I only completed 25/30 total pieces but as in January, I found some new techniques to play with an worked on some existing ones to get better.  It was fun and enjoyable all around.

Hope you like the new work and I'll try to post more regularly!
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1 min read
Title ^^^

I'm writing fanfic again, specifically for One Piece for now, but I usually only post them over on Fanfiction.net and on my website and not anywhere else.  For whatever reason, I've just never thought about posting any fics here for whatever reason.  I guess maybe I've always just thought of this as a place to post art only. 

It don't know if it's because I'm angling for a wider audience or just as another place to post my fics and get more notice.  Haven't decided that.  What do people think?  Should I archive my old and new fanfics here as well?
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So I've been trying to keep up with adding all my latest works here.  I really, really need to work out a schedule of sorts so I can keep track of when I upload art to Facebook and G+ and here and on my own website.  I should really reopen my Etsy shop and try to sell originals there again.  I should, I should, I should... do so much more than I have been, but I feel so scatterbrained.
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