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Gate At The Woods


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Gate At The Woods


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Vincent Valentine suite

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Gate At The Woods

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Ariel Mermaid has no tears, therefore suffers more

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In Love with a Monster (DoflamingoxOC) [01/??]

The young barkeep stifled a yawn as she scanned the busy tavern. The night had just begun and they were already packed to the brim with travellers. It astounded her how popular they had become in just a few short months. Her mother insisted it was because she had started working the night shift, but she didn’t really believe her. It was illogical that her mere presence could cause such an influx of people. She was nothing special, that much she knew. Sure, she was pretty, but it wasn’t like she was the prettiest girl in town, the girls at the tavern by the ports were much prettier than her, sluttier too.  Still, she knew there mus


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