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March 14, 2009
A very fruitful collaboration with ~Dragon-Kiss.
The Aftermath by =shutupandwhisper has details to make your jaw drop.
Featured by IreneLangholm
Suggested by cryingsorceress
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The Aftermath

This is a collaboration that me and Thanos did :icondragon-kiss: We worked on it for about 2 weeks. If you like it visit Thanos’ gallery here to see some more awesome artwork =)
and also a big thank you to all the amazing stock artists that made this possible!!

:iconcastock: ship hull
:icon333half-evil-stock: Engine exhaust.... :iconsceptre63: Engine back/front, turrets
:iconrandom-acts-stock: Engine large gear :iconvw1956stock: Engine small gear
:icondeathangel:Engine tube ......... :iconotherunicorn-stock: Engine cover, anchor coil
:iconalekdust-stock: Engine flame ...... :iconstockresources: Engine flame
:iconresurgere: Engine flame ....... :iconrikkdarkmoon: Engine flame blue
:iconfantasystock: Fin ....................... :iconredheadstock: Fin gear
:iconvalentine-fov-stock: Anchor chain ........ :iconladylysandra: Anchor
:iconcalaround: Guns all four ........ :icongothika-stock: Gun1 base main
:iconcounttime: Gun2 base, tank .. :iconenframed: Ammo chain
:iconasaph70: Gun AA ................. :iconjademacalla: Survivor male, bag
:iconpepstock: Survivor female .... :iconmaureenolder: Female armor
:iconbananacoke: Survivor weapon .. :iconasylum-stock: Factory slide
:iconeesu-stock: Factory front ship . :iconmonkey-stock: Factory dual chimneys
:icondreamhorseart: Factory tower1 ..... :iconrifka1: Factory tower2
:iconfoxstox: Ship rear engine ... :iconsd-stock: Ship nose
:iconaraken-starway: Iron Scrap ............. :iconsylwia-stock: Cliff
:iconfairiegoodmother: Train ...................... :iconshort4life: Propeller
:iconmofarrelly: Propeller base, hull :iconjosiahreeves: Smoke
:icondavethelurker: Brushes
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LoginTrap's avatar
Seems like this work was used for book cover [link]
On the background.
XKX99's avatar
wow awesome, whr the ship is goin
RhysGriffiths's avatar
thanks :) i never really planned where the ship was going :P
XKX99's avatar
Lol Ok _________ awsom peice of art anywys
BiBiARTs's avatar
wonderful work... send you a request of my group :iconsoulcollectors:
pendi13's avatar
it's awesome.
I'd like to ask your permission to
post it in my blog.
It's a pleasure for me to have it in
my blog.
Thank you.
Gariandos's avatar
Kinda reminds me of Metro City and the Surface from Astro Boy.
KopaBill's avatar
the-night-bird's avatar
this is os amazing !!! wonderful !!! well done ! :dance:
long-danzi's avatar
Is this Steampunk?
erguven's avatar
terrible and nice
Fortelegy's avatar
Reminds me of a photo composite I did a little while ago except this is 100x more awesome. Tons of elements combined very effectively. Nice job for both of you.

This was my composite that has a resemblance - [link]
gancar's avatar
hugoo13's avatar
Great photomanipulation :) I like it

Carried in Cruzine: [link]
FariUltra's avatar
Awesome i like this style :-)
Rolmopsis's avatar
Seargent-Demolisher's avatar
Wow, an epic Steampunk ship with a destroyed (Or abandoned) Steampunk city... very fitting for Storm Winds. (Well, it reminds me of Storm Winds, anyway)
GobboE's avatar
Absolutely stunning
Just wonderfully post-apocalyptic!
dreamhome's avatar

flying city? post-apocalyptic garbage-planet? 2 nomadic onlookers?

and no one is drawing the connection :/
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