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Royal Assassin

It's been a while since I've posted here! Hope you like it :)

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"Royal Assassin" Imagine being the king and being like, "Hey everyone, this is my official assassin I've pre-pardoned to bump off anyone I don't like, so just remember: she's allowed to murder any of you, but, uh, you're not allowed to touch her. Got it? Ok, good. Thanks."

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Amazing! I wonder where she's going

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I'm about midway through Royal Assassin right now. Excellent book!

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Hell yeah! This wasn't inspired by the book, but I did read it a very long time ago (and loved it) and that's probably where I stole the name from :D

Robin Hobb's books are amazing! Definitely check out The Liveship Traders series too!! Equally as good as the Farseer trilogy. :)

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I really appreciate that. Yes, I finished Farseer and absolutely loved it. I did pick up the first Liveship Trader, but I'm having trouble getting into it. But, on your recommendation, I'll give it another shot. Thanks!

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The composition of the scenery is awesome!
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The look on the faces of men to the left are priceless, it's such a nice detail that gives a lot of depth to the feel of the scene. Well done. :clap:

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AAAAMMAZING!!! What inspired this design<

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Inspired by lots of fantasy novels and also some past trips to India! :)

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That’s so inspiring! I was in such a deep creative block and your work helped jump start new ideas! Thank you!
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Glad it helped! If you're having creative block I recommend looking away from art websites for inspiration.. like for me I always check out random photo blogs, historical architecture websites, vogue photoshoots, pictures on auction sites.. or even just read about some various topics! That way you'll end up sparking some really original/fresh ideas that you wouldn't get by browsing the same old stuff on deviantart.

On art websites people normally end up copying each other and everything starts to look the same- so the aim is to get as far away from that as possible. :)

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So insightful! It makes a lot of sense and I haven’t thought about that perspective. In my vis dev classes we are always pushed to stay near the familiar and I am now thinking about going past those boundaries and exploring new media’s to get inspired. I think I’m going to look at the Philippines for inspiration. Just yesterday I ordered a book about filipino mythology. With what you have suggested, it looks like I have all I need to create again. Thank you again!
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So cool! I thought it was a photo at first!

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Thank you, old friend :D :D :D

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great composition, and color. great scene.:D

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Glad you like it!

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Beautiful! Photobash or painted from scratch?

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