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Medieval Town

the description says it all - generic, i know! it was just for practise.

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I want to live there. The guy on the horse is totally me.

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I'm working on a fantasy piece that I wrote during NaNoWriMo and have downloaded as this is what I had in mind. Now I have a visual as I edit! Thank you!
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Wow this is just absolutely beautiful!
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just incredible ! 
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Wonderful! that great artist :)
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Your use of light and shading somehow makes what is obviously stylized look real at a glance.
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Wow! Beautiful composition and nice colors!!
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Hello, RhysGriffiths.

I would like to feature your incredible painting in my YouTube prediction series on Zelda Wii U: Zelda Unknown. I will off course credit your artwork in the description (with Deviantart name and link to image), have a bar line on the video itself with your artist name and name of the painting and give a spoken shoutout at the end of the video.

The episode is due to be uploaded on June 11th

Sincerely greetings
Konrad - Commonwealth Realm:…
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Sorry Konrad, you will have to find another artwork to use. 
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That really amazing and interesting piece. U draw it fully in photoshop? It just has so much depth in it :)) Can U tell me if U used some 3d program for lighting or something else?
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for this one i started with a sketch and did a mix of painting and photos for the rest of it. no 3d here.. just photoshop. :)
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Ok Thank you The author of this awesome work :d
I think this is great!
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great stuff :) but srsly you should mention that you have used photos and then painted over them, some young artists might be confused and really think that all of this is hand painted. just saying :P
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but whether this was painted from scratch or created using photo techniques would change nothing.
painting something from scratch, when it doesn't need to be painted, proves nothing.
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mo offense! :) i checked out your gallery and it's awesome, not doubting your skill and talent :D
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