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December 8, 2013
Love the painting style of the image. Grungetown by *shutupandwhisper
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EDIT: Wow thanks so much for the DD! :)
I have wanted to do a bladerunner-esque image for ages. Finally got around to it! Also very much inspired by some of the slums I saw in Malaysia last year. Enjoy.

some of my other works: Medieval Fabric Dyers by shutupandwhisper The Foreign Market by shutupandwhisper Medieval Town by shutupandwhisper
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Very beautiful! I can feel the athmosphere ... :)
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Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:

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This is awesome! this somehow reminds me of Hongkong...
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Awesome. Love the atmosphere in this. The noir grunge feel is amazing!
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Thanks for taking the time to do this piece! What a inspiration to us all who can appreciate your talent in capturing something 'scary' and bring beauty and make us all feel we were there with you. This is one of my favorite styles you are sharing with all of us. Thanks again for sharing your talents!

Shadow Lang Kim
Graphic Desinger
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which part of Malaysia did you visit bro?
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Reminds me of something from the Shadowrun RPG.
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it is wet and is beautiful))
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They don't make syfy movies like they use to
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haha true. i always loved the matrix and bladerunner but nothing has really rivalled those for me since all the way back then! do you have any favourites?
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If you're talking about syfy in general, that's a hard one....maybe Starship Troopers(first syfy movie I ever watched)
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Wonderful atmosphere!
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This is an amazing image, I love the detail and the style, it looks fantastic! :D
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