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Dream Room Super Remix
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Published: May 31, 2004
© 2004 - 2019 rhysd
I thought the old one was a tad plain and ugly looking to my standards today, so I went over it in paint and gave it some extra umph.

Old Version - [link]

Thanks :)

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Comments (29)
Licornesque's avatar
Licornesque|Hobbyist Digital Artist
It looks like an Habbo bedroom :')
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DrieliMartin's avatar
im dying for this~ soo cute
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BnGs-Productions's avatar
BnGs-Productions|Professional Digital Artist
Your artwork is incredibly good looking ~!!

Which programs do u use for these rooms?
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Leanne605's avatar
Can I Use This For A Sprite Comic Im Doing???
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rhysd's avatar
rhysd| Digital Artist
No sorry, I don't really approve of sprite comics.
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mhannecke's avatar
Thats a damn fine room. Got all the console and everything.
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JRTaGs's avatar
use firefox that would make it transparent
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danmalone's avatar
nice clean style..
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master-stghm's avatar
All 3 consoles and top it off with a PC that would be great.
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splat's avatar
splat|Professional Interface Designer
Wonderful improvement. While I don't think the old one was that bad, it definitely doesn't have the solidness that this version has.

I love what you did with the color first of all. Your previous version had a very dull look to it, while this one seems to jump off of the page. Bold colors and strong lines keep all the objects from blending in together, as they did in the older version. I think this version is more true to the typical isometric style all around.

Again, the older one isn't bad by any standards. It's more of a textured piece, while this one is much more bold, a style I certainly prefer when it comes to pixel art. Nice update nonetheless. =)
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Mushroom-Forest's avatar
Very nice, but shouldn't the xbox be 4 times bigger?
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ficho's avatar
Dude, you have too many fishes, and too many gaming consoles :)
I'm not sayin' it's bad :D
Very nicely pixelled :thumbsup:
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madbrainsurgeon's avatar
madbrainsurgeon|Hobbyist Digital Artist
heheheheheheh lil fishies swimming all over the place
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evisceratedlemming's avatar
Yeah, this one does look a fair bit better, it's got nice vibrant colours now.

The detail is excellent, you can tell exactly what the little game systems are even though they're only about 8 pixels wide. The shading is quite good too. All the tiny objects lying around are good. I really like all the fish tanks. The shadows are nice, very subtle, but precise.

The carpet could take some texture, in my opinion.

Good job! :clap: This is a :+fav: :)
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carbon-12's avatar
I have:

the game cube
the tv
the computer (laptop but hey)
the fishtank
and the stereo system in my room that im sitting in at the moment :D


Great pixel work, defenataly an improvement on the last one, great colours. *Wonders off and draws a dream room...*
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syknaught's avatar
syknaught| Digital Artist
thats awesome, good detail n such, i wouldnt mind havin that room either... keep it up
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hempingway's avatar
I think it looks tons better than the first, it's definately got more "oomph"
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SolidFilip's avatar
wo crap this is l33t dude...i must hier you for making sprite backs for' free..xDDD
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LessThan's avatar
nice pixeling on this one, the bright colors are a lot of what i see people using when they pixelate a room, I like dull colors but this one is nice.
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mchammer's avatar
Wouldn't say it's better than the old one, but it's interesting to see how the colours change the mood. The older version had softer colours and looked a bit surreal.
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McAus's avatar
McAus| Digital Artist
It stands out over the older version. It has a more 'cartoonish' look as opposed to the natural look of the older version but I like this piece more. +fav
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evilmonkey-'s avatar
evilmonkey-| Digital Artist
nice, I like all those consoles lined up in a row there ^__^

I like the all details in this as well. Very nice :nod:
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lawrence153's avatar
The consoles are still cool :) The red carpet makes it look better, I think.
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