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Starry Grunge

By Rhyme2k
Here it is; my Starry Grunge set for Photoshop 7 and higher. This set has 10 brushes, some grunge like, others more blood like. I set out to create an abstract set, but it turns out it's more grungey.

:+fav: Appreciated if you download :).



~roark28 has used them in a piece, can be found here: [link]


Another update:

~vortexdragon has used my brushes on a wallpaper! You can check it out by going to my mainpage and viewing my comments. :)


Two examples of what can be achieved with them, if you use them I'm always interested in seeing the piece!


© 2005 - 2021 Rhyme2k
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Love this ! Thank you so much!

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Is it me, or are the brushes all not downloading?
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I have so been trying to prepare a starry grunge-cum-psychedelic background and you have beaten me to it beautifully.
And thanks for sharing.
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I used your great set of brushes here: [link]

Thank you for sharing =)
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Nice job on these :). Will credit if used.
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All results posted here at dA.
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Hi i use u brush here: [link]
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Great work! Can't wait to use it! Thank you, you are awesome!!
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looks very pretty! would look awesome in some kind of warp-turbo space craft kind of image
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Thank you very much for the brushes! :)
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Thanks for the brushes!
Used here:[link]
MirellaSantana's avatar
Used your stock, here: [link]

MirellaSantana's avatar
sorry, I had problems and had to delete.
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Thank you very much for your great works, I love it!
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Really nice set! Used the brushes in these: [link] [link] ^^
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Verry nice grunge set!
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downloading will credit!

I love you in a non gay way right now. These brushes are amazing!!!

I used them here btw: [link]
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