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[P] Hatoful Boyfriend stamp

the first hatoful boyfriend stamp on deviantART!
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Everybirdie needs to play this game. :heart: thank you for making this!
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This...this is amazing...I think I love you.[link]
1lenalee's avatar
Sadly enough I don't have 5 dollars :iconsobbingplz:
surreptitiouslie's avatar
coooooooo! so awsome hahaha
SlimeyCoffee's avatar
I love you for this stamp //SMACKED.
SlimeyCoffee's avatar
:'D :heart:
This game needs more love... I've never played a game so intense. Seriously, this story to this game was unexpectedly intense and very much well played compared to several others I've played.

Damn Pigeons. e A e
rhyme's avatar
Ahaha, I'm kind of glad it's not extremely popular.
It's going to be terrible when the Americanized animu fangirls discover it, lol. x:
SlimeyCoffee's avatar
LOL The question would be if Amercanized animu fangirls would even play it right off the bat. //Smothers Hatoful Boyfriend with all of my feels ----- //CLEAVED TO DEATH
rhyme's avatar
Ahaha true... Once they know there are ~*kawaii gijinkas*~ they'll be all over it like Okosan on good pudding. ;-; /shot
SlimeyCoffee's avatar
LMFAO Fantastic analogy there xD I approve
rhyme's avatar
verrry good.
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