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Through Sickness and Health -End-

'I MAKE TYPOS' stamp by Machu

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*le gasp!* I finally finished this page! :faint: Ugh....I need a break, my back is killing meee!!! D:,


This story is a memory....flashback(?) of Ramset's before he, ummm...well...you know...loses a fight to a certain someone. Jeeze, I'm such a jerk for turning a nice ending into something so....horrible. ;A;

The last 3 panels will be continued after TBaTS and PMaM. The whole purpose of this story was to explain 2 major things.

1. Bate has the ability to wield electricity.
2. The ending with Ramset. (Duh!!!)


So, that's the story of how Bate and Gordon met Ramset. Heh...who would've thought, hm?

Anyways, thank you to those who commented, read and faved 'Through Sickness and Health.' It really means a lot to me. I hope y'all stick around for the later chapters. <3

***Oh, I have a few unused panels that revolved around Gordon and Bate in the hospital. -rhylem.deviantart.com/art/Thro… Psssst, it's very sloppy. ;^;

Edit: OMG my 100th deviation!!! 8D I draw too much!!!!


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I realized after forever that for some reason you weren't in my watch list.
Have to fix that!

Also, The last I read on this it only had the frist two pages. I'm actually really happy to get to read the whole thing. 
That was such a good ending! Both unexpected and thought provoking. I reallt enjoyed it. 
Honestly it makes me want to know more about Ram, I'd imagine you have more on him up, though I haven't gotten the chance to check. 
Fantastic! I can't wait for more from you! Even though I have a lot to catch up on... ^^;