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To keep up with the latest pages and updates of

Gumball Warrior, please click the banner above! ☆


Here you can find old (and some new) samples of my comics and illustrations for my on-going Kirby series, Gumball Warrior. If you would like to read more, please visit my main website!

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New Canvas

Click the banner above to visit my Etsy shop for

some limited Gumball Warrior merch! =D


I also run a Meta Knight collection website! You'll be able to find pics and info of most of the merchandise released of the mysterious Knight. It's a work in progress, so check back soon for even more items!


Consider donating to help maintain The Halberd!



Lastly, I have a tumblr blog dedicated to all Kirby merchandise I've collected over the years. Lots of new, vintage, and super cute items of Kirby and comrades.

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Artist who likes collecting and drawing comics for the Kirby fandom in her free time. Low res posted on dA while higher res is available on my website! I don’t do ATs or requests or commissions. If I do I’ll likely post a status update or journal.

Self proclaimed #1 Meta Knight collector~! ✨ I enjoy archiving new and vintage Kirby items since some are poorly documented. Not all but some. I hope it helps any future collectors of the fandom~! 💕

Okay that’s all. Bye~ ✌️


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Kirby, Paper Mario, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Cuphead
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Snes, Switch, 3ds
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SAI, Photoshop CS2
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Drawing, Collecting, Archiving
Heyo~!!! Sorry, I don't really update here as much as I'd like, but I thought I'd give a little update in regards to my comic. So as of now, there's currently 3 comics in the works: 1. The main GW comic (Currently on Chapter 15: A Matter of Time) 2. One Lonely Star (Side comic that features Meta & Co) 3. A Shattered Ruby (Side comic that features Gravel) I would like to juggle all three, but in order to have each page out in a timely manner, I'm going to be changing the way I draw them. (Only 1 comic will be changed atm) I'll post examples below, so when the pages DO get posted, it won't confuse anyone. oAo Here's how I usually outline my work. I use a thin pen outline, and it's been something I've been doing since I started this series. The thing is, it takes A LONG time for me to do it. I've been finding myself spending longer and longer outlining my work, and I've been falling behind because of it. At this time, One Lonely Star will be swapped to the new style. The
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