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Credit to :iconryanchristensen:
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Thanks you for this wonderful theme !!! My favorite :)

But i've got an issue.
The song title + author name shows up fine.
But indicators like progress or rating are not working with Rdio.

It may be due to change to their program.

Otherwise : Fantastic !
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This is absolutely perfect.
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Thank you so much! Would it be possible if you can make it for right orientation as well?
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Is it possible to make the same theme for Simplify Mac : [link]
Where can I download this?
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Saw this on Iconpaper and love it, very clever use of song progress and rating.

But I'd like to modify it to make the font much much bigger to place on a second display, and when I change the font-size the text is getting chopped off horizontally as if there were some invisible container that it can't break out of, but I'm not seeing anything obvious in the code that would do that. Any help?
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Oh weeeehh...
What might I have to change in the info.plist file to change the font color to all black?
I'm using a light wallpaper, so I'd love it darker.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
where can i get that wallpaper?
where can i get that wallpaper?
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very good idea :D lovin' it :)
I love it
Thank you for sharing
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doesn't seem to work for me..
Really love this theme (and I've been trying a lot of them ;))

I just have some short band names which make the rating part unworkable...any ideas how I could add characters to the artist (and title) if they are below 10 characters?
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Font? I'd like to match this with my GeekTool scripts.
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Any chance you release one with smaller text?
Great work, thank you! Can you tell me where I can change the font of your theme? It dont have special characters of my language. Thank you
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when i upgrade to latest vrs OS10.6.7 it works like charm :) thanks again
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i wish there was a cad version of this. its sweet!
Awesome work! Can you tell me what font is this? Thanks
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Seriously I can't see the progress working, is it my eyes or is not applicable to newer version of bowtie or OS X?
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