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LJY - Bowtie

I decided to release both versions :D

Credits to :iconlrjoy: for making the circular controller psd:)

Please fave it if you have a DA account and like it.


Inspired by BT-2 by Phillip Antoni of [link]

if your really bitchy enough to want to see the correspondance between us, here [link]
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Beautiful bowtie. and extra extra props for the FOB. You deserve a cookie. :cookie:
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What does "I suck at coding" mean? It says that in the white version, not the others.
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Awesome Possum Bowtie skin! Bonus brownie points for My Favourite band! :D
hey sweet bowlet...
i was jsut wondering is there any way to show the information for the song beside the circle instead of a popup?

(yes im a newb)
im just curious why safari 4 is needed to remove the corners of the album art? it seems totally random, but i'd love to use this theme.
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it uses webkit masks, as i could not get webkit border radius to work nicely
ahh sound pretty complicated to me lol. probably why im not much of a theme maker.. nice release though, i will see if i want to install safari 4, but if i do i will definately use this, and then probably just use firefox
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Good job dude :)

:star: Featured on iconpaper [link]
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is there any way to move the song info pop-up to the side because theres a big gap at the top since i put this at the top of the screen, gap with the pop up open
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Looks better than Jowol's version
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I have phillip antoni's bowtie theme, and i know it’s a lot better.

I did not rip it though, as i found out about it after i made this. I created it from a psd which is linked to in the description. I have not copied any resources from his theme, and therefore is not a rip.

Dont be ignorant.
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thx for your nice works on mac Bowtie here!
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Thanks fro making the psd
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Great work, thanks :+fav:
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Good idea nice work.
But there are errors, album image edges are.
Here; [link]
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Need Safari 4
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i like it beauty
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I love them! Thank you very much!!
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