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Hi all, My name is Satoshi (Redacted). Don't have much art posted yet as most of my work is currently focused on a SECRET PROJECT :P...but I'll be populating it some more soon.

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Hmm... hard to say
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Naussica and the Valley of the Wind
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Hmm...Probably Halo... Though Destiny is beautiful
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Xbox, equally accepting of PS/PC users
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Pencil, Paper, sometimes iPad+Procreate
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Scifi, Cats, other animals, Lego, other stuff.


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Thanks! I'm getting the color version's description typed up so I'll have that posted soon (and put the link in this one's desc.)
Felina Lyn
Thank you so much! I'm still just getting started with working in color so I'm very glad you like it :). There's so much talent on this site - hopefully I'll be able to draw and paint like them someday.
Viara Festiva

Which is apparently not a word; add another strike to to English's deficit.

On topic, I do like 'interesting personalities' - perhaps because it overlaps somewhat with the relatable part (maybe not you but one or more of your quirkier friends/associates).

'Internal tension' in one of those things that really need to happen at some point because even a silent super hero who always knows what to pursue has to sit down at one point question his morals, life purpose, personal aspirations, or how to make it home in time because otherwise he just comes off as flat.

That said, I've lately been a bit put-off with dastardly good looks being as ubiquitous as a flock of pigeons at a Japanese temple and backstory occasionally has the dangerous pitfall of neutering the mystique of a character (see Darth Vader) so I can't wholeheartedly consider those to be the essentials of a good character. The 'balance of traits' also falls short - a nerd lacking all social skills can be just as well crafted as his/her polar opposite. 

Now caveat: I am weird.

Driving the main point in, the main protagonist in Evangelion ("oh he's one of those people" - yes but I've got relevant things to say; stop interrupting.) Shinji Ikari is basically the antithesis of a 'realistic back story', 'interesting personality', 'balance of traits' kind of character. and in terms of design, his looks are so unspecific that it can be easily changed to a girl. At this point he's only really banking on internal conflict, but then the entire showseriesmoviefranchise is about internal conflict so him not having an excessive amount just wouldn't make sense.

But I love him. Because he's relatable. His conflicts, pain, loss, childishness, social anxiety, and insecurity is so familiar and realistic that I could easily point at his and say "see that guy over there? If you want to to understand me better, watch him and add ten years progress-if you could call it that." I feel like i just kicked my self-esteem in the crotch. Moving on.

In this sense, that a character should be relatable, pretty much everyone else has touched on the subject: not too perfect, someone you enjoy making, characters that organically grow from a seed (which would need a starting point - which can be any what you listed), characters with two sides like a coin, all these things build up to someone that feels real to you; that you sympathize with that you or someone can relate to on a deep personal level.

I did bring up the 'character seed' issue so I'll address it shortly here. Nail down the base traits be it looks, personality, background, skills, torment, or any combination of and let them loose into your world like mice in a maze. The'y eventually get to the cheese and obtain a well structured diet -  albeit most likely at different times and some more linearly than others ...because you made their paths that way ...and perhaps only one at first because that's all you could focus on (Time to write another draft Rhunn. Lay off the nepotism this time).

so yer. Relatable...-ility

P.S. ended up a bit long and preachy but this is just my current opinion.
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Thanks for the Llama!
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Thank you for the Llama:)