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Today, let me say, I shall not settle for half my best.  Let me give all my rest.  In every season, I will find a reason to celebrate the gift of this chance, this firm belief, that what I do affects many others, and let me not sleep, until I can say, Lord, at least in one way, we made the world a little better today. Here's to you, my fellow artists, for sharing your creative talent to spread beauty, peace, joy, and humor to lighten our days. You inspire me and speak hope in the middle of darkness. Very soon this account will reach 250k pageviews, so I'll do something special for y'all and the milestone-crosser in particular. As always, please enjoy the music at the end! Love, -Debra  

Waking up by jup3nep  Bamburgh Castle by SebastianKraus Fall of creek by eswendel  Blue Flag Iris by Earth-Hart  Savannas Preserve Water Lily 2016 by Matthew-Beziat <da:thumb id="482723358"/>  chestnut saddlebred 7 by venomxbaby  Hello stranger by ZoranPhoto  Intoxicating aroma of autumn by Daykiney  Angel Sanctuary: Battle Angel by Akusesu  The Key of the Starry Sky by Aramisdream  Rainbow Giraffe by Xenonia  Legendary Babies by Chiakiro  Zeppelins by elenyan  In The Clouds by MirellaSantana  What Goes Around by DestinyBlue <da:thumb id="634583488"/> <da:thumb id="626015804"/> <da:thumb id="104300010"/>  Evening walk. by LiigaKlavina  Man's Best Friend by Yankeestyle94 <da:thumb id="625074747"/>  Harbor City Sunset by NatalieKelsey  Mirrored Orbs by Kabuchan <da:thumb id="221529949"/>  Sound Levels by Platinus  Happy Accident by SuicideBySafetyPin  Wood Scrap by AI-Visions  How to Customize an Xstitch Pattern by pinkythepink  Untitled by Pinkabsinthe  Wire wrapped pendant with blue Labradorite stone by artual  Sweet Bracelet by OrionaJewelry  Christianity Is About Love by Rogue-Ranger
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Thank you so much for the feature! :heart: